Sophisticated woman


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Sophisticated woman! explore to know more :)

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Sophisticated woman

  1. 1. Sophisticated woman – How to become one?Keep the makeup that suits you best.If you have a style you like now, keep it. If not, get some advice on changing it.We all need a change now and then, not just because weve turned 40 butbecause it does us good to look good and to update when were feeling frumpy.Wear a mini-skirt if you want.Old fashioned nonsense about not wearing this and not wearing that justbecause of your age is out the window. If youve got great legs, youre not aboutto saw them off are you? Think Desperate Housewives, think Elizabeth Hurley,think of all those great women in their 40s wearing what they know looks good onthem and not listening to a 16 year old or a 26 year old telling you what to wear.Respect comes from whats inside, not from the clothing.
  2. 2. Follow the rule of two if you want a sexy and dignified look.Split yourself in two - top and bottom. Now add two categories - tight andrevealing. If your top is tight or revealing, keep the bottom plain. If the bottom istight or revealing, keep the top modest. If low cut, wear it with a jacket. Also, ifyou have exceptionally nice calves, a knee-skirt can look good. Keep suits inconservative colors if that is your daily requirement, but add interesting quirks. Ablack business suit, with a high-quality, silk, black and turquoise top, can bepaired with turquoise heels.Keep your shoes like you - sexy, but dignified.Heels are good if they work for you and low-pumps are acceptable attire.Consider the kitten-heel; enough heel to be business like, but also very trendy.By now, though, telling you how to wear a shoe is a little on the side of badmannered. You know by now what works best.Update the hair.One thing many women do get into a bad habit with is hair - forgetting it hasoutgrown current needs. Seek an honest appraisal from a good hairdresser andset things straight. Youll feel like a new woman.Exercise as always.Never stop exercising. This will not only help your physical appearance bymaking you look younger, but you will also have improved emotional health. Italso helps to guard against potential oncoming problems such as osteoporosisand breast cancer.Stand tall and strong.Youre in your 40s and youre beautiful. Youre also wiser, often wealthier (and ifyoure not, start saving now) and youre still the wonderful woman youve alwaysbeen. Dont let the media, misguided youth and outdated notions tell youotherwise.Source: Real Dating, Real Fun!