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Increase your pinterest fans by pinteresting the smart way


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Check the following link. …

Check the following link.

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  • 1. PINTERESTING YOUR WAY INTO PINTEREST Pinterest as the name suggests, is a place where you get to organize and arrange all the things that are of your interest. It is similar to a pin board on the web where you keep putting your stuff by pinning pictures from different web sources. Thus, Pinterest is basically a social media based online website that uses images which helps to quickly share their common interests with others. This social media site is very easy to use which that explains its growing popularity. Let’s see how this website is used: Creating My Account on Pinterest
  • 2. Log on to the Pinterest website. Firstly, you will be required to make an account, and for that, you need to click the button of ‘Request an Invite’ available on the home page. Then click on the link that the website sends you in order to create the account. They will ask your email address and will email you in order to verify. Pinterest can also be logged in by integrating your Facebook or Twitter accounts easily. They will ask you to create your password for logging on this website. How to Use Pinterest? 1. Before getting started with Pinterest and to make the best out of it let me explain the basic anatomy of the website. It consists of Boards, Categories, Pins and Popular Items. How to Use the Categories On Pinterest? Pinterest provides you with loads of categories, some of which may easily capture your interest. You can click on any category you are interested in. Then you will have to click ‘Follow People’ on those people who seem to have the same interests like you, this feature will help you get to know more people. How to Create a Board, Pin and Post Stuff on Pinterest?
  • 3. When it comes to uploading stuff or pinning your interests, this can be done a couple of ways:  Click on the “Add +” link on the top right of your account after logging in.  The above menu will pop up on you screen giving you the options to add, upload a pin and create a board. For more details Click Here Creating Boards on Pinterest A Pinterest board is similar to a specific folder for your online collections. You can have as many boards as you like on your account. A board helps you to categorize your pins e.g.favorite recipes, learn online languages and herbal remedies. Browsing Pinterest Besides this, they also have a search bar available on the top of your page where you can enter any title you like, and it will show you results with the particular boards that are similar to your searched title. You can take up pictures and stuff from others pinboards and pin it on your own page by the option of ‘repin’ available on the top of the image. You also get to have the option of whether you want to add the image to a particular existing board of yours, or you want to create a new board for that picture. Editing Your Pinterest Profile Pinterest allows you edit your settings whenever you want to. You can edit your notificationsettings, your display picture, your email address, your password, your information – and everything under the option of ‘Edit Profile’.
  • 4. Expand Your Pinterest Network by Inviting Friends Pinterest account can be associated with your Facebook or Twitter account as well, in this way your pinterest information and updates can be shared by you with your friends and followers on Facebook and Twitter respectively. In order to search out or invite your friends on there, you can simply log on to the page where you can choose the particular website from which you want to find out your friends, then allow it to access and a list will appear and where you will be given the option of whom you want to follow. Thus, it is really simple to use, you can explore many new things about your field of interest and can get to interact with people from around the world easily, and allowing you to share more about your interests, because that is what Pinterest is all about!
  • 5. INCREASE YOUR PINTEREST FANS BY PINTERESTING THE SMART WAY Pinterest currently is the 3rd largest social network in the United States, behind Facebook and Twitter. This makes it an attractive platform for businesses and marketers. With its pin-board style of site layout, and a massive collection of images, Pinterest’s appeal towards the female gender in particular cannot be ignored. Tips to Increase Pinterest Followers In this article, we will consider a few tips that will help you stand out in the crowd to attract a lot of new followers. More followers means more activity (shares, repins, comments) on your Pinterest profile which eventually leads to increased sales/leads or generate traffic to your website. TIP # 1: Use Popular Pins to Your Advantage Similar to the “What’s Hot” feature of Google Plus, Pinterest has its own ‘Popular’ feed. In order to feature on the popular feed, your pin needs to have a large amount of likes, comments and re- pins from users. But before that happens, you can always jump in with your Pinterest account and join in the conversation within these popular pins. TIP # 2: Keep Pinnnig! It’s no good if your Pinterest profile is not updated regularly. No matter what type of business you run, Pinterest like any other social network is all about sharing. And that means a lot of content needs to be added from your Pinterest account.
  • 6. TIP # 3: Insert a “Follow Us On Pinterest” Icon/Button On Your Website It’s always a great idea to display your social media icons on your website. It helps you to gradually increase your social media fan base over time. A website with a considerable amount of traffic must always have social media page links displayed on their site layout. Visitors browsing through your website are bound to notice these icons and will join their preferred choice of social network if they think your site is worth following. Pinterest offers a free ‘Widget Builder’ tool that will help you setup a basic Pinterest widget for your website. You have the option to select from 5 different types of widgets. - Pin It Button This button can be placed to allow users Pin posts from your website. - Follow Button Offers a quick way to follow your Pinterest profile from within your website. - Pin Widget This option will allow you to place an individual pin from your Pinterest account. Users on your site will be able to comment/share/re-pin through that widget.
  • 7. - Profile Widget This widget works nicely if you intend to show a small preview of your entire Pinterest profile. This widget will let you show up to a maximum of 30 of your recent pins on your site. - Board Widget Similar to the profile widget, the board widget will let you show upto 30 recent pins from your favorite pin-board. Select a widget by clicking on it to reveal more settings. Click ‘Build It’ to see a preview and confirm your settings. You will be given two options; a basic HTML code and a Javascript for you to embed on your site. TIP # 4: Use The Mention Feature To Engage With Customers In Pinterest, you can mention other Pinterest accounts using the @ symbol. When you mention someone in a comment within a pin, the person is notified and will definitely have a look at check what it’s all about. TIP # 5: Add Other Social Network In Your Pinterest Profile By adding your other social network profiles (Facebook, Twitter), you can try and inter connect your fan base from these social networks. Diversifying your social network fan base is never a bad idea. After all, all of your social networks need to be updated simultaneously and with a similar message. So it’s always a nice thing to have your Pinterest followers join you on Twitter and Facebook.
  • 8. For more details, Click Here! TIP # 6: Connect With Friends from Other Social Networks After you have linked your Pinterest account with your Twitter and Facebook accounts (see Tip # 5 for details), you can use the ‘Find Friends’ feature to locate and follow your friends from these networks. Doing so obviously gives you a much better chance to be followed back because these people are already connected with you on the other networks and will hopefully have no problems joining you on Pinterest as well. TIP # 7: Organize your Pinterest Boards Go have a look at your Pinterest profile page. Which boards stand out the most in your opinion? Is the ordering of the boards according to their popularity? It’s wise to display your best boards on the top, so that when a visitor lands on your profile page, he/she can know exactly what kind of content you publish and what kind of value do you provide.
  • 9. It’s best to keep your most pinned boards on top. Boards with the potential to generate more comments/likes/re-pins should also be up front. TIP # 8: Make Contributions/Accept Contributions A great way to get noticed in a short span of time on Pinterest is to find popular boards and post your pins on them. Try and locate such popular boards using the ‘Popular’ category and establish contact with their owners. If you’re accepted as a contributor, every Pin you post on that board will be seen by its vast (hopefully) amount of followers. A contributor on Pinterest can post pins to any of the allowed boards, even if the board is owned by someone else. TIP # 9: Follow Other Pinners Similar to the Twitter Follow/Follow-Back strategy, you can follow a certain number of people from your account. The best way is to search for your target audience’s interests using the search bar. In the search results, follow both the users who have pinned relevant posts and the users who comment on such posts.
  • 10. TIP # 10: Be Relevant! A quick way to lose your Pinterest followers is when a Pinterest account keeps on posting irrelevant content or even goes down to the level of spamming other people’s news feeds. Your pins must both be quality and fun for your followers. That is why it’s recommended to create multiple boards with each board having its own type of content. As already mentioned, keep your business related boards separate from your casual/fun content boards. This way people landing on your profile page, will know exactly what type of posts to expect when they follow a certain board. HAPPY PINNING! The above mentioned tips are extremely simple to follow on a daily basis and are guaranteed to get you more followers. Do you have any other tips for Pinterest that you would like to share with us? Please let us know in the comments Here! Related Links:  How Can Pinterest Rich Pins Help Your Business  Reason to Join Google Plus Today  Manage Social Media Presence For Your Business Like A Pro