Show your Stuff – Using Data for Creative and Impactful Marketing


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This Blissdom workshop discusses practical tools and methods to demonstrate your value to your audiences, whether it be brands or other businesses. But first, you need to think about what to highlight.

We’re not just talking about traffic statistics. You are more than your web traffic.
Show the world – and the people who are making decisions about whether to hire you – and highlight all you have to offer. Think media/sales kit on steroids.

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  • Whatever you’re comfortable with publicly displaying, make it clear, attractive, useful. Let readers drill down for more info – some of the ideas I’ll show you don’t need to be front & center but available.Make it easy for your prospects and don’t make them go to compete (to get bad info) or dig into each of your networks. Tell them what they need to know. Someone with time can figure out this info but why make them work so hard for it?
  • What makes you unique? Where do you shine?
  • 1.Where are you engaging online? List all the platforms you use & how many are in your social footprint. If they’re not big, talk about focus. Size is not everything.
  • Easel.lyKeep in mind, these numbers are made up!
  • Again, these are totally made up!
  • Compare yourself against yourself. Compare against your “competition” (by looking at great sites in your category)You can do this for your blog, too. Engagement, though I hate the word, matters to your clients. Socialbakers – link to more info on ‘leavebehind’
  • SocialbakersYou all have heard about ROI – but what is the return on engagement….
  • This is how we calculated diversity score for a recent study. The score isn’t the important part – the fact that you ARE diverse or you ARE focused is what they’ll care about.Platform focus is important – and helps paint the picture of who you are!
  • Brands and prospects want to know that OTHER PEOPLE appreciate your content. Show them with demonstrating that your content is being read and shared.
  • Google Analytics
  • Are you attracting new visitors? Keeping your old ones?
  • Straight through rss feed. Easy peasy. through wordle.netSERIOUSLY if you were a re-decorating site, wouldn’t I look appealing? Hehe.Want to go back further in time? Download as xmlOpen in Text WranglerSearch for posts (or comments) save as Excel and clean up data. Or pull from social monitoring tool like Brandwatch.
  • And connection – use many eyes and upload content from monitoring. Can be used for any content, campaign. Free download from socialmention, but better from rowfeeder or brandwatchGreat for visualizing comments too – because folks care that other people care about what you write. Right?
  • Once your content is in Many Eyes, you can choose words and see what content is connected to it – for example here – LOVE. Yours could be about a giveaway or campaign, or something else you focus on.
  • Index – how you compare to the overall internet
  • Boy, do I overdeliver in Baltimore. Thanks, Mom.
  • Show your Stuff – Using Data for Creative and Impactful Marketing

    1. 1. Show your StuffUsing Data for Creative and Impactful Marketing
    2. 2. What is a media kit? TRADITIONAL DEFINITION  A resource created by a publisher to help prospective ad buyers evaluate advertising opportunities. BROADER DEFINITION  2013 – A resource to help prospective partners, advertisers, customers, collaborators, media evaluate your offerings and truly see who you are and what you have to offer. HELPS YOU BE OSCAR-READY FOR:  Interview opportunities  Sponsorship/advertising opportunities  Project/Service/Job opportunities  Speaking/presentation opportunities
    3. 3. Your prospective clients/partners have a lot of choices.So, why should they choose you?What makes you a good investment?What value do you bring?You are more than your web traffic.Show the world – and the people who are making decisions aboutwhether to hire you – all you have to offer.
    4. 4. The big debate Do you really want to post your fees, stats, and all your glory on your site?  Make it easy for brands/prospects & display all, or…  Publicly display broad info and send more details upon request.
    5. 5. Paint a picture.
    6. 6. What are you selling?OPEN STRONG with an overview of who you areand what you do. Who? What? Where? When? How?
    7. 7. Why???
    8. 8. Where are you rocking it?Your Blog YouTubeFacebook LinkedInPinterestFlickrTwitter InstagramCommunities
    9. 9. Visualize
    10. 10. Of course, there’s overlap in your audience.Estimate overlapwith a reader surveyon several platforms– adjust bubbles
    11. 11. Yes, traffic counts. But, so do… Followers Engagement score Diversity Comments – average per post, week, month, etc. Growth Interconnectedness of your networks Traffic sources / inbound links Influence score (UGHHHH – if you must)
    12. 12. Engagement score
    13. 13. Engagement score – why it matters
    14. 14. Diversity Think about where you spend your efforts online.  Facebook  Twitter  Pinterest  Instagram  Flickr  LinkedIn  Blog  Google +  Other How would you describe your social presence? Very Focused, Well-Balanced, Very Diverse
    15. 15. Feeling the Love  Click through stats ,, etc.  Social mentions  Monitor links to your posts/blog  Monitor mentions of your posts/blog
    16. 16. How long do visitors stay?
    17. 17. New vs. Returning Visitors
    18. 18. More about usage… What are users searching for on your site? Could be a great selling point! What are they coming for? See entrance page! Where are they coming from? Referral pages.
    19. 19. How many links to your blog? Google Webmaster Tools Bing Webmaster Tools
    20. 20. A Picture of Your ContentSo what is it that you write about?
    21. 21. Finding Blanche – lately
    22. 22. Visualize any content#blissdom Finding Blanche
    23. 23. Comments (Feel the love)
    24. 24. A Picture of Your Readers/FollowersOh right, the readers!
    25. 25. Reader Demographics &Psychographics  Age, Sex, Education, Geographical Location, Work Status, Income, Presence of Children, Home Ownership, etc., etc., etc.  Psychographics/Lifestyle - What are your readers like? what are their passions? Why do they read your blog? How do they engage? Where are they influential?  Quantcast  Reader Surveys
    26. 26. Quantcast
    27. 27. Quantcast
    28. 28. Geography
    29. 29. What else do they like?
    30. 30. Beyond the NumbersSometimes, it’s the little things.
    31. 31. You’re more than a number.  What other campaigns have you done? Can you demonstrate success?  Ambassador?  What experience do you have?  What are your passions? Interests? Focus?  Member of communities / Professional affiliations?  Media clips (online & offline)  Photos of you (with others?)
    32. 32. Rankings & Press  Are you on any lists?  Aligned with Networks?  Mentioned in any great articles?  Rocked any speaking engagements?  Have client/customer testimonials or recommendations to share?
    33. 33. Make a splash  Visuals - Quick Read  Tell the story; be convincing  Make it attractive; clean  Be clear  Be confident  REMEMBER: Traffic is just one piece of what you bring to the table.
    34. 34. Resources