29.8.2010Item Number: 8370 :Product NameGlykeria: Glykeria & The Israel Phiharmonic Orchestra in Concert, Israel Music 1 C...
3.9.2010Item #: 8573:Product Name  Glykeria: The Collection: 60 Songs With A Book of Songs, Israel Music               4 C...
3.9.2010Item: 7999Product Name: Glykeria: Far Away, Israel Music 1 CD 1995 :Meta DescriptionThe year that the Prime Minist...
3.9.2010ItemProduct Name: Glykeria: Sweet Sorrow, Israel Music 1 CD 1998 :Meta DescriptionSweet Sorrow by Glykeria is a wo...
3.9.2010Item 8081Product Name: Glykeria: Golden Hits, Israel Music 1 CD 1994 :Meta DescriptionPraising Jerusalem (Shabechi...
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Hebrew and Greek Music

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Glykeria Microsoft Word

  1. 1. 29.8.2010Item Number: 8370 :Product NameGlykeria: Glykeria & The Israel Phiharmonic Orchestra in Concert, Israel Music 1 CD 1999 :Meta DescriptionThe name Glykeria is known in every house of Israel. The singer of Greek songs also singsin Hebrew many beloved songs of Israel. Her deeply moving and emotional singing can beheard on her CDs as well as live in her concert. Already a famous Greek singer, all her songs .in Hebrew and/or Greek are solid gold and platinum :KEYWORDSGlykeria, Yitzchak Rabin, Prime Minister, Israel, Rabin Square, The Israel PhilharmonicOrchestra, classic songs, solid gold, hits, platinum albums, love affair, Hebrew Songs, Greek,songs, Jerusalem, famous, Greek female singer:Short DescriptionGlykeria is a famous Greek female singer who sings her songs in Greek and in Hebrew. Shesings from her heart and often moves her audiences whether the music is live or recorded on .CDsIn 1998, Glykeria was the only foreign artist to sing at a special memorial for Yitzchak Rabin,the Prime Minister of Israel, who had been assinated three years before. Glykeria sang withtears in her eyes to an audience of 200,000 people in Rabin Square. The following YEAR in1999, she sang with The Israel Philharmonic Orchestra. All the songs on the CD are classicsongs and solid gold hits off the many platinum albums of Glykeria.+The Israel-Greek loveaffair with Glykeria began in 1993 when she sang her first concert in Israel. Already, asuccessful Greek singer for many years, Glykeria sang her first Hebrew songs withoutknowing the meaning of the words. However, her emotional performance was so moving thather Israel audience fell in love with her. She ended the evening with Praises of Jerusalem(Shebechi Yerushalyim). This beautiful moment started the love affair.+Today, she sings inHebrew with perfect pronunciation and both her Hebrew and Greek songs are classic Israeland solid gold hits.+ List of Songs: 1. Zorba, The Greek 2. Phaedra 3. Seven Songs Ill SingYou 4. Alone 5. Morenica 6. Ill Leave With You 7. Magic Nights 8. Far Away 9. WhosPaying The Ferryman 10. This Is My Song 11. Until Well Reach The Sky 12. The Village ofTudra 13. Zingonala 14. Bournovalia 15. My Mother, Greece 16. Praises of Jerusalem((Shebechi YerushalyimImage Alt: Collect Glykeria, an honorary citizen of IsraelImage Name: Glykeria_Israel_Music--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  2. 2. 3.9.2010Item #: 8573:Product Name Glykeria: The Collection: 60 Songs With A Book of Songs, Israel Music 4 CD Set 2004 :Meta DescriptionThe four CD Set of The Collection with Song Book of Glykeria spans thirty years of thefamous Greek and Israel female singer. The anthology of sixty songs includes Greek Music,Greek Traditional and Classic songs, Hebrew Songs and Glykerias music. Glykeria started.her music career in Plaka, the old city of Athens and home of The Jewish Museum of Greece :Short DescriptionThe Collection: 60 Songs with A Book of Songs is a four CD set collection of Glykerias solidgold hits and platinum albums over a period of thirty years from old Athens to Jerusalem. Shehas toured in England, France and Turkey too and is a famous Greek and Israel female.singer :Long DescriptionAfter thirty years of solid gold hits and platinum albums, Glykeria released a collection of herfinest moments as a singer of traditional and classic Greek songs, Hebrew Songs, Greekmusic and Glykerias songs. The four CD Set includes 60 songs with a Book of Songs.+TheGreek song lyrics and Hebrew songs provide understanding to the listener not so muchbecause of the written words but because of Glykerias beautiful vocal ability of singing fromthe heart with so much feeling and sensitivity. The universal languages of music, song andsinging is understood from a human and an emotional way.+ It is, therefore no surpise to findout that Glykerias name is translated as the sweet one who began her career in Plaka, theold city of Athens and home of The Jewish Museum of Greece. She sang in nightclubs androse to fame during the 1980s when she released her first album of traditional Greek music.She followed her desire to sing in concert in Israel and opened her heart to Israel with thejewish traditional religious song, Praising Jerusalem (Shebechi Yerushalyim). Though shesang with perfect pronunciation of Hebrew, her vocal ability to sing from her heartcommunicated understanding between herself and her audience. Glykeria rose to fame fromthat moment until today and she is as much a part of Israel as she is from her country oforigin, Greece.+List of CDs: CD 1 Greek Music - 15 Songs 53:10 mins CD 2 - GreekClassics of All Times – 15 Songs 64 mins CD 3 Glykeria – 15 Songs 54:20 mins CD 4Hebrew Songs:KEYWORDSGlykeria, collection, song book, Greek, Hebrew, Israel female singer, traditional, classic,Athens, music career, Jewish Museum, solid gold, hits, platinum album, England, France,Turkey, Tel Aviv, Greek song lyrics, Hebrew songs, nightclubs, Greek music, jewish, religious,the old city, Plaka, famous, universal language, the sweet one, perfect pronunciation, GreeceImage Alt: Share the Sweet One, Glykeria: The CollectionImage Name: Glykeria_Israel_Music-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  3. 3. 3.9.2010Item: 7999Product Name: Glykeria: Far Away, Israel Music 1 CD 1995 :Meta DescriptionThe year that the Prime Minister of Israel, Yitzchak Rabin, was assassinated, Glykeriareleased the CD classic, Far Away. Three years later, Glykeria would be the only foreignsinger to be invited to appear at the memorial service of Yitchak Rabin, the slain PrimeMinister of Israel. The following year, Glykeria would receive an honorary award from the .mayor of Jerusalem :Short DescriptionThe CD, Far Away by Glykeria, is loved by all of Israel. Whether because a national tragedyoccurred at the time of this CD, the assination of Yitzchak Rabin or because Glykeria wouldbecome an honorary citizen of Israel, the Greek and Israel female singer brings joy and .comfort to all of Israel:Long DescriptionShare in the joy and comfort that Glykeria has brought to all of Israel. Bring this strangerhome, this foreign singer of sweetness, because the children of Israel were strangers in theland of Egypt and because the nation of Israel is brought home at the same time. Indeed,Glykeria is well known as much as an honorary citizen as well as by all the households ofIsrael.+ The one CD, Far Away by Glykeria, demonstrates that the Greek singer supportsIsrael and sings Hebrew songs with perfect pronunciation. She has become part of Israel. Allthe Greek and Israel songs on the CD have a strong Mizrahi influence as Greeks are partlyfrom a Sephardic origin. Many songs are translated from Greek into Hebrew like Manuel andKara Biberim. Moreover, Glykeria wailed with tears at a memorial for Yitzchak Rabin in frontof 200,000 people at Rabin Square, Tel Aviv. She would also be made an honorary citizen bythe Jerusalem mayor.+ Glykeria started her musical career in Plaka, Greece, the old city ofAthens, home of The Jewish Museum of Greece. From the old city of Athens to the old city ofJerusalem, Glykeria has made us all feel at home with the heart that make us all human andnever too far away from home.+ List of Songs: 1. Manuel 2. Kara Biberim 3. Far Away 4.Robbed Me 5. All These Gone 6. In The Magical Night 7. The Life I Will Give For Araki 8.On One Raft 9. You Broke the Glasses 10. A Window to the Mediterranean Sea 11.Thessalonikis Sea Breeze Blowing 12. In The Deep Sea 13. Greek Folk Music Medley 14.My Song 15. Why Do You Want To Leave 16. Do Not Abandon Me When I Get Older :KEYWORDSGlykeria, Prime Minister, Israel, Yitzchak Rabin, assassinated, memorial service, foreignsinger, Rabin Square, Tel Aviv, national tragedy, national honor, Greece, Mizrahi, Jerusalem,Jewish Museum, Hebrew songs, perfect pronunciation, Jerusalem mayor, Egypt, musicalcareer, key of the city, Athens, Plaka, Israel female singer, home, feel at home, the old city, land of Egypt, strangers in the land, children of Israel, nation of Israel, SephardicImage Alt: Take Home! Far Away by GlykeriaImage Name: Glykeria_Israel_Music------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  4. 4. 3.9.2010ItemProduct Name: Glykeria: Sweet Sorrow, Israel Music 1 CD 1998 :Meta DescriptionSweet Sorrow by Glykeria is a wonderful CD of both beautiful greek songs and songs ofIsrael. Glykeria has Israeli guest appearances from Riki Gal, Shlomo Bar and ChavaAlberstein. The first half of the CD is all in Hebrew and the second half is greek. All the .songs are solid gold hits and the one CD is a platinum album :Short DescriptionRiki Gal, Shlomo Bar and Chava Alberstein are Israeli musicians that make guest apperanceswith Glykeria on the one CD platinum album, Sweet Sorrow. Glykeria performs bothtraditional and contemporary Israel and Greek music. She is a famous Greek and Israel .female singer :Long DescriptionSweet Sorrow by Glykeria is a collection of traditional and contemporary Hebrew and Greekmusic. The songs are delightful to listen to with or without understanding the words. Glykeriasings with perfect pronunciation of the Hebrew language and her mesmerizing voice carries awarm heartfelt interpretation that makes the music easy listening music.+Glykeria embracesher Jewish audience with the song, In the Village of Todra with a guest performance byShlomo Bar. The song explains the Hassidic custom to drip honey on the Hebrew letters whilegiving children of five years of age the chance to lick the honey off so that the taste of theletters should be sweet. It is an old custom originally taken from the Psalms of David,119:103, May the words of G-d be sweet to your taste, sweeter than honey to your mouth. Inearly days, honey was considered a sign of G-ds favor. The song is sung by Glykeria withthe sensitivity of a jewish mother, humble yet with a sense of pride too. Another song on theCD, Prayer of Mothers, also carries a very sweet sensitivity but has no connection to thehassidic song.+Contemporary Israel songs are Please Dont Ask, Take Him with Riki Gal andThe Exclusive Garden with a guest appearance from Chava Alberstein. The Greek songsserve to compliment the Israel songs and show the distinctions for the two kinds of Mizrahimusic. Greeks Jews are part of the Sephardic culture and share in the Mizrahi music. Greekmusic can be contemporary and not always sounding like Zorba The Greek. However, it is amusic of the free spirit and encourages the freedom to dance!+List of Songs: 1. Please DontAsk 2. Take Him (with Riki Gal) 3. In the Village of Todra (with Shlomo Bar) 4. TheExclusive Garden (with Chava Alberstein) 5. Prayer of Mothers 6. Alone 7. Have the Tasteof Life 8. My Soul, My Dawn 9. Two Doors of Life 10. An Evening Street 11. My ParadiseSong 12. Take The Night For Me 13. In Every Place 14. You Went and Now Youre StillHere 15. In This Galaxy 16. My Beloved One :KEYWORDSGlykeria, greek songs, Hebrew, Greek, solid gold, hits, platinum album, traditional,contemporary, Israel female singer, Israel, music, famous, collection, Jewish, Hassidic,custom, song, honey, Gods favor, songs of Israel, jewish mother, perfect pronunciation,Psalm of David, collection, Zorba The Greek, guest appearance, Chava Alberstein, easylistening music, free spirit, Israeli musicians, Mizrahi, Sephardic, easy listening musicImage Alt: Get Free Spirit, Sweet Sorrow by GlykeriaImage Name: Glykeria_Israel_Music---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  5. 5. 3.9.2010Item 8081Product Name: Glykeria: Golden Hits, Israel Music 1 CD 1994 :Meta DescriptionPraising Jerusalem (Shabechi Yerushalyim) is included on the one CD platinum album,Golden Hits by Glykeria. The song was one of the first songs, Glykeria sang at her debutconcert in Israel. It was so successful that Glykeria was able to begin her Israel and Greekmusic career in Israel. At the same time, Glykeria received the Golden key of the city from the Mayor of Jerusalem, Ehud Olmert :Short DescriptionGlykeria, Greek and Israel female singer, promoted both her triumphant live show concerts inIsrael and her Israel music recording career with the song, Praising Jerusalem (ShabechiYerushalyim). Golden Hits, a one CD platinum album includes both a studio and the live.show version:Long DescriptionGolden Hits by Glykeria, famous Greek and Israel female singer, is a one CD album withmostly Greek traditional songs yet the album is a platinum album in Israel. Her Israeli fans donot understand the Greek song lyrics and Glykeria does not understand all the hebrew lyricseither yet there is a strong universal chemistry.+The connection is Glykerias voice. First, shesings with so much emotion from her heart that the lyrics to her songs can be understoodthrough the feelings Glykeria conveys to her listeners. Second, the Hebrew, Jewish andreligious traditional song, Praising Jerusalem (Shabechi Yerushalyim) is the song that broughtGlykeria and her Israeli audience together. The first version on the CD is a studio version andthe second version is the live show version. These recordings permitted the Israeli pulbic andlisteners today to share in that first intimate moment when Glykeria sang Praising Jerusalemat her debut Israel concert.+Indeed, the Mayor of Jerusalem, Ehud Olmert, shared anhonarary special event when he gave Glykeria the Golden key of the city in 1994, the year ofthe CDs release. Glykeria sings Hebrew with perfect pronunciation.+List of Songs: 1.Praising Jerusalem (Shabechi Yerushalyim) 2. Old Love Songs 3. Corner of Magises 4. TaDachtilidia 5. Kane Kati 6. Pikers 7. Oli Mui Izoi 8. Ase Na Pethano 9. Mehri Na GinoumeAngeli 10. Magepses Ti Nichta 11. Zaira (Dance Mix) 12. Arnoume 13. Ta Erima Ta Savata(14. Omorfi Poli 15. Praising Jerusalem (Shabechi Yerushalyim - Live Show :KEYWORDSGlykeria, Greek singer, Israel female singer, platinum album, debut, concert, Jerusalem,Israel, Greek song lyrics, Hebrew lyrics, Hebrew, Jewish, Religious, traditional, mayor ofJerusalem, Ehud Olmert, music career, key of the city, golden key, special event, Hebrew,Greek, perfect pronunciation, universalImage Alt: Buy Glykerias Golden Hits, Jerusalems Golden KeyImage Name: Glykeria_Israel_Music
  6. 6. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------3.9.2010Item:Product NameGlykeria: Open Heart, Israel Music 1 CD 2002 :Meta DescriptionGlykeria is one of the few foreign singers of the world who sings her countrys original musicin Hebrew and sings her Greek music in an Israel style too. Open Heart, a one CD album byGlykeria, combines Israel and Greek music in the Mizrahi style which originates from both.countries. She sings Greek, Greek Pop and Folk music :Short DescriptionOpen Heart is a CD by the famous Greek and Israel female singer, Glykeria. Glykeria, whichis Greek for the sweet one, combines music of Greece and Israel while maintaining theauthentic distinctions of both countries origins. The result is a beautiful mix of Mizrahi sounds .and the soulful vocals of Glykeria:Long DescriptionThe one CD album, Open Heart by Glykeria, is a gold and platinum album. The greatest hitof the album is Hariklaki which is a truly remarkable sound of the Bouzouki. The Bouzoukihas a pear-shaped base with a long neck for the string instrument. It is primarily designed fortraditional greek music and here is used as accompaniement for free spirit dancing like bellydancing or for the fashion of belly dancing costumes. The song is so exciting that it has beenrecorded on other albums of Glykeria. Many songs on the CD are also very popular amongIsraelis and classic hits of Israel today. Village Girl, Open Heart and Island of Love are allsolid gold hits too.+The songs are in the genre of traditional Greek, Greek Pop and Folkmusic though some also resemble the genre of Mizrahi music. Both Greek and Israel musicare rooted deeply in Mizrahi origins from both countries. Some songs have been translatedfrom Greek into Hebrew, the Jewish and Israeli language. The vocals of Glykeria brings tothe surface the heart and soul or melancholy feelings that characterizes Glykerias beautifultalent and amazing grace. She sings with perfect pronunciation.+Glykeria was born in a smallnorthern Greece city called Serres. She started her singing career in Plaka, the old city ofAthens and home to The Jewish Museum of Greece. She sang with very famous Greeksingers, musicians and artists. Between 1980 – 1985, she began her solo career and rose tostardom. Her debut in Israel started in 1993. Already a famous Greek female singer, she wasan instant commercial success and has the love of Israel for almost two decades.+List ofSongs: 1. Village Girl 2. Open Heart 3. Island of Love 4. Wanderer Song 5. Dont Be Afraid6. Hariklaki 7. Cha Ti Game 8. Judah 9. District 10.Organe 11. Themes 12. Charame 13.Leylee Mi Ley 14. Medley Zebekiko Kazandzidis:KEYWORDSGlykeria, foreign singer, Greek music, Israel, Mizrahi, Greek, Greek Pop, Greek Folk, famous,Israel female singer, the sweet one, authentic, Greece, origins, soulful, vocals, gold, platinumalbum, greatest hit, Bouzouki, free spirit, belly dancing, fashion, belly dancing costumes,classic hits, original music, traditional, genre, heart and soul, solid gold, hits, Greece,accompaniement, amazing grace, the old city, Plaka, Athens, Jewish Museum, Greeksingers, musicians, artists, solo career, stardom, debut, commercial success, love of, Hebrew,Jewish, Israeli, perfect pronunciation, lyricsImage Alt: A Fashion Passion: Open Heart by GlykeriaImage Name: Glykeria_Israel_Music