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Key Metrics for Success with a Local Business Website
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Key Metrics for Success with a Local Business Website


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Learn about Key Metrics for Success with a Local Business Website. …

Learn about Key Metrics for Success with a Local Business Website.
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  • 1. 1 Key Metrics for Success With A Local Business Website
  • 2. Key Metrics For Success With A Local Business Website Just like everything else in life, good websites are not made in a day. It takes a lot of time and patience on the part of webmasters, coupled with a sense of direction. What gives us the direction? What are the factors the decide the ultimate fate of our business website? Among many that are discussed and valued, analytics is the most crucial of them all. Without keeping track of which content or product attracted most visitors and what drives traffic, you cannot convert your website into a successful business. Read More. Attracting The Right Audience A common misconception about website traffic is that if a lot of people are visiting your website, you’re doing great. There are a great deal of factors that determine the business value you are getting out of the website which are listed below. New vs Returning traffic: Depending on the type of business, returning traffic may or may not be a favourable metric for a website. If you’re business is Mobile Application development, you would want new people to look at your products and some of them to eventually buy it. Read More. Demographics: Lets say you run a small hardware store in New York and most of the visitors to your website are from India. What good is that to your business? It is essential that the traffic attracted by your website adds value to your business. If the above described scenario applies to you as well, then its time you gave your SEO approach a thought. Bounce Rate: Bounce is a user visiting your website and leaving on the same page it landed on. So if the bounce rate of your website is high, it means that your website is not engaging enough to make the visitors see more of the website and explore your business and services. Read More. Figure 1: Click Here to View Enlarge Image
  • 3. Engagement: The concept is similar to bounce rate in nature. Engagement shows the length of time a user spent on your website before eventually leaving it. So if a visitor spends less than 15 seconds on the website, it means your content is not attractive to the visitors. Mobile: Its the era of mobile, where tablets and smartphones are overtaking the PC market. Under such circumstances, the mobile users become a reasonably large fraction of the total visitors you receive. Read More.. Visitors Flow: Its accepted as a general rule in web design that if a visitor doesn’t find what he is looking for within 3 clicks of landing on the website, he may leave, probably never to visit again. If you monitor your visitors activities on the website, how they proceed when they land on the site, you can pick up some good idea on how to improve your sites design. Read More Detail Here Ensuring Busy Traffic Sources You can also analyse your traffic sources and deduce some valuable information for your website. Some of them are listed below. Search Traffic: Use the Google Analytics tool to find out the keywords that drive most traffic to your website and the most engaging traffic. Read More. Referral Traffic: Social Media can serve as a gold mine for webmasters, for it can generate a great deal of traffic to a targeted URL. These days every business website has a Social Media page or account that is used to drive traffic to the website. Monitor your referral traffic. Read More. Direct Traffic: It includes utilizing nearly every method available to publicize the website including featuring URL in mails, advertising in newspapers, television e.t.c. Developing The Best Content As explained earlier, Visitors Flow can tell a great deal about the website. Whether or not it is friendly to a new visitor, whether it looks reliable enough to convince the visitor to become a
  • 4. customer e.t.c. Almost all the time, these cases are determined by the content of the website. Some of the general cases are given below: The design of the website is too confusing for a new visitor to be able to make it all the way to the services page. Read More. Study what pages in your website are turning away most users. Try to figure out why is that and then restructure the content to generate a more favorable outcome. See Example Although these metrics are a few of the many used to keep track of the state of websites, they can do a lot for webmasters in adding value to their business with websites. Related Articles:  Facebook hashtags to promote your business online.  A Newbie’s Guide to Promoting Your Business on Social Media  Creative Tips That Will Help You Sell Anything On Social Media! E-book by writeawriting An Ultimate survival guide for Writers, Bloggers, Social Media Mavens, Business Experts and Marketing Guys. Follow Us on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest. and Marketing Guys . Follow us on