Social Media & Accessibility for Non-Profits


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This is a presentation I gave for the VisionServe Alliance on 4/30/09. I focus on Social Media for Non-Profits, but because my audience worked exclusively with the blind, I included some information on Accessibility as well.

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  • Social Media & Accessibility for Non-Profits

    1. Social Media Basics VisionServe Alliance, April 30 Cincinnati, OH Michelle Lentz, Write Technology
    2. The future is here. It’s just not widely distributed yet. – William Gibson
    3. Web 1.0
    4. Web 2.0 is all the Web sites out there that get their value from the actions of users. - Information Week, 9/18/2006
    5. Don’t fight the Internet. - Dr Eric Schmidt, Google CEO
    6. Web 1.0 Doubleclick Ads Ofoto, Shutterfly Britannica Online Personal web sites Evite Publishing Taxonomy Stickiness Web 2.0/Social Media Google AdSense Flickr Wikipedia Blogging Participation Folksonomy Syndication         Making the Transition
    7. Who is Web 2.0? Who is Web 2.0?
    8. Every person is …
    9. User-Generated Content The key to competing in the Internet world is the extent to which users add their own value to that which you provide.
    10. From Tim O’Reilly’s Web Expo Berlin presentation, November 2007
    11. Social Media Economy: The Long Tail Small sites make up the bulk of the internet's content; narrow niches make up the bulk of the internet's possible applications.
    12. Leverage customer-self service & data management to reach out to the entire web, to the edges and not just the center, to the long tail and not just the head.
    13. Me, My, Mine
    14. Information Week: SmartPhone 2010: What Your Future Will be Packing Going Mobile
    15. Accessible TouchScreen Phones Google G1 Android with Eyes Free: Slide Rule for iPhone:
    16. Digital Natives Digital Immigrants
    17. F2F Networking
    18. Social Networking
    19. Common Craft Video available here:
    20. Top 25 Social Networks, Jan ’09 1.Facebook 2.MySpace 3.Twitter
    21. Take time to make connections. Social Media Rule: You Get Out of It What You Put Into It
    22. Maintain your online image.
    23. Get LinkedIn: Over 800,000+ connections Why? Connect with Professionals
    24. Build a profile with MEANING: - Professional profile - Company profile - Personalize your invites
    25. Why? To connect with college students, professionals
    26. Facebook User Statistics
    27. Facebook User Demographics - 55% female, ages 25-54 - College educated, $25k-$74k annual income From ignite social media, 11/08
    28. Facebook Personal Pages
    29. Change the Privacy Settings
    30. Quality, not quantity.
    31. Facebook Fan Pages
    32. Facebook Applications
    33. Social Media & Accessibility: Facebook:
    34. Why? To connect with musicians, high school students
    35. MySpace User Demographics - 65% female, teenagers - Some college or high school From ignite social media, 11/08
    36. MySpace Web Traffic - Holding steady at 20M and starting to drop by July 2008 From ignite social media, 11/08
    37. MySpace Personal Pages
    38. MySpace Impact
    39. Create your own social network on
    40. Social Networks: Time or Money?
    41. Flickr
    42. Flickr for Good
    43. YouTube
    44. YouTube Non-Profit Channel
    45. Example: Anaheim Ballet
    46. Accessibility: Easy YouTube for Vision Impaired
    47. Podcasting is a “double” misnomer. - You do not need an iPod - It is not a broadcast Portable On Demand
    48. Podcasts Available on YouTube
    49. How would you use a podcast?
    50. Tools of the Trade
    51. Media: Time or Money?
    52. Wikis
    53. • Editable Content • Add Comments • Document Management • Learning from one another Beyond Wikipedia
    54. Organizing Committees, Volunteers
    55. Drive people to use the wiki
    56. Tools of the Trade
    57. Twitter
    58. I can opt to spend ten to thirty minutes responding to someone via a blog post or I can take ten to thirty seconds posting a response via Twitter. Nick O’Neill in the Social Times communication-void/ Why?
    59. Flattening the Org Chart
    60. What Twitter has given me
    61. Twitter Stats: Who? - 55% male, between 35-44 From Ignite Social Media Agency, 11/08
    62. Twitter Stats: Who? - College educated, $75K+ From Ignite Social Media Agency, 11/08
    63. Twitter Stats: Growth - 133% growth between Feb /Mar 2009 From HubSpot State of the Twittersphere Report, 12/08
    64. A Tool for Conversation: Facilitate, Amplify
    65. Reactive & Proactive Customer Service
    66. Accessible Twitter
    67. Tagging, Twitter, Wikis: Time or Money?
    68. Blogs
    69. Personal Blogs
    70. Niche Blogs
    71. Business & Non-Profit Blogs
    72. Common Craft video available on YouTube:
    73. Who’s Reading? - 184 m blogs - 77% active Internet users read blogs - 65% of blog readers are interested in reading other’s opinions - 39% are looking for news - 38% are seeking entertainment
    74. From CK’sBlog Why Blog?
    75. Tools of the Trade
    76. 1 Do we need a blog? Marketing, Communication, Community vs Time Commitment
    77. 2 Who should blog? People with Passion for Topic
    78. 3 3 How often? Where do I find content?
    79. Time Spent Blogging per Week - between 3-10 hours Technorati State of the Blogosphere 11/08
    80. Corporate Blogging Policies Easter Seals Blogging policy: blogg.html
    81. Forrester Reports: The ROI of Blogging
    82. Perception of Blogs - 71% are taking blogs more seriously as sources of information Technorati State of the Blogosphere 11/08
    83. Promote! Promote! Promote! Promote! Promote! Promote!
    84. Blogging: Time or Money?
    85. Social Media & Accessibility: Google: (Android)
    86. Social Media & Accessibility: Firefox Browser - extensible, ARIA supported - Accessibar, Accessibility Extension
    87. Social Media & Accessibility: WebAnywhere – Free Screen Reader
    88. Michelle Lentz Social Media Training & Instructional Design 859.426.9748