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Content Description of New Hit CD by Yehudit Ravitz

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Yehudit and Yakov Microsoft Word (9)

  1. 1. 3.9.2010Item: New:Product Name Yehudit Ravitz: Songs From Home – Yehudit and Yakov, Israel Music 1 CD 2010 :Meta DescriptionYehudit Ravitz: Songs From Home – Yehudit and Yakov is a collection of songs rememberedby Yehudit Ravitz and her older brother Yakov Ravitz, of blessed memory. The CD is atribute to Yakov and a nostalgic look at the sixties generation of Israel that grew up with USRock bands like Led Zepplin, Black Sabbath and the British Pop Rock band, SargentPeppers The Beatles. Yehudit Ravitz rediscovers the Hebrew songs of the time that are still.Israeli classics today :Short DescriptionWhile the US and England were experiencing the birth of Rock Music, Yehudit Ravitz, herfamily and Israels youth experienced it from a distance. Simultaneously, Israel wasdeveloping music too. Yehudit Ravitz, an Israel female singer, collects these Songs From.Home on her new CD :Long DescriptionAs a tribute to her family and her beloved brother, Yakov Ravitz, of blessed memory, YehuditRavitz has a new CD of songs collected from the Israel of the sixties called Songs FromHome. It was her older brother, Yakov, that deserves the credit for introducing Yehudit Ravitzto music. He would play chords of all the solos of songs and Yehudit would try to imitate himon the guitar. She recalls, Last Passover, out of a desire to hold him for a moment, Idiscovered a collection of these beautiful songs…The days of Stairways To Heaven aregone and todays days pass too…There are just sentimental moments, remembered Fridayssitting with my brother discovering that he plays the chords of the songs and I can sing thewords. +Still, many Israelis like the Ravitz family were effected by the birth of Rock Musicoverseas . Yehudit Ravitz, her brother Yakov and the sixties generation of Israeli youthpreferred listening to the Rock Music of Led Zepplin, Black Sabbath and the Pop Rock of theBeatles because it was considered a way to rebel against the established order of theirparents. They did not ignore the music playing on their transistor radios. They just wantedmore exposure and more options in their choices of music from the outside world. The youthof Israel today continues to explore world music around them and still have a love for Israelclassics while some infuse all kinds of musical genres into their own middle eastern styles.+Yehudit Ravitz knows this as she also infused Rock, Folk Rock and World Music from Brazilinto her own style of Israel music. Yehudit Ravitz was born in Beer Sheva and grew up withan appreciation for music. She entered the Israeli Army and joined the army musicalensemble called Sheshet. She performed in Israel Music Festivals and sang with all the bestIsrael artists like Shlomo Artzi, Nurit Galron, Rami Kleinestein and Gidi Gov. Her debut soloalbum was an instant commercial success in 1979. Today, all her albums are gold, platinum,double and triple platinum albums.+ List of Songs; 1. Lilac Flower 2. Shades 3. If All Lovers4. Clover Field 5. A Song of the Sea 6. Light 7. You Must Ring Twice 8. Melodies 9. Appleof My Life 10. Silence 11. Oh My Native Country 12. Two Roses 13. At Dusk 14.Levavatini:KEYWORDSYehudit Ravitz, collection of songs, blessed memory, older brother, tribute, nostalgic, sixtiesgeneration, Israel, US Rock, Led Zepplin, Black Sabbath, Beatles, Pop Rock, Rock, FolkRock, World Music, Brazil, Israel Music, Hebrew Songs, birth of Rock Music, Israel Youth,US, England, Israel Female Singer, new songs, Passover, beautiful songs, stairways toheaven, Fridays, sentimental moments, Israelis, transistor radios, outside world, musicalgenres, collects, Israeli Army, Music Festivals, musical ensemble, Shlomo Artzi, Nurit Galron,Rami Kleinstein, Gidi Gov, debut, solo, commercial success, gold, platinum, double platinum,triple platinumImage Alt: Buy Israel, Songs of Home by Yehudit Ravitz
  2. 2. Image Name: Yehudit Ravitz_Israel_Music3.9.2010Item Number: 14940Product Name: Moshe Ben Ari: Ill Breathe, Israel Music 1 CD 2010 :Meta DescriptionThe new CD album of Moshe Ben Ari called Ill Breathe is composed in many multi-styles ofworld music while the lyrics are written in the Hebrew language. The music is wonderful tolisten to and Moshe Ben Aris voice gives the sounds the perfect accent. Moshe Ben Ari is anIsrael male singer who combines ethnic music from his Yemenite and Iraqi background with .musical genres such as Reggae, Soul, Rock and World MusicShort Description/Long Description: Leave Blank:KEYWORDSMoshe Ben Ari, Israeli Musician, ethnic music, reggae, world music, soul, rock, style, taste inmusic, Israeli, composer, lyricist, Yemenite, Iraqi, Israel, traditional, songs, India, Sahara,Sinai, stringed instruments, Persian Tar, Indian Sarod, classical and acoustic guitar, middleeast instruments, solo albums, debut, talented, Hebrew, Jewish, language, background musicImage Alt: Share Ill Ask by Moshe Ben AriImage Name: Moshe Ben Ari_Israel_Music------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------3.9.2010Item Number: 14938Product Name: Moshe Ben Ari: A Journey of Giving, Israel Music 1 CD 2006:Meta DescriptionA Journey of Giving is the long awaited third album of the solo career of Moshe Ben Ari. Fansaround the world and in Israel appreciate his global music that spans from Africa, the MiddleEast and to India. The musical sounds are appreciated on a universal level and the Hebrewlyrics in rich and unique vocals of Ben Ari only serve to compliment the exotic instrumentalaccompaniement. The journey of Moshe Ben Ari is an unforgettable experience to share with.othersShort/Long Description: Leave Blank :KEYWORDSMoshe Ben Ari, talented, singing along, Israeli, composer, Yemenite, Iraqi, Jewish, taste inmusic, traditional, songs, Sinai, India, Sahara, middle eastern, string instrument, IndianSarod, classic and acoustic guitar, bass, ethnic sound, hit song, solo career, Hebrew,language, rock, world music, reggae, soul, instrumental, accompaniement, strings, sound,Sheva, Salaam, learn music, fanImage Alt: Share A Journey of Giving CDImage Name:Moshe Ben Ari_Israel_Music------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  3. 3. 3.9.2010Item Number: 14937Product Name: Moshe Ben Ari: A Way Israel Music 1 CD 2004 :Meta DescriptionA Way, the second solo album of Moshe Ben Ari established him as a famous singer andcomposer of Israel. The album became a gold hit as the music is unique by mixing Hebrewlyrics with world and ethnic styles of music. Moshe Ben Aris musical influences come fromhis Jewish traditional upbringing being partly Yemenite and Iraqi. At the same time, Moshe.Ben Ari learned music from around the world which further developed his musical talentShort/Long Description: Leave Blank :KEYWORDSMoshe Ben Ari, Israel, singer, composer, gold, Israeli Charts, hit, Israeli musician, lyricist,traditional, Jewish, Yemenite, tunes, learn music, ethnic styles, middle east, classical andacoustic guitar, Persian Tar, bass, talented, Iraqi, background, music, solo albums, Sheva,Salaam, universal, Hebrew, rock, reggae, soul, world music, culturalImage Alt: Get A Way, by Moshe Ben AriImage Name: Moshe Ben Ari_Israel_Music3.9.2010Item 14936Product Name: Moshe Ben Ari: Upon Me, Israel Music 1 CD 2001 :Meta DescriptionThe first solo album of Moshe Ben Ari, Upon Me, is the debut CD as an Israeli musician.Though raised in a Jewish traditional home, his music is influenced by his Yemenite and Iraqibackgrounds as well as by ethnic music from all over the world. Most of the songs are inHebrew except one called G-d is One, which opens with the translation of the title in English,.Yemenite, Hebrew and ArabicShort/Long Description: Leave Blank :KEYWORDSMoshe Ben Ari, debut album, famous, crowd pleasing songs, Israeli musician, reggae, soul,rock, world music, hearts and homes, Israel, learned music, Sinai, Sahara, India, stringinstruments, classical and acoustic guitar, Persian Tar, Indian Sarod, bass, talented,traditional, Jewish, Yemenite, Iraq, ethnic, fusion, solo albums, Salaam, Israeli, Hebrew, language, G-d is One, English, Yemenite, Arabic, middle eastern, musicImage Alt: Take Upon Me by Moshe Ben AriImage Name: Moshe Ben Ari_Israel_Music
  4. 4. 3.9.2010Item 14939Product Name: Moshe Ben Ari: LIVE Israel Music 3 Disc Set 2008:Meta DescriptionHere is a great gift from Moshe Ben Ari: A three disc pack of live performances included on 2CDs and 1 DVD. The Live three disc set will bring the best live performances of Moshe BenAri for home viewing and listening. It is also an exceptional way to experience the journeys ofthe famous Israeli musician through the world of ethnic music. Guest appearances of.talented musicians will also sing their greatest hitsShort/Long Description: Leave Blank :KEYWORDSMoshe Ben Ari, best live performances, guest artists, music discs, Israeli musician, musiccollection, rock, soul, world music, reggae, great gift, Israel, composer, Iraq, Yemenite, musiclessons, India, Sahara, Sinai, stringed instruments, Persian Tar, bass, classic and acousticguitar, Indian Sarod, inspiration, musical style, traditional, songs, middle eastern, Jewish,culture, solo albums, Sheva, internationally, touring the world, topnotch, performer, Hebrew,G-d is one, musicians, greatest hits, ethnic, musicImage Alt: A Great Gift: Moshe Ben Ari LIVEImage Name: Moshe Ben Ari_Israel_Music