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Parents As Career Planning Partners Fall 2009
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Parents As Career Planning Partners Fall 2009


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Presentation during Fall 2009 Parents\' Weekend.

Presentation during Fall 2009 Parents\' Weekend.

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  • 1. Parents as Career Planning Partners: Tips to Help Your Student Presented by: Rick Smith, Ph.D. Director, Career Development, Smith Career Center
  • 2. The Smith Career Center Assists Students in: • Exploring and defining career options • Developing job search strategies • Obtaining career-related work experience • Identifying and connecting with prospective employers
  • 3. Burgess Hall (first floor) Monday – Friday 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. (309) 677-2510 Area of Staff Name Title Responsibility Jane Linnenburger Executive Director Smith Career Center Rick Smith, Ph.D. Director, Career Development Liberal Arts & Sciences Kelly Harris Director, Employer Relations Business Administration Engineering Sharon St. Germain Director, Experiential Education (freshmen – juniors) Sandy McDermott Associate Director MIS, CS, CIS & Engineering Jayshree Panchal-McKechnie Career Advisor Education & Health Sciences Kim Dunn Assistant Director Communications & Fine Arts Assistant Director, Experiential Part-time jobs Dawn Koeltzow Education (on & off campus)
  • 4. Influences on Student Career Choices • Parents and other authority figures • Job competition in the current market • Pressure to position one’s self • Anxiety – Witness to the current economy – Repaying college loans – Landing the “right” internship – Perceived lack of opportunities in field
  • 5. What You Can Do . . . • Listen, encourage, and support – Remind them that they should be proud of themselves (accomplishments) • Be open to and offer ideas • Help your student find information – Ask Do you have any ideas about what you might want to do when you graduate? • Help develop contacts and networking connections • Be nonjudgmental and reassuring
  • 6. • Encourage your student to interact with the career center early in their college career and often • Become a “partner” in the process • Discuss his/her career choice • Separate your goals from theirs • Provide constructive advice • Learn about the process, job trends, etc.
  • 7. Ways You Can Help Your Student
  • 8. Encourage Them to Visit the Career Center • Career Advisors • Career Fairs • Workshops • Internships • Classes • Networking • Online Resources
  • 9. Challenge Them to Become “Occupationally Literate” • “What/Who do you want to be when you graduate?” • Skills, abilities, education needed • Self-assessment via FOCUS Career Assessment • Resources: – FOCUS2 (free, online resource) – Center for Testing (formal assessments) – Career Library – Informational interviews – Job Shadowing
  • 10. Allow Them to Make the Decision • Let them follow their interests and passions • “Major” no longer means “career” – Changing direction occurs as interest solidify – It’s OK to make suggestions • Be patient, encouraging, understanding
  • 11. Advise Them to Write a Resume • Use to document education, experience, skills, etc. • Identify “weak” areas that require improvement • Resources: – Resume writing workshops – OptimalResume (free online resource) – Career Library – Overnight Review Service – Resume Critique Day – Career Advisor
  • 12. Encourage them to Develop STRONG Interviewing Skills • Learn to talk about one’s self at a job fair or during an interview • Identify areas of concern that require improvement • Resources: – Interviewing Tips workshops – InterviewStream (free online resource) – Career Library – Career Advisor
  • 13. Emphasize the Importance of Experience • Complete at least one experience before graduation – Internship – Part-time and summer jobs – Practicum, course projects, student teaching – On and Off campus involvement/leadership • Use the opportunity to: – Learn about field of interest – Gain practical knowledge – Develop networking contacts – Enhance skills (personal and in field)
  • 14. Skills Development • Communication: oral, written, presentation • Personal attributes: work ethic, flexibility, initiative, motivation • Teamwork: working with others, collaborating • Interpersonal • Learning: willing to learn continuously new skills, analytical skills for the job • Technical: aptitude required in position
  • 15. Persuade Them to Stay Up-To-Date with Current Events • Encourage them to know what’s going on around them – National and world events – Business trends and issues • Resources: – BU_SCC (twitter site) – Library – Web sites – Magazines, newspapers, etc.
  • 16. Current Economic Conditions • Structural alignment – From the “old” (manufacturing) to the “new” (knowledge) economy • Productivity and Labor Reassignment – Goods produced at a lower cost with less labor – Off-shoring of white-collar jobs • Health care costs • Structural collapse of the public sector – States responsible for social programs
  • 17. Expose Them to the World of Work • Take your son or daughter to your workplace • Explain what you do for a living • Introduce them to your colleagues (network) • Help them identify potential employers
  • 18. Teach the Value of Networking • Introduce them to people you know • Job Shadowing • Work experiences • Resources: – LinkedIn • Guide for College Students – BU Mentor (available to students via eRecruiting) – Alumni Online Community – Job Fairs (at Bradley and Other Locations)
  • 19. Help the Career Center • Let us know when you have summer, part- time, internship, and full-time jobs • Participate in the BU Mentor • Speak in classes, workshops, etc. • Invite us to your site for a visit • Encourage your employer to participate in a job fair and hire interns
  • 20. Bradley University Fairs • Nursing & Physical Therapy Fair – November 17, 2009 • Green, Government, Recreation & Social Service Fair – February 10, 2010 • Spring Job & Internship Fair – February 11, 2010 • Education Recruitment Fair – March 9, 2010
  • 21. Questions, Answers, etc.