Know everything about vanilla


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Know everything about vanilla

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Know everything about vanilla

  1. 1. Know Everything About VanillaWhen you decide the time is right to buy vanilla, what type and how much you buy will depend onwhat your needs are. If you are just looking for some vanilla extract to do some general baking with,you can find this product at your local grocery store for a reasonable price.If you want to make your own vanilla product such as vanilla paste, sugar, powder or extract, thenyou will want to head to a gourmet foods store where you can purchase vanilla beans. Let us reviewthe different products and discuss what you might use each variation for.To make your own vanilla powder, start by buying vanilla beans. Grind them into a fine powder withthe use of a coffee grinder or food mill. The drier the beans are the more powdery the results willbe. This product contains no alcohol so the flavor so lengthy cooking times will not have a negativeimpact on the taste. This is the ideal choice for white items since there is no colored tint that couldchange the color of your foods. It is also a flavorful alternative to the traditional vanilla extract.To make sweetened vanilla powder, follow the same steps as above to grind your beans in a coffeegrinder or food mill. Once you have ground the beans to powder, mix powdered sugar in with themuntil you have reached the desired sweetness. This powder directly sprinkled on foods such aswaffles and pancakes, fruit, oatmeal and other products will add a rich and flavorful vanilla taste.Either of these powder variations should be stored in the pantry in an airtight container away fromheat sources and direct light.To turn regular sugars into vanilla sugar simply use a jar with a tight fitting lid. Fill the jar with sugarand add one or two vanilla beans cut down the center lengthwise to the jar. Make sure that youhave buried the vanilla beans in the sugar. Place the lid on tight and allow it to sit on your shelf,untouched for at least one week. The longer it remains unopened, the more the sugar will absorbthe vanilla flavoring from the beans. You can then use this sugar directly on foods, in hot beveragesor in place of regular sugar in recipes where you want to add additional vanilla flavoring.Homemade vanilla paste and extract are also popular reasons to buy vanilla. Each one of theseproducts is easy to make. To create your own extract, add eight beans split down the centerlengthwise to a jar. Fill the jar with enough vodka to completely cover the beans. Seal the jar tightlyand allow the mix to cure in the pantry for a minimum of two months. Use this in place of traditionalextract in all of your favorite recipes.
  2. 2. To create your own vanilla paste, split four beans down the center, lengthwise. Lay them on a sheetof either wax or parchment paper and allow them to dry until they feel brittle. Grind them in a spicegrinder until they become powder and mix them with corn syrup. Store this mixture in therefrigerator for up to one week. Either of these products can replace the extract in your favoriterecipes.Now know the facts about vanilla podsA vanilla pods is the most authentic gourmet form of vanilla.This type of dried, cured pods of vanilla is very difficult to findand that is why vanilla pods come with costly price tags. Vanillapods come with amazing flavour and it adds aesthetic aroma toany kind of foods.There you can find different species of vanilla orchidsthroughout the world but only three types are orchids are usedfor vanilla products and they are all derived from an orchidcalled vanilla planifolia. This type of orchid was cultivated byancient pre-Colombian people native to the gulf coast ofMexico.The usage of vanilla pods started globally in the late 19thcentury and nowadays it has become an inevitable part ofcooking because it is used for making most of the modern day’spreparations. If you are going to cook any kind Mexican food,vanilla pods are the most important thing that you will need.After saffron, vanilla pods is considered to be the second mostexpensive spice. Apart from culinary usages, a vanilla pod isused for making perfume, sea food, pipe, tobaccos and cigars.If you are not familiar with vanilla pods then it is really importantto know how to open these beans and use it properly beforeusing it.Vanilla pods come with very distinctive scent and it can beidentified by smelling the typical scent of vanilla.
  3. 3. Just because of unique smell of vanilla pods, it is also used inaromatherapy. The smell of vanilla used for four main purposesof aromatherapy-AphrodisiacRelaxingHeightening the appreciation for beautyUpliftingThe scent of vanilla is really appealing to both men and womenand that is why most of the women use this for attracting men.Finding vanilla pods could be a daunting job for you if you donot know where to find it. But fortunately now you can easilyorder vanilla pods online as there are lots of online storesoffering vanilla pods at discounted price. Buying vanilla podsonline is always been a good decision but one thing you needto remember that you should buy it from an authentic onlineshop only.You can make a lot of things by using vanilla pods but it isreally important to know some tricks and tips in order to it.Here I am going to tell you about vanilla powderVanilla powder, made from ground, dried vanilla beans is a highquality alternative to the traditional vanilla extract. It does notcontain alcohol, which can cause traditional vanilla extract toevaporate during the cooking or baking process. This product isavailable in both sweetened and unsweetened varieties and isdelicious in everything from baked goods to specialty drinks.
  4. 4. Sweetened vanilla powder is made from ground beans but hasground sugar or powdered sugar added to it. Choose the oneyou need according to the recipe that you are following. If youare substituting unsweetened powder for extract, use half of theamount that the recipe calls for. For instance, if the reciperequires that you use a teaspoon of the extract, you would onlyneed a half of a teaspoon of the powder. The powder willprovide the recipe with a rich, fuller vanilla flavor than theextract does.Store the remaining product in your pantry in an airtightcontainer. Keep it away from moisture and extremetemperature changes. For best results, do not store this productover your stove. When properly stored, this product will notspoil. Traditional extract will spoil after a long period of time inthe pantry.Since ground vanilla beans make up this product, it isaesthetically pleasing. It features bits of beans and, when usedin recipes, can help make the final product look fancier. Manycooks like to use this product to make frostings and other highlyvisible products as the pieces of the beans make the finishedproduct look more professional.Additionally, it does not contain agents that will darken whiteicing or white cake recipes the way that traditional extract does.Since it contains no alcohol and it dissolves quickly, it makesan ideal addition in hot beverages including hot chocolate, teaand coffee. Due to the lack of alcohol, its flavor is not alteredduring long periods of cooking or baking. When adding vanilla
  5. 5. powder to your favorite hot beverage you might consider usingthe sweetened version.It is possible to make your own vanilla powder from home.Simply process some dried beans in a food processer or coffeegrinder. The drier the vanilla beans are the more powdery theresult will be. Keep this product stored in an airtight containeras mentioned above for best results and longest shelf life. Ifusing a coffee grinder, ensure that it has been thoroughlycleaned from all coffee residues. If any coffee remains, it willalter the flavor of the vanilla powder that you make.Vanilla powder is harder to find and will cost more thantraditional store bought extract. For this reason, many chefs donot use it all the time but instead use it only on specialoccasions. They may also use it when they want their bakedgoods to look more professional. It is hard to find in a regulargrocery store but is readily available in health food stores andgourmet shops where specialty items are more common.