Know every details about vanilla


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Know every details about vanilla

  1. 1. Crucial Facts That You Must Know About Vanilla BeansRich vanilla beans are obtained from the tropical climbingorchid. Mayan used it as a chocolate flavouring agent beforeSpanish people came there. Vanilla beans are native to the rainforest of Central America and recently it is being usedthroughout the globe. The name of the orchid is Vanillaplanifolia and vanilla beans come with high price and it isbecause of the rich origin.There you can find three major types of vanilla plants. Vanillaplanifolia is the most popular and other two vanilla producingplants are Vanilla pompona and Vanilla tahitiensis but Vanillaplanifolia produces the finest class of Vanilla.Vanilla beans are mainly used as a flavouring agent because itcan add an aesthetic aroma and flavour to any food items.If you want to get the best flavour of vanilla beans then youhave to buy the best quality beans from the market. Goodquality vanilla beans are dark coloured, moist and wrinkly. Donot worry if you find some crystals inside or outside the vanillabecause crystallized vanilla comes with better quality.In order to use it for cooking purpose, it is really important to cutthe vanilla beans with a sharp knife. When you are cutting thevanilla, do not forget to use the knife for scrapping out thesticky black seeds or “caviar” inside. You can use the both podsand seeds of vanilla and you can simmer it in a cream formaking custard or pudding. If you want to get the strong flavourof vanilla then you should use the seeds only. With the help ofvanilla beans, you can easily prepare your own vanilla sugar. Ifyou do not have an empty jar then you can put it in a jar ofgranulated sugar for a few weeks in order to make homemade
  2. 2. vanilla sugar. You can make a lot of deserts with the help ofvanilla beans.It is true that the vanilla beans are bit costly but they are reallyworth the price. If you are looking for buying vanilla beans forculinary usages then you should buy it from a reputed spicemerchant. Nowadays you will easily find a lot of online storesare selling vanilla beans or pods and some of them are offeringgood discounted price as well. You can easily buy good qualityvanilla beans online.Now it is time to know about vanilla extract-Vanilla extract is the extracted form of vanilla and it is mainlyused for different types of cooking purposes. At the same timevanilla extract is used for medicinal and home purposes also.The best advantage of using vanilla extract is that it does notcome with any kind of expiry date so that you can use it for anindefinite time. Vanilla is really well known for having aestheticaromatic flavour and taste. Commercial vanilla is made with35% alcohol.Nowadays vanilla extract has become an inevitable part ofkitchen. With vanilla, you can do a lot of things. Vanilla ismainly used as flavouring agent for baking and cookingbecause vanilla has been really well known for adding flavourto any food items. Vanilla extract comes with a very strongflavour and a few drops of it is enough for bringing a soothingflavour to the food.Vanilla extract has both domestic and commercial usages andit is highly popular all over the world.Now here I am going to tell you about the different usages ofvanilla extract-
  3. 3. Culinary usages-Vanilla is hugely popular for its culinary usages. It is mainlyused for adding flavour to the sweet dishes and ice creams.Vanilla extract is used in chocolate in order to make the tastebetter. Vanilla extract can easily enhance the taste of cakes,cookies, pastries, ice creams, custards etc. Vanilla is widelyused in confectionary purposes.Another great usage of vanilla extract is microwavedeodorizing. If you are getting a bad odour from yourmicrowave then you must apply heated vanilla extract thereand it will easily eliminate the bad smell from your microwave.Use as perfumeThere are lots of people who use vanilla extract as a perfumejust because of its awesome smell. You can apply a few dropsof vanilla extract on your wrist and you will smell great. Due toits excellent smell, vanilla extract is used in perfumed industryalso.Relieve from burn painVanilla extract can give you instant relief from the pain of smallburn. Due to having alcohol presence, vanilla comes with acooling effect.Nowadays you can easily buy vanilla extract from any onlineshop. There you can find a lot of websites available who sellvanilla extract for a very reasonable price and you can easilybuy from them. When you are going to buy online, make surethat you are buying it from a reputed shop.