Webinar email sucks but it doesn't have to


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Learn how to master your inbox while discovering new productivity tools and ways to collaborate. Get rid of distractions and get more done NOW.

4 Golden Rules:

1) Forget the saying “check my email”. PROCESS it.

2) Easier to process 75 emails than 150

3) Why email should often be lower on your “to-do” list

4) Avoid email internally

10 Quick inbox tips:

1) Use templates for emails you send often / gmail / outlook

2) Shortcuts are your friend (as mentioned here on the blog)

3) Undo Send / gmail / did you just forget to attach that proposal to your email again? forgot to get clarification again? UNDO IT!

4) Rapportive (social profiles for everyone you're emailing)

5) Follow-up reminders as not everyone will reply to your email (Sanebox Reminder and Boomerang are pure genius for this and I’ve mentioned both here on the blog for follow-ups and general productivity: 7 simple ways to get to inbox zero post)

6) Contact Monkey Get insight on your SENT Mail --- following email exchanges, following up with contacts, sync your email automatically with your crm like salesforce.com, use and track templates with salesforce.com.

7) Improve your email signature and automate your address book with WriteThat.name.

8) The art of brevity. Write shorter emails so you get shorter responses. Try to limit most emails to 5 sentences... Fred Wilson keeps it to less than 10 words for more than 50% of his emails! http://blog.shuttlecloud.com/gmail-meter-power-user-fred-wilson/

9) Write a Specific and Strong Subject

Nearly 40% of email is opened on mobile devices today and this means that your subjects should fit on one line of a mobile screen and MUST motivate your recipient to open you email. Getting your email opened is half the battle. 3-5 words max and use this chart from marketing profs to use great keywords.

10) Have only one, compelling Call-to-Action or next step in an email (Alex)

Your recipient’s time is precious like yours. This is especially true when prospecting. You must present a concise and compelling case that motivates be taking the time to write you back. And make sure to only have one so your recipients next steps are clear.

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Webinar email sucks but it doesn't have to

  1. 1. ContactMonkey VP Business Development Alex Smith WriteThat.name Community Manager Brad Patterson
  2. 2. What’s Bothering You? Too many emails 27% Can’t find what’s important among the noise 21% Doesn’t integrate well with tasks, to-do lists, projects, CRM 33% People use email poorly and I have to pay for it! 14%
  3. 3. YOUR TAKEAWAY Discover new tools / Ways to collaborate Master your inbox – less time, more effective Get rid of distractions and get more done
  4. 4. Check my Email PROCESS it Email distraction / Multi vs mono-tasking 2 main processing guidelines: 2 mins / 4 Ds 4Ds Do it, Delegate it, Defer it, Delete it Avoid anything not 4D in inbox Why? Inbox Zero. Get in, get out, get other important things done #1
  5. 5. Mobile Processing tips Take off notifications Only “check” if you have to Check out Mailbox! #1
  6. 6. Stick to What’s Important NOW BACON is taking over! Ignore unimportant subscription emails It’s easier to process 75 emails than 150 #2
  7. 7. Fight the Bacon Where it Hurts! Unroll.Me #2
  8. 8. Fight the Bacon Where it Hurts! SaneBox #2
  9. 9. How many times a day do you process/check your email? Not Daily 2-5 times/day 5-10 times/day 10-20 times/day More than 20 times/day
  10. 10. Email isn’t Priority #1 Checking email is a HUGE distraction Avoid spending your freak AM energy on email Challenge – Process your email 3-5 times/day #3
  11. 11. Worried About Missing Something Important? Check out AwayFind! #3
  12. 12. Avoid emailing Internally Great tool for simple communication, especially outbound, BUT, not for more dynamic, complex, detailed, time/progress-oriented collaborations http://venturehacks.com/articles/no-email-at- angellist 33% "Doesn't integrate well with my other tasks, to-do list, projects, CRM" #4
  13. 13. What internal chat tool do you use? Skype GChat Hipchat Yammer Other
  14. 14. Avoid emailing Internally Yammer #4
  15. 15. Avoid emailing Internally Trello #4
  16. 16. Use Templates Tip #1
  17. 17. Shortcuts are you Friend Try out Keyrocket Tip #2
  18. 18. Undo Send! Life-saver Enable in Gmail labs Tip #3
  19. 19. Rapportive Know who you’re Exchanging with Chose your tone, connect and Interact with them! Tip #4
  20. 20. Follow-Up Reminders Defer message Know if someone doesn’t reply Check back in week, month, year Tip #5 NB (pause inbox)
  21. 21. How do you keep track of your conversations? Excel Heavy CRM Lightweight CRM Boomerang Other
  22. 22. Insight into Sent Email Track when, where & how often your emails are opened Know who’s clicking on your links Get notifications to identify who to call now Outlook, Gmail, Salesforce Tip #6
  23. 23. What’s in the bottom of your email? Nothing Plain text signature Copied image HTML linked image Promotional Offer
  24. 24. Automatically Update your Contacts Tip #7 1-minute setup then runs seamlessly in background Always have the contact info you need Gmail, Outlook, Salesforce
  25. 25. Write Shorter Emails! State your business in the FIRST sentence Outline what you would like from them Clear Call-to-Action at the end Tip #8
  26. 26. Use Great Subject Lines 3-5 Words MAX Nearly 40% of emails are read on Mobile – Keep that in Mind Fight for Attention – Be appealing Tip #9
  27. 27. Have ONE Call-To-Action Make it incredibly easy to respond Be clear about what you want Have one, very clear CTA Tip #10
  28. 28. YOUR CHALLENGE Schedule 5 slots to PROCESS every day Try out 2 or 3 of the tools we mentioned Be in touch (patterson@kwaga.com / alex@contactmonkey.com )