Complete details about jugs football machine


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Complete details about jugs football machine

  1. 1. Facts To Know About Jugs Football Passing MachineThe JUGS Football Passing Machine is one of the most crucialtools that every football team should have. You probably know thefact that having proper passing skills is really important for everyfootballer. Football is completely a team game and withoutpassing, it is not possible to make a team passing combinationand that is why most of the football teams nowadays put moreconcentration on learning how to make proper passes. Due to theadvancement of automated technology, most of the footballersare now practicing passes with the passing tool called jugsfootball passing machine.Still, most of the footballers are not familiar with this wonderfulpassing machine and some of them have not even heard of italso. But jugs machine is really very efficient and it can train anentire team. The best part of employing this machine is that it canthrow two balls at a same time and repeatedly but doing the samething manually could be a very tiring job. With the help of thismachine, you would not have to make your hands and shouldertired. This machine comes with two different styles and you caneasily choose the ideal style for your training. This machine cancover the throwing distance from 5 to 80 yards and it comes with5 years long time guarantee. No other machine, apart from jugsfootball machine can cover such a long distance and this could bean excellent way to train those football players who are weak inreceiving long through passes.Another excellent advantage of this machine is that it has a dialsetting speed adjustor and you can easily adjust the speed ofpassing in this machine and this is the feature which has madethis machine completely unique from other passing machine. The
  2. 2. power source of this speed dial setting is 111-vAC or 1000 wattsgenerator. Here you are getting the opportunity of using optionbattery feature where you can use some specific types ofbatteries. This is machine has a quarter HP 3 amp motor. Youcan also turn this machine 360 degree round so that it canproduce spiral passes also and that could be the best way tolearn how to receive spiral passes.JUGS Machine comes with user manual so that you can easilyrepair or replace any part of this tool.Recently JUGS Football Machine has got a huge popularity andmost of the football clubs nowadays use this machine forimproving the passing skills in their team.Passing plays the most crucial part in Football. If a team hasplayers with good passing sense and combination, it will alwayssecure the top position. Without the knowledge of making properpass, a team or player cannot improve and that is the reasonevery football team or club pays the most attention on passingduring the training season. Teams like Brazil, Spain, Germany,and Argentina are really famous for extremely well versed passingcombination. Building a good team combination and passingstrategy is not an overnight job, rather it needs extensive practiceand here comes the importance of using a tool like Jugs footballpassing machine.In order to be a good football player, there are certain things thatneed to be improved and these things are-Perfect passingProper receiving
  3. 3. Knowing different types of passingWeight of passingAnd Jugs passing machine is the ultimate tool which can make aplayer perfect on these things.This machine can throw exact and repeatable passes along withpunts and kickoffs. It does not matter what length is, be it 5 yardsor 80 yards, it can throw ball to anywhere.The best advantage of using Jugs machine is its exact precision.Now there is no need to make your shoulder and hand tired bythrowing balls unnecessarily, rather you can use this automaticpassing tool which can do all the jobs. Practice makes one perfectand this is highly applicable for the football players. With thismachine, any position player of your team would be able to domore focused practices that the players who use to practicewithout any type of automated passing machine.Jugs football machine can be used for practicing how to receivelong end to end shots because it can throw ball high from one endto another end. So now probably you can understand that this isnot an ordinary football passing machine, rather it is much morethan a normal passing tool.This could be the best training tool for any football coach and thatis the reason why most of the well known football clubs nowadaysuse jugs football machine.Another advantage of using this passing machine is that you caneasily adjust speed of this machine. The throwing speed can beraised for the players who are practicing heads.
  4. 4. Jugs football passing machine comes with 5 years warrantyperiod and that is really long time.Now, one can easily buy this passing machine online. There youcan find a lot of websites that offer jugs football machine at areasonable cost.