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  • 1. Located in Deforest WI Pro Metal Works, Inc. has been providing metal fabrications for over 15 years. If your components are steel, aluminum, stainless steel, or coated material we have the most modern and efficient facility to meet all of your needs and exceed your expectations.We specialize in light sheet metal fabrication, and because of recent equipment acquisitions we run some of the fastest most precise equipment available. Through partnerships with our customers, we maintain focus on our core competencies in manufacturing while allowing our customers to better service their customers in product development, marketing, and distribution. Our national footprint is ever expanding and we are currently working with companies in Wisconsin, Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, Michigan, Indiana, Colorado, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Maryland, Connecticut, and North Carolina
  • 2. You can consider Pro Metal Works a valuable extension of your corporation, an asset if you will. What is an asset? Definition as·set (ăsʹĕt noun ´) 1. A useful or valuable quality, person, or thing; an advantage or a resource: Modern automated facility ISO -9000:2000 compliant but not certified APQP and 5S Lean Manufacturing systems implementation 40,000sqft with plans and room to double our size Leadership with over 100 years combined experience in the metal fabrication industry Impressive supply chain measured quality and delivery analytics Innovative, Progressive, and Ambitious World class manufacturer with only one purpose to see our customers succeed because when they succeed we succeed. Leading edge technologies to add value to customer supply chain purchasing objectives We are a trend setter in the Midwest when it comes to embracing technology Rapid response to customers needs, able to meet JIT requirements ITAR registered Vendor managed inventory
  • 3. Transportation Equipment 24 Months Sales Data 2.50% Electrical Equipment Government / DOD 2.15% 13.40% 6.30% Consumer / Residential Equipment Lighting Products1.76% 12.30% Energy Equipment Industrial Equipment 10.99% Food/Beverage Merchandising Equipment Heat Transfer Equipment 17.10% Outdoor Furnishings1.50% 15.40% Retail Fixtures & Furniture Construction Equipment 10.15% 3.60% Farm Equipment 1.88% HVAC 0.90%
  • 4. Amada EMLK3610NT Laser/Turret Automated System 40m/min 60” x 120” max material size .500” Mild Steel .375” Stainless Steel .250 Aluminum The EML is the world’s fastest hybrid laser punch system Amada FOL3015AJ Fiber Laser w/ ASLUL Material Tower 60” x 120” max material size .750” Mild Steel .625” Stainless Steel .500” Aluminum .250” Copper .250” Brass The FOL is the world’s fastest linear drive laser Automatic loading and unloading of a large range of materials Compact solution with minimal footprint Handling of raw material and processed sheets Amada FOMI 3015NT Laser 60” x 120” max material size .750” Mild Steel .375” Stainless Steel .375” Aluminum Amada Vipros King w/ material handling 33 ton press .135 max material thickness 50” x 78” maximum travel / 50” x 157” max sheet size w/repo 110 lbs max material weight 58 station, 4 auto index
  • 5. Amada HDS 8025NT Series Press Brake 96” maximum bend length 88 ton capacity Amada HDS 1303NT Series Press Brake (x2) 120” maximum bend length 143 ton capacity Amada RG Series Press Brake (x2) 96” maximum bend length Haeger 824 One Touch -3 88 ton capacity 8 tons of ram force Automated tool changes 48” maximum bend length Multiple hardware bowls 35 ton capacity Haeger 824 Plus 8 tons of ram force Amada ID40ST Spotwelder Provides a clean, sparkles welds that requires little or no post processing Variety of material types and thicknesses, including conductiveAdditional Welding Equipment and coated materials. Mig, Tig, and Spot Welding OTC E-Series dual stationary welding robot (2) 36” x 48” tables 2,000lbs payload Multi-axis articulating arm on an indexing turntable Wilton ST1000B 57” Mobile Station Tapping Machine 57” maximum reach 5/16” dia. max mild steel 7/16” dia max
  • 6. Yellow Jacket 110 Stretch Wrap Amada Togu Tool Grinder Machine Turret tools are on a routine Provides a securely wrapped schedule for sharpening this package for delivery, and reduces ensures maximum sharpness time to dock. for close tolerance punching. Can wrap 68" diagonal or 52" square. Stretch wraps most loads in 3 minutes or less. Improved efficiency and part quality.Virtek Laser QC Accuracy to +/- 0.05mm (0.002") Ability to scan oversize parts with fast, simple merge feature On demand, advanced inspection reports that comply with ISO and QS requirements Ability to take any complex measurement quickly and easily Pinpoint errors to reduce scrap and increase competitiveness Eliminate quality control bottlenecks and reduce production machine downtime Shorten delivery times to meet tight customer demands Provide full inspection reports or even a reverse engineering service Improve the quality process with quick, random or 100% inspections and implement customer driven systems statistical process control (SPC) capabilityFaro Arm Platinum .0005” Accuracy 8’ reach capacity Auxiliary services 6 axis movement Tube bending and forming Go anywhere portability A complete line of machining services Measurements directly against CAD data. Plate rolling, powder coating, plating, finishes Inspection reports certifying the part has been and prototyping. manufactured within acceptable tolerances
  • 7. METAL FABRICATION HARDWARE INSERTION MATERIAL FINISHES ASSEMBLY ANCILLARY SERVICESWe specialize in We have two hardware We can handle and We can We can providesheet metal insertion machines, and meet all necessary provide services outside offabrication can accommodate any finish requirements. assembly if Pro Metal Worksw/welding of mild needs for pem insertion. This includes powder necessary. We through strategicsteel, aluminum, We’ve also adopted coating, silk typically work alliances withstainless steel, and toggle locks using our screening, plating, within an companies that cancoated materials. pem machine for joining anodizing, e-coating, envelope of provide stamping,The thickness ranges two pcs of metal in lieu passivation, #8 3’x3’x3’ machining, tubefrom 24ga to ½” of spot-welding. stainless, wet fabrication, platematerial. coatings, and we can rolling, structural meet military spec shape rolling, and requirements as heat treating. well. toggle lock
  • 8. Pro Metal Works believes strongly in automation, and continues to improve on our abilities to run un-manned and lights out operations. We invested in equipment that 99% of all other metal fabricators don’thave, like our fully automated Laser/ Turret Punch system, the Amada AMLK3610NT. This system allows us toload 20,000lbs of material and walk away for hours and even weekends sometimes while this machine runsun-manned. It will cut and punch parts completely offload them and have them ready for bending comeMonday morning. We’ve also added the Amada Fiber Laser, the Amada FOL3015AJ is the worlds fastest laserand can cut parts 6-8 times faster than any other conventional laser and it too can run in an un-mannedlights out operation. We’ve seen tremendous success with this laser and has the attention of all of ourcustomers, we are offering invitations to anyone who would like to come out and see this machine operate,it’s like nothing you’ve ever seen before, and the invitation is always open.
  • 9. Pro Metal Works has embraced the 5S shop culture. Theterm 5S comes from the Japanese terms that form the basictenets of the 5S manufacturing optimization model, whichare: Sort, Set in Order, Shine, Standardize, and Sustain.These 5 S’s are the primary pillars of a workplace efficiencyphilosophy that sets a foundation for the implementation ofa true six sigma or lean program within a manufacturingfacility, warehouse, factory, or even an office. It is aconcept that promotes employee involvement andproductivity by utilizing organizational and strategicmeasures in order to improve quality while attempting toreduce all unnecessary time and manufacturing wastes.
  • 10. Quality PolicyPro Metal Works is committed to be the partner of choice for OEM manufacturers throughout the UnitedStates. We will leverage our world class facility to create a competitive advantage, and use our quality systemsto strengthen our customers trust, in the hopes of maximizing your business results and growing Pro MetalWorks. To achieve this we will:COLLABORATEEnsure that our employees have the necessary skills todo their jobs, and create synergy providing avenues forimproving qualityADVOCATEListen to our customers, understand their needs and QUALITYcreate positive customer experiences. POLICYIMPROVEDesign processes to deliver customer value, follow ourprocesses, and continuously improve themDELIVERDesign, manufacture, and deliver best-in-class quality andreliability in our products and services
  • 11. Pro Metal Works has over the years matured their quality procedures and has recently began implementation ofAPQP or Advance Product Quality Planning. Its purpose is "to produce a product quality plan which will supportdevelopment of a product or service that will satisfy the customer." It does this by focusing on: Up-front qualityplanning.The Advanced Product Quality Planning process consists of four phases and five major activities along withongoing feedback assessment and corrective action.
  • 12. Pro Metal Works utilizes some of the most sophisticated software available forengineering. We can provide to our customers assistance in engineering and canmake recommendations for better form fit and function in many cases.When it comes to preparing for production no one can compare to what we can do.We have the adopted the Amada VPSS software system this gives us the ability toprogram nearly 100% of all of our equipment prior to orders arriving on the shopfloor. We provide nesting layouts using Dr. ABE Blank, and even run bendingsolutions using Dr. ABE Bend, this has reduced setups dramatically and improvedour efficiencies. See below.
  • 13. “Awesome, you guys have come "Wayne, We do not have any issues with through again. Thanks!” ProMetals. -C. Stiefvater You guys do a great job for us." - D. Wroblewski"Thank you for all your support"S. Justus "Thanks again for all your hard work and input in engineering.""Thanks for your continued help, PMW has - K. Colebeen a great supplier!" "Good man. PMW has been a big help to us!"- S. Perry - S. Perry“Thanks for the quote. Your numbers look "I want to thank you for quoting the parts soreally good, when can we come for a visit?” quickly."-T. Bowers - J. Brand“You guys Rock. Thanks for bailing us “The parts you sent look fabulous, betterout!” than we’ve ever seen.”-D. Savage -K. Larson“Like clock work you guys show on time every “The new laser is very cool! I’ll puttime. You are our go to supplier.” together a quote package for you”-J. Niemela -A. Morris
  • 14. THE END