Twitter 101 - sending your first tweet


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How do you get started with Twitter? This short presentation outlines key terms and functions for new Twitter users.

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Twitter 101 - sending your first tweet

  1. 1. Twitter 101 presented by: stephanie butler (@writingquirky)
  2. 2. why bother? • 500 million registered users (140 million active) • 750 tweets are sent per second • 15% of adults using the Internet have a Twitter account • 18-24 (22%); 25-34 (23%); 35-44 (17%) • more than 50% of active users follow companies, brands or products
  3. 3. try:
  4. 4. your profile profile photo name user name bio (160 char) header photo summary tweets background photo
  5. 5. what is a tweet? • short (<140 characters) message shared via Twitter • a tweet may contain hyperlinks, @mentions or #hashtags • tweets appear on your follower’s home stream, but can also be viewed by other Internet users
  6. 6. the lingo @mention: a link to another user RT (& web retweet): to share another user’s content MT: modified tweet #hashtag: to link tweets by keyword, theme, event or to make a joke favourite: a Twitter bookmark DM: a direct message sent between users who follow each other trend: a popular keyword or hashtag
  7. 7. a tweet user hashtag mention link (to a photo)
  8. 8. lists • filter content by users or groups • public or private lists • useful tool:
  9. 9. links • to preserve character count, many users prefer to use shortened links • example: & • these work by URL redirect • many link shorteners allow you to track clicks & demographics
  10. 10. search • use search to find users, keywords and hashtags of interest • you can also use boolean operators to narrow your search results by source, link, keyword, location, etc.
  11. 11. the Twitter interface tweets from users you follow, profile summary, trends news, trends, tweets from your network your tweets retweeted, your tweets favourited, m entions, new followers your profile, your tweets, profile summary, your favourites, your lists Twitter search direct messages send a tweet profile settings, account settings, lists, Tw itter help
  12. 12. getting started Accounts I recommend: @uofg – University of Guelph @UoG_ATS – U of G library @BetterPlanetUoG – BetterPlanet Project Tags: #guelph #uofg #gryphonpride #ontag #fundchat #ONpoli #acwri #litchat
  13. 13. best practices • • • • think before you tweet – it’s public avoid deleting your tweets engagement > broadcasting don’t always have control over your messages – but now you can respond • be familiar with privacy settings & policies • find your voice & be authentic • ask questions
  14. 14. thanks! questions?