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Describes magnetism and its relationship to electricity.

Describes magnetism and its relationship to electricity.
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Magnetism Magnetism Presentation Transcript

  • Electricity & Magnetism W. Sautter 2007
  • The next slide is a quick promo for my books after which the presentation will begin Thanks for your patience! Walt S. [email_address] More stuff at: www. wsautter .com
  • Books available at: www. wsautter .com Walt’s Books for Free!
  • N + Fingers = magnetic flux lines North to South Thumb = direction of + charge Motion (current) Palm = force Exerted on The charge Centripetal force On charge caused By magnetic field Charge moves in a circular path A Moving Charge in a Magnetic Field
  • Electric Motor Magnets armature
  • N (magnet) S Magnetic Lines of Flux By convention (everybody agrees) lines of magnetic Flux leave the North pole and enter the South pole Lines of flux are continuous and do not intersect each other .
  • Power Generators at Hoover Dam
  • LENZ’S LAW When a magnet induces a current flow in a conductor, the induced current flows in a direction so as to create a magnetic field in the conductor that opposes the original magnet field N S Motion of magnet Current in loop Conductor Wire loop Using the Right Hand Rule Direction of induced field N
  • Right Hand Rule for Current Flow Direction of conventional current flow (fingers) North end of Induced Magnetic Field (thumb)
  • N Fingers = magnetic flux lines North to South Thumb = direction of induced current in the conductor Palm = motion of conductor in magneticfield Conductor is Moved upward In magnetic field Induced EMF in a Conductor Induced EMF
  • Force = Bqv sin  E.M.F. = Blv sin   B = I 0 u ______________ 2 r
  • Units Used in Magnetism Calculations
    • F = Force (newtons)
    • B = Magnetic field strength (teslas)
    • Tesla = N / amps x meters
    • L= conductor length (meters)
    • V = velocity of conductor thru field (meters/sec)
    • Q = charge quantity (coulombs)
    • = angle between conductor and field
    • measured from the perpendicular (degrees)
    • r = distance from the magnetic field source (meters)
    • u 0 = permittivity constant of material
    • (Free space = 8.85418782 × 10 -12 m -3 kg -1 s 4 A 2
    • or 8.85418782 × 10 -12 T x m /A
    • n = loops of conductor
  • Primary Voltage in Secondary Voltage out Transformers n= number of turns of wire in the coil n voltage in coil Voltage in coil current in the coil
  • current Magnetic field Primary coil current Secondary coil Energy Transfer in a Transformer The magnetic field caused by the changing current in the primary coil radiates across the secondary coil and induces a current in it. A continually changing current in the primary is required for a transformer to work (D.C. will not work)