The 2nd International Symposium on Automobile Steel 2013 technical program (tentative)


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Bill Russo will present a paper titles "Towards a Green Automotive Industry" at the 2nd International Symposium on Automobile Steel 2013, to be held in Anshan, China from May 21-24. He will highlight the need for a business model to foster cross-value chain collaborations in order the build the green transportation ecosystem.

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The 2nd International Symposium on Automobile Steel 2013 technical program (tentative)

  1. 1. 8:30-8:408:40-9:20The Potential of Architectured Steel Structures for Automotiveapplications David EMBURY McMaster University, Canada9:20-10:00 Development of high strength steel for automobile in AnsteelJinyu GUO , Rendong Liu, Jinsong Meng,Fuping Tang Anshan Iron and Steel Group Corporation, China10:40-11:20Development of Medium and Intermediate Mn Third GenerationAutomotive Steel Grades B.C.DE COOMAN , Seawoong LeePohang University of Science and Technology, SouthKorea11:20-12:00 Evolution of Steels for Car Manufacturing :Mechanical Considerations Francois MOUSSY Consulting. France13:30-14:10 Research on the Application of Automotive Steels Shanqiang YING , Li Zhi FAW, China14:10-14:50 Vehicle light weight design with advanced steel applications Armin PLATH Volkswagen Group, Germany14:50-15:30Countermeasures against forming defects and techniques to improveformability for high strength steel sheetsTohru YOSHIDA , Koichi Sato, Eiji Isogai,Jun Nitta, Hiroshi Yoshida Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal Corporation, Japan16:10-16:50Elucidating the role of partitioning of substitutional alloying elementsat the austenite-ferrite interface during phase transformations in lean Sybrand Van der Zwaag , Hao Chen Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands16:50-17:30 Steel’s Legacy. Steel’s Future Cees ten BROEK World Auto Steel, Belgium8:30-8:50 Vanadium Microalloyed Forging Steel Yu Li, David J. MILBOURN Vanitec Ltd., England8:50-9:10Research on the texture and powdering resistance of industriallyproduced galvannealed coating on high strength IF steelWang Chuan1, Teng Huaxiang1,2, YonglinKANG 11. University of Science and Technology Beijing, China2. Shougang Research Institute of Technology, China9:10-9:30Medium Carbon Forging Steels Containing Vanadium for theAutomotive Industry Anthony J. DeArdo1,21. University of Pittsburgh, USA2. University of Oulu, Finland9:30-9:50 Hole Expansion in Q&P, DP and TRIP Steel Sheets Xinyan JIN1,2, Wang Li1,2, John G. Speer31. Baosteel Research Institute, China2. State Key Laboratory of Development and ApplicationTechnology of Automotive Steels (Baosteel), China3. Colorado School of Mines, USA15:45-16:10 Poster Presentation10:15-10:40 Poster Presentation15:30-15:45 Tea BreakThe Tentative Technical Program of ISAS201310:00-10:15 Tea BreakPlenary SessionAfternoon, May 22, 2013Plenary SessionMorning, May 22, 2013Opening AddressSession A-1: Advanced High Strength Automobile SteelMorning, May 23, 2013
  2. 2. 9:50-10:10Characterization of cold formability of high-strength steelsin bending testsSebastian Münstermann, Junhe LIAN ,Wolfgang Bleck RWTH Aachen University, Germany10:30-10:50Microstructural Optimization for Multiphase Steels with ImprovedFormability and Damage Resistance Hardy MOHRBACHER NiobelCon bvba, Belgium10:50-11:10Study on TRIP-aided Steels of Annealed Martensite Matrix with HighUTS•TEDing Ran1, Tang Di1, Chen Yinli1, Lan SU 1,Kuang Shuang2, Jiang Yinghua21.University of Science and Technology Beijing,China2.The Technical Research Institute of Shougang,China11:10-11:30Effect of Heat Treatment on Toughness and Fatigue Properties of HeavyPower Transmission Shafts Made Of Mn-Cr-Ni-Mo SteelRajkumar P. SINGH 1, Ashish Supare1,Shital Jadhav1, B. P. Kashyap2, R.C. Prasad21. Bharat Forge Limited, India;2. Indian Institute of Technology, India11:30-11:50Dynamic tensile fracture characteristics of ultra-high strength cold-rolled dual phase steels under high strain rate deformationQifeng DAI 1, Song Renbo1, Cai Hengjun1, 2,Yu Sanchuan1, Gao Zhe11. University of Science and Technology Beijing,China2. Cold rolling department of Ansteel,China11:50-12:10Effect of Continuous Annealing Temperature on Microstructure andMechanical Properties of 22MnB5 Hot Stamping SteelCheng Junye, Tang Di, Yinli CHEN , ZhaoAimin University of Science and Technology Beijing,China13:30-13:50 Microalloyed Steels for High-Strength ForgingsMingjian Hua1, Xiaojun Liang1,Anthony J. DeArdo 1,21.University of Pittsburgh, USA2.University of Oulu, Finland13:50-14:10Opportunities for Vanadium microalloying in AHSS for the automotivesectorColin SCOTT1,2, D.Milbourn3, M.Huang2,4,F.Perrard2,51. Areva NP, France2. Formerly ArcelorMittal Research, France3. Vanitec PLC, United Kingdom4. University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong, China5. ASCOMETAL, France14:10-14:30Influence of austenitizing time on microstructure and properties of hot-formed steelKuanhui HU , Tian Dexin,Liu Xiangdong,Feng Guanwen Wuhan Iron and Steel Group Corp.,China14:30-14:50Novel alloying design for press hardening steels with better crashperformance Jian BIAN 1, Hardy Mohrbacher 21. Niobium Tech Asia, Singapore2. NiobelCon bvba, Belgium14:50-15:10On the Work-hardening Mechanism of TWIP Steels Strengthened byNanometre-sized Vanadium CarbidesZ.Y. Liang1, Mingxin HUANG1, H.W. Yen2,C. P. Scott31. The University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong, China2. The University of Sydney, Australia3. Areva NP, France15:10-15:30Investigation in Influence Factors on Dent Resistance and Stiffness ofAutomotive Panel Lianfeng CHEN , Li Tao, Sui Haibo, Xi Zhao Shougang Research Institute of Technology, China15:50-16:10 Role of Niobium in the Evolution of Advanced High Strength Steels Nina FONSTEIN Metallurgy-XXI, USA16:10-16:30Research on energy absorption of Quasi-Static and Dynamic Propertiesof High Strength TRIP Steel Chao XU , Zhu Chaoqun, Li Lin, He Yanlin Shanghai University, China16:30-16:50The Microstructure and Properties of Vanadium-Bearing DP980 SteelsProcessed with Continuous Galvanizing Line SimulationsYu GONG, Xiaojun Liang, Mingjian Hua,A. J. DeArdo University of Pittsburgh, USA16:50-17:10Study on the mechanism of surface scarfing for slabs in automobileapplications Yi-Ming LI , Qi Feng-Sheng, Li Bao-Kuan Northeastern University, China10:10-10:30 Tea BreakSession A-2: Advanced High Strength Automobile SteelAfternoon, May 23, 201315:30-15:50 Tea Break
  3. 3. 8:30-8:50Hydrogen Embrittlement Properties of Ultra High-Strength Low AlloyTRIP-Aided Steels with Hot Forging ProcessHojo TOMOHIKO 1, Junya Kobayashi2,Kousuke Yamamoto3, Akihiko Nagasaka4,etc.1. Tsuyama National College of Technology, Japan;2. Shinshu University, Japan3. Okayama University, Japan4. Nagano National College of Technology, Japan, etc.8:50-9:10 Jingtao HAN University of Science and Technology Beijing,China9:10-9:30EMARC S.p.a. "The way to light weight by using UHSS at the cheapestcost" Massimo Cervetti, Philippe LEFORT EMARC Spa, Italy9:30-9:50Innovative Laser-based Manufacturing Concepts for Automotive SteelProcessingMarius SPOETTL 1,Hardy Mohrbacher21. ThyssenKrupp Lasertechnik GmbH, Germany2 .NiobelCon bvba, Belgium9:50-10:10 Siemens Asolid Laser Welder Hervé Thomasson1,Ye YUAN 21. Siemens Metals Technologies SAS, France2. Siemens Ltd., China10:10-10:30Operational feedback from Siemens new process expert system for just-in-time warnings and decision makingBonhomme Laurie1, Jalard Benoit1, GeorgesStéphane1, Yuan YUAN21. Siemens Metals Technologies SAS, France2. Siemens Ltd., China10:50-11:10 Last and future trends in Steel Service Center equipment Qiang YANG Siemens Ltd., China11:10-11:30A numerical analysis on web-warping and profile accuracy in theflexible roll forming of AHSSJingsi JIAO 1, Jon Larrañaga2, LanderGaldos2, Bernard Rolfe1, Matthias Weiss11. Deakin University, Australia2. Mondragon Unibertsitatea,Spain11:30-11:50Analysis of 500MPa grade dual phase steel and application forlightweight outer panelYonggang LIU , Yang Xingliang, PanHongbo, Zhan Hua, Zhang Jun,Chai Litao Maanshan Iron & Steel Co., LTD. ,China11:50-12:10 Virtual Mill Dynamics Simulation of AHSS Pass Schedule RollingMayrhofer Karl, Finstermann Gerhard,Maierl Josef, Pichler LUKAS Siemens VAI, Austria12:10-12:30Research in the numerical simulation technology and its application forhot stampingXu Weili1,2, Aihui LUO1,2, Hong Zhenjun1,2,Wu Yanjun1,21. Baoshan Iron&Steel Co.,LTD,China;2. State Key Laboratory of Development and ApplicationTechnology of Automotive Steels (Baosteel), China13:30-13:50Recent Progress of Advanced High Strength Steels for AutomotiveApplications Young Sool Jin, Se-Don CHOO POSCO Technical Research Laboratories, South Korea13:50-14:10The third generation automobile sheet steels presenting high strengthand high ductilityHan DONG , Cunyu Wang, Jie Shi,Wenquan Cao Central Iron & Steel Research Institute (CISRI), China14:10-14:30Development of Ultra Formable 340MPa High Strength Steel forAutomotive Inner and Outer Panels Sang-Ho HAN , Se-Don Choo POSCO Technical Research Laboratories, South Korea14:30-14:50 Future Steel Vehicle - The Best Solution for Auto LightweightingYongsheng GAO1, YANG Bing1, Cees tenBroek2, Kathleen (Kate) Hichey21. State Key Lab of Development and ApplicationTechnology of Auto Steels (BaoSteel),China2. World Auto Steel, World Steel Association,Belgium14:50-15:10 Towards a Green Automotive Industry Bill RUSSO Synergistics, USASession B: Forming Technology for Automobile SteelMorning, May 23, 2013Session C: Light-Weight Automobile Steel and Process SimulationAfternoon, May 23, 201310:30-10:50 Tea Break
  4. 4. 15:10-15:30Variable Gauge Sheet for Car Lightweight and Design by Optimizationof Surplus Capacity Xianghua LIU 1, Huo Gang1,21. RIST of Northeastern University,China;2. BX Steel POSCO Cold Rolled Sheet Co.,China15:30-15:50Novel Method to Count Prior-austenite Grain Size and Modelling ofInitial Grain Size in DP590 Steel Yaowen XU , Tang Di, Song Yong University of Science and Technology Beijing, China16:10-16:30 Investigation on the ultra-low nitrogen steel smelting techniquesPeng FEI1, 2, Wang Xiaofeng1, Li Zhen1, 2,Zhang Yue1, Xin Guoqiang1, Jiang Maofa21.Ansteel Corp. Ltd, China2.Northeastern Unverisity, China16:30-16:50Innovations in Continuous Galvanizing Lines for the production ofAHSSMichel RENARDJean-Pierre CRUTZEN DREVER INTERNATIONAL S.A., Belgium16:50-17:10Process Optimization and Practice of IF Steel Production at No.3Continuous Caster in Angang Steel Co. Ltd.Tian Yong1, Zhang Xiang-chun1, ZhaoCheng-lin1, Zhang Wei-wei1, Zhang Yue1,Li Zhen1, Wang Junshan1,21.Ansteel Group Corporation,China2.Northeast University, China17:10-17:30 Flatness measurement in SSAB cut-to-length line in SwedenPär Kierkegaard1, Ida Svensson1,Zheng CHEN 21. Shapeline, Sweden2. Shapeline China17:30-17:50Automatic Control of Automotive Annealing and Galvanizing Linesby Optimized Furnace Mathematical Model Alexandre LHOEST , Daniel MARTINS DREVER INTERNATIONAL S.A., Belgium17:50-18:10 QES for Proactive Production Supervision Han PEINTINGER QuinLogic, GmbH, Germany18:10-18:30Industrial benefits of Siemens wiping system implementation onContinuous Galvanizing LinesJean-Jacques Hardy1, Benjamin Grenier1,Sertaç Özer2, Mahmut Baraş2,Ye YUAN31. Siemens Metals Technologies SAS, France2. Borçelik, Turkey3. Siemens Ltd., ChinaSession D: Processing and Equipment for Automobile SteelAfternoon, May 23, 201315:50-16:10 Tea Break