Social Media for Professional Photographers
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Social Media for Professional Photographers



Presented to the Western Mass. Pictage Users Group (PUG), May 2011

Presented to the Western Mass. Pictage Users Group (PUG), May 2011



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  • Marketing and promotion: Use the ecosystem. blog your photos – creates content and exposure. Facebook fan page updated often and linked to twitter. Tweet about events and recent assignments as well as tweeting about your daily life, work life, while on assignment, etc. Use social media optimized press release engines.Criss-cross PR – publicize media mentions on social networks and use social networks to generate news. Add a behance portfolio to your linkedin page. Tumblr is great for photographers – the long version of microblogging. Connect them all. Sourcing – find new clients based on their interests and how they gel with your specialty. Research equipment – Twitter is perfect for this. Source models on linked in, scout locations by connecting with property owners, tourist attractions, chambers of commerce Sharing – use social to reach new clients with your work or to correspond /create a relationship with clients. Don’t need to put everything out there, but samples are great for exposure and can lead to new jobs. Feedback – correspond with a photog community to share and comment on one another’s work.
  • To grow fans/friends, connect with groups that reflect your interests as well as your photography. Use flickr and flickr profile to promote your blog or website for more information. Getty images are stock for pay – apply for this program. Creative commons flexibility means licensing can differ from one photo to the next. Also can be back up storage – any photo can be made private. Now flickr is connected to Twitter and FB, so sharing photos within the ecosystem is easier. Can blog right from flickr. Flickr also gives easy access to any number of third party sites and the possibilities are endless – create extra products for your clients as an upsell. Create business cards, stationery. Create fun widgets and images for your blog. Participate in flickr based memes and prompts to glean content for your blog (thempho). Read the flickr blog for inspiration and trends.
  • New tools in the tool box also lead to new communities.

Social Media for Professional Photographers Social Media for Professional Photographers Presentation Transcript

  • Northampton Professional Photographers
  • Social Media:
    • media designed to be disseminated through social interaction.
  • The Online Connection
    • Web sites with social components (forums, comment sections, user-generated content including photos, articles, and video) caused the social concept to explode online, as it connected more people with other, like-minded people than ever before.
    • Portability helps.
  • Who Cares?
    • Millennials (Generation Y) officially out-number Baby Boomers; 96% of them have joined a social network.
    • Percent of companies using LinkedIn as a primary tool to find employees: 80%
    • The fastest growing segment on Facebook is 55-65 year-old females.
    • 25% of search results for the World’s Top 20 largest brands are links to user-generated content.
    • 34% of bloggers post opinions about products & brands.
    • 78% of consumers trust peer recommendations.
    • Source: socialnomics
  • Making History. Quickly.
    • Years to reach 50 million users:  Radio (38 years), TV (13 years), Internet (four years), iPod (three years). Facebook added 100 million users in less than nine months; iPhone apps hit one billion in nine months.
    • Eye-witnesses of the 2008 Mumbai attacks sent an estimated 80 tweets every five seconds. Twitter users on the ground helped compile a list of the dead and injured.
    • In January 2009, US Airways Flight 1549 experienced multiple bird strikes and had to be ditched in the Hudson River. Janis Krums, a passenger on one of the ferries that rushed to help, took a picture of the downed plane as passengers were still evacuating and posted it to Twitter before any other media arrived at the scene.
    • In May 2009, astronaut Michael J. Massimino used Twitter to send updates of the Hubble Telescope repair mission, marking the first time Twitter was used in space.
    • In June 2009, following allegations of fraud in the Iranian presidential election protesters used Twitter as a rallying tool and as a method of communication with the outside world after the government blocked several other modes of communication.
  • Uses for Photogs
    • Marketing and promotion (blogging, collateral)
    • Sourcing (clients, models, equipment, locations)
    • Sharing (with professionals, clients, public at large)
    • Feedback
  • Flickr – Friend or Foe?
    • Launched 2004
    • Hosts more than 5 billion images
    • One of the best uses of Creative Commons
    • Getty stock image service added in 2009
  • What a bunch of tools. Social PR: E-news: Constant Contact, MSM Social newspapers: Photoshare: Plixi (formerly TwitPic) Link shortening: tinyurl, Management: TweetDeck, HootSuite Quicksharing/blogging: Animoto Blogging: YouTube, Vimeo for montages Foursquare: Location-based app
  • Resources
    • Cape Shoot, Kili Training vids
    • Memorial Day shoot, Kili Training vids
  • Questions? @writerjax Photo by Mark Archer