A Complete Guide About Buying Tea Online


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A Complete Guide About Buying Tea Online

  1. 1. A Complete Guide About Buying Tea OnlineIf you buy tea online, you should know about the advantages oftea, especially green tea. Research conducted at the University ofQueen Margaret in Edinburgh, evaluated the effects of short-termconsumption of green tea in a group of students aged 19 - 37years. Participants were offered a diet and 4 cups of green tea aday for 14 days. The results showed that green tea consumptionreduced systolic and diastolic blood pressure, total cholesterol,body fat and body weight. These results suggest a role for greentea in reducing the potential risk factors for cardiovasculardisease. This research was mainly focused on the problem ofexcess weight and can reduce the population at high risk forcardiovascular disease. In the summer of 2005 on the control ofthe Food and Drug Administration United States said that greentea or its extracts, there is no scientific evidence of the ability toreduce the risk of gastric diseases, diseases of the respiratorytract, diseases of the colon, pancreatic disease, and the risk ofcancer.According to a poll published by the Ministry of Agriculture of theUnited States in 2007, the average content of flavonoids in a cupof green tea is higher than in the same amount in other foods anddrinks that are traditionally considered healthy, natural, includingfresh fruit and vegetable juices and wine. Flavonoids are a groupof phytochemicals in most plant products that are responsible forsuch health effects as anti-oxidant and anti-cancer functions.However, based on the same survey, there is a sharp differenceof the flavonoid content of tea of different qualities. In a studyconducted at the Israeli Institute of Technology, it was shown thatthe main antioxidant in green tea polyphenol, EGCG, is strugglingwith Parkinsons disease and Alzheimers disease in mice, helpsto protect brain cells. Results of the study, led by Dr. SilviaMandell, were presented at the Fourth International ScientificSymposium on Tea and Human Health in Washington, in 2007.
  2. 2. According to these studies, if you buy tea online, you can surelyimprove health.A Study carried out at the National Institute of Chemistry inLjubljana, Slovenia, showed antimicrobial activity of green teaextract. In a recent study, which involved 2,018 Chinese womenwho ate mushrooms and green tea, the risk of breast cancer was90% less than normal. A recent study on rats at Hong KongUniversity, published in the Journal of Agricultural and FoodChemistry, it was found that the catechins in green tea wereabsorbed by the lens, retina and other parts of the eye. Theabsorbed catechins reduced oxidative stress in the eye for 20hours. It is assumed that green tea may be effective in preventingglaucoma and other eye diseases. Green tea is good foratherosclerosis, high cholesterol, cancer, inflammatory boweldisease, diabetes, liver disease, with obesity, neurodegenerativediseases, and also for breath. Thus, you should buy tea onlineright now.Gourmet TeaThere are lots of factors that you should consider in order to buythe best green tea online. You should know how to determine thequality of green tea. Choice completely depends individual toindividual but there are some general guidelines that you shouldconsider. Your personal preference is the most important matterto find the best quality of gourmet tea or green tea. Now it’s timeto have a glance at some logical factors in this regard.One thing you must know one thing that the best quality ofgourmet tea is not exported generally. Either it is kept for localconsumption or it is sold to the high valued foreign customers.Hence if you are looking forward to buy best quality gourmet teathen you should go for buying it online. You would not be able to
  3. 3. find a high quality gourmet tea on a local super market or teastores. Online stores are the best option to find that. You can finda lot of china and Indian based tea shops available online and youcan easily find some good quality gourmet tea there. You mustremember one thing that china and India are the two countrieswhere most high quality teas are produced.Buying tea online is a most convenient option of buying tea also.You can easily order your favorite brand of tea online and it will bedelivered directly to your home. If you are planning to buy teaonline, you should consider few factors and they are-ReputationReputation plays a very crucial role when you are buying teaonline. You should always buy tea online from a reputed onlinestore. Internet is full of online scams and that is why you shouldbe always careful. You should always choose an online storewhich has number of positive reviews from various customers. Anauthentic and reputed online tea store will never cheat you.BrandIf you are going to buy a specific brand of gourmet tea, it is reallyimportant to do a lot of researches on the brand. It will help you toobtain the best quality of gourmet tea.Discount offersThere you can find a lot of online tea stores that offer gooddiscount offer on gourmet teas and that could be the best way topurchase the most superior quality of gourmet tea online.
  4. 4. Buying tea online is always been a most convenient option andyou should buy tea online only.Know why it is important to buy tea onlineToday, we do almost everything online, be it booking ticket orbuying something. Tea is also not an exception of it. You caneasily order tea online nowadays. Buy tea online has becomehighly popular. It is not only a good option for saving money but totry some new flavor of exotic teas as well. With the help ofinternet, you can easily order fine quality tea online at a veryreasonable price.Tea has been a very popular beverage. A day is almostincomplete without having a cup of tea. China is the first placewhere tea was originated and Chinese people consider tea to bea detoxifying medicine. Chinese teas come with smaller leave asit grows in higher altitude.The best advantage of having tea is that it helps to melt all the fat.Most of the health-oriented people have tea in order to loseweight and now you probably planning to start having high qualitytea for the same purpose.The original tea is nothing but just a dried leaves and twigs ofCamellia Sensesis and it does not come with any kind of flavor.Making tea is very easy, all you have to do is mix the leaves,twigs and buds in a cup and put some hot water there, nowsimmer for 2-3 minutes and then drink once it is completelyprepared.There you can find different types of teas available online. Youcan easily order black teas, brown teas, green teas etc. There youcan find lots of tea brands as well and they come with different
  5. 5. flavors and colors. In China, tea is considered to be a medicinaldrink.Since there are lots of different teas now, it is really difficult toidentify a specific kind of tea online. Green tea is the most populartype of tea that most of the people prefer. If you are eager toknow more about teas then you should do some researchesonline. You can compare the prices, know their flavors and knowwhere they are coming from. There you can many tea shopsavailable online and it is very easy to buy from. All you have to dois just place the order and they will deliver the tea to your home.Buying tea online has become the most convenient option andanyone can buy it. There you can find a lot of online tea shopsthat offer discounted price on the teas they are offering and thatcould be the best to buy tea online.If you want to get more details about purchasing tea online thenyou must check this site.