Letting It All In: Social Media Policy and the Workplace

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Social Media Policy in the workplace - presented at DevLearn 2011

Social Media Policy in the workplace - presented at DevLearn 2011

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  • 1. Letting It All In: Social Media & Policy in Your Organization Session #311 DevLearn 2011 Michelle Lentz Write Technology
  • 2. Facilitator• Michelle Lentz michelle@write-tech.com• Text michellel to 50500 for contact info• http://www.write-tech.com Twitter: @michellelentz LinkedIn: michelleslentz
  • 3. Downloads!http://blog.totallearner.com/
  • 4. Objectives• Why you should have a SoMe policy and what it contains• How to identify key stakeholders and when each should be involved• What steps go into policy development• How to define which parts of your existing HR policies can be adapted to social media• What tools are freely available to help you develop your policy
  • 5. Why have a policy?
  • 6. Social Media in theWorkplace (Common Craft)
  • 7. Key Phrases: Kodak• p10, #2 “The opinions and positions expressed are my own and don’t necessarily reflect those of Eastman Kodak Company.”
  • 8. Key Phrases: Yahoo!• “Social media means any and all current and future means of online expression, including...”
  • 9. Key Phrases: SHIFT #9“Never participate in Social Mediawhen the topic being discussed maybe considered a crisis situation. Evenanonymous comments may be tracedback to your or (COMPANY)’s IPaddress. Refer all Social Mediaactivity around crisis topics to PRand/or Legal Affairs Director.”
  • 10. Voice• Easy to understand• Non-threatening• Approachable
  • 11. EMC’s Video
  • 12. Who?Who are your key stakeholders? • Training • Marketing • IT • HR • Legal
  • 13. 3 Types of Interactions• Internal usage• Moderation and commenting• External usage
  • 14. Consequences ofActions
  • 15. Liability & Disclaimers
  • 16. Existing HR Policies
  • 17. Getting Started:PolicyTool.net
  • 18. Discussion & Questions
  • 19. Downloads!http://blog.totallearner.com/
  • 20. Thank you! Michelle Lentz Write TechnologyText michellel to 50500 for contact info michelle@write-tech.comhttp://linkedin.com/in/michelleslentz http://www.write-tech.com Twitter: @michellelentz