Source Thought Leadership Digest - Strategy - January 2012


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Bill Russo and Ed Tse's article "Competing for the Global Middle Class" was featured in this January 2012 digest of the best new research and ideas for strategy leaders.

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Source Thought Leadership Digest - Strategy - January 2012

  1. 1. ThoUghT leAdeRship digesTThe best new research and ideas fromconsulting firms for strategy leadersJANUARY 2012 white space
  2. 2. strategy leaders | January 2012 white spaceThe purpose of our digests is to make it easier for business leaders to find the best research and ideas. every month, wetrawl the websites of about 30 of the world’s leading consulting firms looking for the latest thought leadership. What wefind, which now totals over 20,000 articles, we categorise by sector and service line, and make available – with supportinganalysis – via a searchable database which we call White space. in the process of doing so, we get a very good sense ofwhat’s being said in any particular business area, and which the best quality pieces of thought leadership are. This allowsus to present time-pressed managers with a summary of the things that really merit their attention.Our aim is to do the hard work; to filter out what’s important fromwhat’s not, and to put something on business leaders’ desks that says‘here you go – this is all you need to read at the moment.‘Long-term trends The trend compendium 2030 Roland Berger They say: We describe the individual megatrends and how they will unfold over the next 20 years. We say: A series of well-researched interactive documents which could be invaluable for long-term strategising and planning. The great eight: trillion-dollar growth trends Bain & Company to 2020 They say: Behind the dire headlines and day-to-day frictions of the marketplace, eight trillion-dollar macro trends are at work in the global economy. We say: A thorough and fascinating report on eight trends that most businesses should at least consider.Global business Competing for the global middle class Booz & Company They say: in a variety of industries, corporate leaders are discovering that they must rethink their product and service lines, go-to-market strategies, and operating models to build a presence in emerging economies. We say: A good starting point for the conversation all boards should surely be having about the large and growing middle-class market in emerging economies. (registration required) Managing the global enterprise in today’s Booz & Company multipolar world They say: Though most companies with international aspirations have invested significant time and resources in devising their global expansion strategies, they have not devoted commensurate attention to developing an internal management model that would enable them to thrive as a global enterprise in what is now a multipolar environment. We say: explores the key decisions that international companies ought to be considering if they are to survive and thrive in a world where the geography of both competitors and customers is rapidly shifting. (registration required)2 © source information services ltd 2012
  3. 3. white space strategy leaders | January 2012Technology How strategic is our technology agenda? McKinsey They say: iT leaders are often trapped in the status quo, their principal focus being to keep a company running in the face of sharply increasing demands and tight budgets. We say: short article with useful suggestions about how companies can develop a more strategic approach to iT. (registration required) A strategist’s guide to digital fabrication Booz & Company They say: The rapidly evolving field of digital fabrication is beginning to do to manufacturing what the internet has done to information-based goods and services. We say: A thorough and fascinating guide to this modern technology that really could change the rules. (registration required) Four ways to leverage weak connections LEK They say: even if you sell a very conventional product – be it shoes, sausages, or screwdrivers – you can capture value from weak connections by leveraging the power of today’s digital networking tools. We say: This short article, aimed at the novice rather than the expert, sets out how companies can benefit from user groups, interest groups and social media tools.Innovation The global innovation 1000: why culture is key Booz & Company They say: There is no statistically significant relationship between financial performance and innovation spending. We say: A thorough exploration of what it takes to be a successful innovative company. (registration required)Pricing The price isn’t right KPMG They say: Management guru peter drucker understood the mechanics of business possibly better than anyone in history. But when it came to price, he found himself banging his head against a corporate brick wall. We say: We haven’t seen much on the topic of pricing of late so this is a timely reminder of the impact of getting it right (or wrong) and the options available.Change management Leading transformation: conversation with BCG leaders on driving change They say: even though they lack a magic formula, the Ceos we spoke with have relied on many of the same leadership tools. We say: insights from chief executives of 11 high-profile companies provide guidance and inspiration for anyone contemplating or even in the middle of change.© source information services ltd 2012 3
  4. 4. Data & decision-making Competing through data: three experts offer McKinsey their game plans They say: The ability to generate and analyse massive amounts of data today demands that executives rethink the role of information in business and even the nature of competitive advantage. We say: interesting perspectives highlighting the skills and attitudes required to make the most of data – as well as the benefits to be gained. (registration required) The decision-making flaw in powerful people Booz & Company They say: power increases confidence which can lead to an excessive belief in one’s own judgment and ultimately to flawed decisions. We say: evidence to back up what many of us had always suspected – as well as suggestions on how to manage this phenomenon. (registration required)About Sourcesource is a leading, and highly specialised, provider of information about the market for management consulting. set up in2007 and based in London, Source serves both consulting firms and their clients with expert analysis, research and reporting.We draw not only on our extensive in-house experience, but also on the breadth of our relationships with both suppliers andbuyers. All of our work is underpinned by our core values of intelligence, integrity, efficiency and transparency.Want to read more?if you have found this digest useful, and would like to receive it on a regular basis, we’d love to hear from you. pleasecontact for further details.We also produce digests for leaders in finance, operations, marketing, hR and iT and would be delighted to provide any ofthese to you or your colleagues. Again, please contact Julie Ahadi to register your requirements.© source information services ltd 2012source information services ltd and its agents have used their best effortsin collecting the information published in this report. source informationservices ltd does not assume, and hereby disclaims any liability for any lossor damage caused by errors or omissions in this report, whether such errorsor omissions result from negligence, accident or other causes.Notice: except under the licence detailed on page 2, no part of thispublication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted inany form or by any means, electrical or mechanical, without the prior written 288 Bishopsgate • London • EC2M 4QPpermission of source information services ltd. This document is protected Tel: +44 (0)20 3178 6445by copyright law. except under the licence detailed on page 2, it is illegal to email: info@sourceforconsulting.comcopy, fax or email any of the contents of this document - even for internal use- without permission.