Weekly eDiscovery Top Story Digest - September 25, 2013


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Compiled by @ComplexD from online public domain resources, provided for your review/use is this week’s update of key industry news, views, and events highlighting key electronic discovery related stories, developments, and announcements.

Available as an information source for eDiscovery and information management professionals since 2010, the Top Story Digest is published weekly on the ComplexDiscovery (.com) blog.
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Weekly eDiscovery Top Story Digest - September 25, 2013

  1. 1. ComplexDiscovery http:://www.complexdiscovery.com ComplexDiscovery | Weekly eDiscovery Top Story Digest September 25, 2013 Compiled by @ComplexD from online public domain resources, provided for your review/use is this week’s update of key industry news, views, and events highlighting key electronic discovery related stories, developments, and announcements. An information source for eDiscovery and information management professionals since 2010, the eDiscovery Top Story Digest is published weekly on the ComplexDiscovery blog and is also available via email subscription. Weekly eDiscovery Top Story Digest Update eDiscovery Now for Legal Professionals Providing legal professionals with a weekly overview of the latest developments, opinions and news in the field of eDiscovery.  10 Things to Know Before Moving E-Discovery to the Cloud - http://bit.ly/19BdOTg (Joel Jacob)  A Model for Reducing Private Data – eDiscovery Best Practices - http://bit.ly/16nPSrv (Doug Austin)  A Peek Inside The ‘Black Box’ of TAR: Understanding Text Mining - http://bit.ly/19kAN4M (Kimberly Johnson)  An Overview of Proposed eDiscovery Amendments to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure - http://bit.ly/16Jdrs1 (Melissa Rogozinski)  An Update on Emerging Predictive Coding Case Law – Nine Summaries of Early Case Law on Computer- Assisted Review - http://bit.ly/19DBoi9 (Michael Pitch)  BYOD: Party Essentials for Corporations and Employees - http://bit.ly/19DLVKq (Neda Shakoori)  Cell Phone Activities 2013 | Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project - http://bit.ly/15HLT6u (Maeve Duggan)  Court Declines to Compel Response to “Ultra-Broad” Request for Passwords and User Names of Computers - http://bit.ly/16ltUFq (K&L Gates)  District Court Upholds Use of Multimodal Assisted Review in Biomet Case - http://bit.ly/18ExFQf(Deloitte)  Driving Effective Change in a Repetitive World - http://bit.ly/16nKYuF (Bob Krantz)  Do We Have A Social Media Records Management Problem? http://bit.ly/19mWa5x (@BarryJMurphy)  eDiscovery: A Gathering Storm Clouding Litigation - http://bit.ly/16q5jPT (Peter Vaira)  eDiscovery: Cooperation and Proportionality, the Past, Present and Future - http://bit.ly/16q5QkT (Terry Ahearn, Wendy Axelrod)  eDiscovery Toolkit: Prepare or Beware | Journal of AHIMA - http://bit.ly/1gtSH9l (Mary Butler)
  2. 2. ComplexDiscovery http:://www.complexdiscovery.com  Having Trouble Finding Inexpensive eDiscovery Technology Provider Ruled “Unacceptable” by Court - http://bit.ly/16q6Bdz (Julia Romero)  If Production is Small, Does that Mean ESI is Being Withheld? eDiscovery Case Law - http://bit.ly/1eTWXU1 (Doug Austin)  Is a Blended Document Review Rate of $466 Per Hour Excessive? – eDiscovery Case Law - http://bit.ly/19yHPTK (Doug Austin)  Is the Proposed Amendment to Narrow Scope of Discovery a Good Idea? http://bit.ly/16okMzY (Albert Barsocchini)  Judge Allows Lawsuit Over Computer ‘Spy’ Program to Survive - http://bit.ly/19A8SxT (P.J. D’Annunzio)  New Software Helps Lawyers Accomplish the ‘Impossible’ - http://bit.ly/19DA5Qc (Christina Farr)  Parlez-vous #eDiscovery? http://bit.ly/1a3zEki (Kylie Petersen)  Party Avoids Sanctions Despite Missing Hard Drives and Withheld E-Mails - http://bit.ly/16q9sn5 (Brett Anders)  Preparing for a Successful Rule 26(f) Meet and Confer - http://bit.ly/16okzNg (Albert Barsocchini)  Proving the Negative in Discovery Productions | @BowTie Law - http://bit.ly/18cju8Z (Josh Gilliland)  Sekisui Am. Corp. v. Hart: Judge Scheindlin’s Latest Footprint in Spoliation Case Law - http://bit.ly/19AbprO (Eric Robinson)  Social Media: Discovery | Defense Litigation Insider - http://bit.ly/19AkeSu (Andrew Silverman)  The $55 Million eDiscovery Bucks Stop Here - http://bit.ly/19AaF64 (Greg Buckles)  The Legal Semantic Web Inches Forward - http://bit.ly/19Acikr (Simon Fodden)  Threatening Sanctions and Justice Department Referral, Judge Excoriates Prosecutors for Discovery Abuses – http://bit.ly/1aODwql (Robert Hilson)  When Cleaning Up Your Facebook Can Lead To Dirty Consequences - http://bit.ly/19AkzEQ (Cynthia Augello) Actionable Intelligence for In-House Counsel Providing in-house counsel with a weekly overview of significant legal and technology related stories centered around the corporate risk topics of compliance, information governance, privacy and security.  A Compendium of Legal Issues Related to Guarantees - http://bit.ly/16HvFKz (Mark Sherrill)  ACC Weighs in on International In-House Privilege – http://bit.ly/1eW0fGb (Sue Reisinger)  Ahoy! Web Piracy On the Rise - http://bit.ly/16pHykW (Rebekah Mintzer)  At the SEC, No Admit, No Deny Lives On - http://bit.ly/17J9ovj (Jenna Greene)  Branding 101: Trademark Usage Manuals | Healthcare Law Insights - http://bit.ly/19AjHQE (Kathy Rheintgen)  Codes, Locks and Keys: 35 Industrial Espionage Countermeasures that Will Save Your International Business http://bit.ly/19DKPhC (Santiago Cueto)  Compensation Clawback Policies Getting Tougher - http://bit.ly/16q8iYK (Sue Reisinger)  Corporate Crisis: The Critical 4 Hours – http://bit.ly/16cF67m (James Haggerty)  Corporate Privacy in the Wake of Snowden – http://bit.ly/19DEfYD (Andrew Ramonas)  Cybersecurity: Authoritative Reports and Resources - http://bit.ly/19AqxWl (Rita Tehan)  Data Hygiene Part of Corporate Compliance – Ten Steps to Build a Privacy and Security Program http://bit.ly/19A7nzK (Alan Friel)  Email Agreement to Settle Is Not A Valid Contract, Chancery Ct. Rules – http://bit.ly/19DJt6G (Jeff Mordock)  E-mail Evidence: Executives At ALW Had Even Been Warned About It -http://bit.ly/16nXrOS (Jane Genova)  Federal Circuit Upholds Fee-Shifting Agreement | PharmaPatents - http://bit.ly/19AhvZq (Courtney Brinckerhoff)  Fiduciary Duties in M&A Exit Transactions: Lessons from In re Trados : Federal Securities Law Blog - http://bit.ly/16nWtC7 (Daniel Bauer)
  3. 3. ComplexDiscovery http:://www.complexdiscovery.com  Funding Biotech Innovation: The Ins And Outs Of Collaboration Arrangements And Licensing Agreements - http://bit.ly/16nSjtX (Lori Waldron)  Giblin on Graduated Response by ISPs to Copyright Infringements - http://bit.ly/1aT1OTJ(Rebecca Giblin)  How CFOs are Evolving into Data-Driven Roles + Making Friends with CIOs | @SiliconANGLE - http://bit.ly/19AitVD (Mellisa Tolentino)  IT Outages Cost Businesses £6.7m on Average - http://bit.ly/16nUOg1 (Pinsent-Masons)  Keeping Compliance Efforts Up to Date as Laws Change - http://bit.ly/16pLNgz (Greta Lichtenbaum)  Lies, Half-Truths, And Concealing Information: The Risks Of M&A Due Diligence - http://bit.ly/16nWWo6 (Maurice Lefkort)  Outsourcing Vs. Insourcing: You Need Both - http://ubm.io/16nYfTY (Scott Staples)  Risk-Specific and Evolving FCPA Compliance Programs – http://bit.ly/16nM6yc (Reid Schar, Blake Sercye)  Risk Monitoring a Key Component of Social Media Strategies - http://bit.ly/16gNxhT (Rich Steeves)  Simple Steps to Prevent Data Breaches - http://bit.ly/19DGFGD (Kenneth Jones)  The Chief Legal Officer Is the CIO’s BFF - http://bit.ly/19AbyM4 (Alison Diana)  The FDA Releases Long-Awaited Final Guidance on Mobile Medical Applications - http://bit.ly/19DHZt8 (Stephanie Zeppa, Lauren Lewis)  The Global Reach Of The Energy Industry - http://bit.ly/19AbSdH (Rick Burdick)  Three Reasons Not to Measure Ethics - http://bit.ly/158nVNZ (Linda Henman)  Trade Secrets Spats Center on Cloud - http://bit.ly/16nMcGb (Max Taves)  What is Trademark Dilution and Why Should You Care? http://bit.ly/15ICRq2 (Ginabeth Hutchison)  World of Online Piracy Getting Bigger, Report Says - http://bit.ly/17J9hQF (Rebekah Mintzer) Vendor Clips for eDiscovery Practitioners Providing eDiscovery practitioners with a weekly overview of relevant legal technology news and announcements as shared by industry vendors and commentators.  @Legal Discovery Adds Midwest Presence and Industry Veteran - http://bit.ly/152iOV0 (Sean Doherty)  @TrustPoint International Introduces Brian Ingram as Senior eDiscovery Solutions Engineer - http://bit.ly/16Imsla (@TrustPointIntl)  AccessData Announces Craig Carpenter as Chief Marketing Officer - http://on.mktw.net/18ldcSK(Business Wire)  ActionStep Law Practice Management Software Adds Access to HotDocs - http://bit.ly/16nQzRy(Victor Li)  Applied Discovery – Case Summary Alert – September 2013 - http://bit.ly/19oDMZZ (@DiscoverApplied)  “Beyond Big Data with @Recommind CEO Bob Tennant” http://bit.ly/19jNuNc (Image and Data Manager)  Bloomberg BNA Unveils Corporate Law Resource Center - http://bit.ly/1eTPxA8 (Victor Li)  Box-ing Match: YouTube Helps Lawyers Pick the Best Way to Ship Files – http://bit.ly/16nQrl6 (Patricia Kutza)  Built In Chicago Releases the TOP 100 Digital Companies In Chicago - http://on.mktw.net/16oawb0 (PR Newswire)  Catalyst and Amer Asia Law Partner to Provide eDiscovery Services and Tech for U.S. and Asia Markets – http://yhoo.it/16msx3k (@Marketwired)  Discovery Templates for Social Media Evidence - http://bit.ly/16cFVwT (John @Patzakis)  Driving Effective Change in a Repetitive World - http://bit.ly/19A06ju (Bob Krantz)  DOAR Litigation Consulting Opens California Office and Acquires Houston Firm - http://bit.ly/19ebiSI (Press Release)  eDiscovery Veteran, Rick Kahaner Joins Complete Discovery Source - http://on.mktw.net/1eQcNij (Press Release)  EDRM Unveils Privacy Risk Reduction Model – http://bit.ly/16nKQuX (@Marketwired)
  4. 4. ComplexDiscovery http:://www.complexdiscovery.com  Email Among Top Priorities for SaaS Users – http://bit.ly/16oqrGl (@ProofPoint)  Equivio Zoom Tab for Relativity 8 – http://bit.ly/19B3nz9 (@ChrisDaleOxford)  eTERA Consulting Nominated in Four Categories by the Legal Times - http://bit.ly/18cbvZx(Press Release)  ExaGrid EX Series Defines Modern Midrange Deduplicating Backup Appliances – http://bit.ly/1aNlrZL (Jerome Wendt)  Google Chooses MariaDB at the Expense of Oracle MySQL - http://bit.ly/158r0h5 (Saroj Kar)  HP Autonomy Announces HP Connected Backup 8.8 - http://bit.ly/19Ak39L (Storage Review)  HP Enhances IG With Application Information Optimizer v7.1 - http://bit.ly/158rLGV (Steve Wexler)  HP Launches New Security Services from HP Protect 2013 | @SiliconANGLE - http://bit.ly/16eG4cq (John Casaretto)  Inc. 500 Ranks Modus One of the Fastest Growing Companies in the U.S. for Second Consecutive Year - http://on.mktw.net/18Cy4J0 (@MarketWired)  Illinois Technology Association: Buzz – ITA Spotlight: @kCura - http://bit.ly/18H22FP (@ITAbuzz)  Kroll Ontrack’s EasyRecovery Aids and Thwarts Data Recovery - http://bit.ly/19A2s1I (Victor Li)  Kroll Ontrack Expands DIY Data Recovery Software Tool - http://bit.ly/1eocEBH (Business Wire)  Microsoft Releases IE 11 Preview For Windows 7 - http://ubm.io/1aVHEZ8 (Michael Endler)  Neil Araujo talks Enterprise Content Management: Inside Track with HP Autonomy - http://bit.ly/16nWAxN (HP Autonomy)  New eDJ Group Report on Legal Hold Notification - http://bit.ly/18GWSJS (Mikki Tomlinson)  Nytrix CIY 4: An End-to-End E-Discovery Solution That Lets Clients Control The Process - http://bit.ly/16nRgdF (Garret Bendel)  OrcaTec Advances as a Predictive Coding Leader - http://bit.ly/1a05DBT (@451Research)  Rand Secure Archive Provides Easy Data Access Option for HP Autonomy EAS Customers - http://on.wsj.com/19Aihpd (Business Wire)  Susan Twibell Joins Merrill Corporation to Lead Outsourced Administrative Solutions - http://on.mktw.net/1gCnReE (Business Wire)  Tape Backup Remains Popular for Smaller Businesses - http://bit.ly/18kQ32K (@SDBMagazine)  TASA Offers New e-Discovery Solutions to Law Firms through a Partnership with Legal Support Partners - http://prn.to/1aTnKhz (PR Newswire)  Tech Circuit: Jets & Motorcycles Edition - http://bit.ly/16ltwqt (Monica Bay)  The Five (5) Traits of Next Generation Email Archive Migration Software – http://bit.ly/19A71ZS (Tim Anderson)  TrustPoint International: Products & Services on LinkedIn - http://linkd.in/16gAr4r (@TrustPointIntl)  UBIC Launches Lit i View Xaminer, Japan’s First Forensic Software Equipped with Predictive Coding Technology http://bit.ly/16o2bnA (PR Web)  Venio Systems Rajiv Maheshwari to Present on Predictive Coding at Masters Conference - http://bit.ly/16pBRn3 (PR Web) Industry Conferences, Events and Meetings Providing industry professionals a non-all inclusive listing of key industry educational conferences, events and meetings. OCTOBER Relativity Fest October 6-8, 2013 Chicago, IL Click here for more information.
  5. 5. ComplexDiscovery http:://www.complexdiscovery.com Relevent October 6-8 Nashville, TN Click here for more information. Gartner Symposium/ITxpo October 6-10, 2013 Orlando, FL Click here for more information. EDRM 2013-2014 Midyear Meeting October 9-11, 2013 Saint Paul, MN Click here for more information. ACEDS 2013 Corporate E-Discovery Summit October 10-11, 2013 San Francisco, CA Click here for more information. 7th Annual eDiscovery Summit – COALSP October 11, 2013 Denver, CO Click here for more information. 2013 EDI Leadership Summit October 15 – 17, 2013 Santa Monica, CA Click here for more information. Innovate October 17-18, 2013 Orlando, FL Click here for more information. LawTech Europe Congress 2013 October 21 – 22, 2013 Prague, Czech Republic Click here for more information. ACC 2013 Annual Meeting October 27-30, 2013 Los Angeles, CA Click here for more information. ARMA Live 2013 October 28-30, 2013 Las Vegas, NV Click here for more information. NOVEMBER KMWorld 2013 November 6-8, 2013 Washington, DC Click here for more information.
  6. 6. ComplexDiscovery http:://www.complexdiscovery.com 2013 eDiscovery Leadership Conference November 15, 2013 Hollywood, FL Click here for more information. The Advanced eDiscovery Institute November 21-22, 2013 Washington, DC Click here for more information. DECEMBER Governance, Risk & Compliance 2013 December 4-5, 2013 Orlando, FL Click here for more information. E-Discovery for Corporate Market Conference December 11 – 12, 2013 Los Angeles, CA Click here for more information. 2014 FEBRUARY LegalTech New York, 2014 February 4-6, 2014 New York, NY Click here for more information. MARCH ABA TECHSHOW March 27-29, 2014 Chicago, IL Click here for more information. MAY FOSE May 13-15, 2014 Washington, DC Click here for more information. AUGUST ILTA 2014 August 25-28, 2014 Nashville, TN Click here for more information.
  7. 7. ComplexDiscovery http:://www.complexdiscovery.com For the latest eDiscovery news, visit ComplexDiscovery. To receive the Weekly eDiscovery News Update by email for eDiscovery news, corporate risk information and vendor clips, click here.