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Women want a rich husband
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Women want a rich husband

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women want a rich husband ! Why and....

women want a rich husband ! Why and....

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  • 1. Dont women want a rich husband so they dont have towork and can actually "live", enjoy cold ca$h?I am a senior and still in high school and I basically dont have a social life.Nor do I hang out with anyone but my other geek friends who are into mathand science. I do have social skills to talk with other people about things thatarent math or science related but no one chooses to talk to me.All I do is hang out with them and do school related things (AP Physics,Chem, and Calc). I dont plan to go to prom or graduation because I hate myhigh school too much and I am looking to future being infinity better thanmy life now.Well, I really want to plan for my future now and I really want a trophy wifesince I plan to make bank ($500,000+ yearly) by my early 30s.
  • 2. And dont tell me that I cant do that off being a doctor because I do plan toworking my rear end off. I plan to become a doctor (Endocrinologist) andeventually co-run a business with my 3 other friends and make more. Thatlast part may not happen but I will be a doctor anyway. I just want the perfectwife that is really hot, is somewhat smart, and will respect me, unlike now.And I want her to be like 20 when I marry her in my 30s.I have told people that in my school and they told me that a women like thatwont really "love" me and that’s not the life that women want. I think theyare just jealous that they arent smart now and know that they will live a 9-5job barely making ends meet, even with their wife working. I want to drive a100K car, show off my hot wife, and never say "sorry, cant afford it" tosomething my trophy wife will want, no matter how expensive it is.From what I can see, women dont want to work- they just want to shop,socialize, and have a secure husband. Housework is way easier than goingto college, studying, and working from 9-5. And after they finish housework,they can just chill at the mall, with their friends, and do whatever else theywant.If I make plenty of money, she wont have to work and shell get to dowhatever she wants. Isnt that what a girl wants?Source: www.DateGetLaid.info Real Dating, Real Fun!