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  1. 1. A Dialogue in Images By Angel Constantino & Willy Rodolfo Journ 259.4: Visual Literacy Project # 1
  2. 2. Image 1 (Angel)
  3. 3. Response   Angel: This is an image of Calle Crisologo in Vigan, a province on the northern part of the Philippines and a popular spot for tourists. It was taken in the early morning, around 6 am, just as people were starting to wake up. Since it was taken at the beginning of the day and with the presence of the horse carriage which we see from the back angle, to me it means going away somewhere or traveling. The linear perspective which directs our gaze to a vanishing point also conveys a sense of adventure since the viewer doesn't know where this road leads.   Willy: When I received the first image, I immediately thought of travel, adventure and culture. I interpreted that Angel wants to travel and explore destinations. The horse carriage creates a wonderful entry into the photo, where the eye travels from the horse to the street and seemingly going into the sky. I felt the sense of anticipation and uncertainty of adventure in the photo as well as the feeling of excitement in discovering what lies beyond the horizon.
  4. 4. Image 2 (Willy)
  5. 5. Response   Willy: The inert image conveys the anticipation of travel and adventure. The backpack signifies preparation and the ball signifies dynamism and movement – two things that should happen during travel and adventure.   Angel: When I saw Willy’s photo of the backpack and the soccer ball, I thought there was a sense of adventure again, of traveling, and of playing. It’s amazing how such a simple image as this conveyed feelings of excitement in me as I imagined myself going on a backpacking adventure or kicking the ball around in a soccer field.
  6. 6. Image 3 (Angel)
  7. 7. Response   Angel: Since the previous image Willy sent is static, I choose an image which has movement. Taking off from the soccer ball, I got this photo of kids playing soccer. Looking at the mix of kids (boys and girls, young and old) and judging from their expressions, I'd say they are just having fun and not playing for the sake of competition. The green colors of the field and the trees seem to indicate a calm, relaxed setting, while the yellows and bright greens of the kids jerseys signify their high energy in playing the game.   Willy: Outdoors and fun. The photo shows movement and speed, but it also shows people. It connects with the first photo as they both express movement from one point to the next. The first photo indicated a rather peaceful, relaxing motion while the second evokes strength and energy. One thing that sets the second photo apart is it brought people clearly into the picture.  Adventure is all about having fun, being with people and discovering new things both within one self and along with others.
  8. 8. Image 4 (Willy)
  9. 9. Response   Willy: Since Angel gave a message of people having fun outdoors, I sent an image of people enjoying each other’s company, with good food and good wine. Adventure is often not about the places we visit and the activities we do. Most of the time it relies on the company. The highlight of the photo is the funny faces of the people in it, particularly the Japanese waiter.  Great people define great adventure.   Angel: When I saw Willy’s photo in the Japanese restaurant with the man drinking wine and the somewhat comical expression of the waiter, I thought it was like a celebration or a happy event. The setting seems very relaxed, with guests just out to have fun and enjoy each other’s company.
  10. 10. Image 5 (Angel)
  11. 11. Response   Angel: Since the previous photo reminded me of celebrations, I chose this photo of the Chinese New Year celebrations in Chinatown, San Francisco. I like that it was taken in the United States since Chinese New Year is an event that is celebrated around the world. The reds and yellows in this image convey the festive, cheerful, exciting atmosphere.    Willy: Another aspect of travel and adventure is the sights. Angel’s image combined great sights and a great event. The bright red color captures the eye and the dragon dancing its way through the street surrounded by buildings with the sky in the background signifies power and might. I feel the photo shows what happens when great places have great people and have great activity. The image projects a very lively atmosphere, full of energy that spreads to people who look. 
  12. 12. Image 6 (Willy)
  13. 13. Response   Willy: A complete opposite of Angel’s image, I showed the other side of adventure – peace and tranquility. The chair looks out into the blue water, the trees and then the bigger water that lies beyond. This image goes back to the first image in the dialogic where the horse carriage moves down the street into the unknown. Life in general can be best enjoyed moving through it, like the first set of photos showed and by going by the roadside and marveling at it, like the final batch of images.   Angel: I loved Willy’s photo of the pool by the beach. When he mentioned this was taken in Siargao, I thought it was great that he brought us back to the Philippines after travelling to other places like Japan and the US. Given the chair’s back angle, I can easily imagine myself sitting there gazing at the endless horizon. The cool blue water and sky, as well as the greens of the trees and the grass give a perfectly relaxing, calming feeling—something one should do after several tiring days spent traveling!
  14. 14. The End