How to find a wealthy spouse


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How to find a wealthy spouse? Learn here :)

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How to find a wealthy spouse

  1. 1. How to Find a Wealthy Spouse? Define your dream. How "rich," for instance, is "rich"? Do you simply want to live comfortably and not worry about bill collectors? Or do you want to live in the grandest mansion in the land and say "neh, neh, neh" to anyone who was ever mean to you? And where does true love fit into the equation? Before you start your quest, you need to ask yourself whether access to a fabulous bank account would be worth a loveless relationship or if youre willing to hold out for the real thing regardless of his net worth. 1. Evaluate your desirability as a wealthy mans wife. Better yet, recruit your most honest friends (females and males) to make a
  2. 2. detailed list of what your strengths and weaknesses are. Youre about to reinvent yourself and to do that youre going to need a brutally honest appraisal of what youve got going for you. The list should include your physical appearance, your hair and makeup, your current wardrobe, your posture, your intelligence, your vocabulary and manner of speech, your lifestyle, your job and what you drive.2. Identify which weaknesses you can start working on immediately and which ones will take a while to achieve. Joining a gym, getting a salon makeover, going through your closet and watching the news and PBS instead of reality shows are things you can do now. Improving your mind by going back to school, redecorating your apartment, training for a more fashionable job and trading in your clunker car will take more time as well as more money.3. Draft a budget and exercise the discipline to stick with it. Setting a list of goals and working on them every single day will accomplish more than just daydreaming.4. Subscribe to high fashion magazines. Subscribe to "The New Yorker" and "The Economist," too, and read them cover to cover. If youre going to strike up conversations with wealthy captains of industry, you need to know what theyre reading and talking about. If youve never really had opinions up until now, its time to get some.5. Cultivate the art of listening. If you have to talk, ask questions about your companion. Nothing makes a man feel as if hes the most fascinating creature in the world than if a stunning woman is picking his brain and being genuinely interested in his replies.6. Attend gallery openings, visit museums, attend charity events and go to concerts. This will not only enhance your knowledge of art and music but also put you in the right circles to chat with wealthy patrons. Dont be discouraged if the majority of them are couples; if they find you alluring and lovely, they may have an unattached brother, son, lawyer, doctor or business partner theyd just love to introduce you to.7. Take up a sport like golfing or tennis. It will not only keep you in shape but youll also be running into lots of well heeled businessmen.8. Identify some of the most upscale restaurants in your city and start going there by yourself for lunch. Do not, I repeat, do not take any girlfriends with you or you will render yourself unapproachable. Nor should you take a book, a magazine or your cell phone. Theres something fascinating about a lovely woman
  3. 3. dining by herself, chatting pleasantly with the wait staff and casually observing the world around her. Lunch is also less expensive than dinner and projects that you either have a well paying job or have the resources to do whatever you want whenever you want. 9. Tip generously and be kind to anyone in a service occupation. People notice. People talk. • Cultivate friendships with successful business owners for the purpose of networking but do not abandon the loyal friends who have stuck by you through poverty and obscurity. • Flirt, but not excessively. If someone is intrigued, theyll let you know it. Dont turn your first encounter into an extended date. Chat for as long as you feel comfortable and then politely excuse yourself. If he wants to see you again, allow him to ask if he can call you. Dont eagerly agree to whatever date he suggests; charmingly tell him you need to check your calendar and get back to him. If youre too available, hes going to wonder why no one else is pursuing you. Men enjoy competition. Be a woman of mystery. • Discern from the start whether your dream man is single and available. Be forewarned that the absence of a wedding ring doesnt mean the absence of a spouse. • Bide your time. The faster you rush into a relationship, the faster its going to unravel. • Project confidence in everything you do. It is the most potent aphrodisiac anyone can possibly own.Source: Real Dating, Real Fun!