How to write a political press release

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How to write a political press release …

How to write a political press release

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  • 1. How to Write A Political Press Release?
  • 2. How To Write A Political Press Release? Spicing Up A Political Campaign With Political Press Releases In present times, people look up to the Internet for latest news and updates. The new medium of Internet has although, grabbed a large number of audience but when it comes to the dissemination of a political news, then a major chunk of population prefer obtaining news from traditional paper method. Read More Specify Your Audience Specify your target audience, meaning choose the newspapers and other publications which should be covering your political event. If your political event/election/campaign is on a small scale, then it is better to use local newspaper for advertisement whereas if it is on a large scale, then a better option is to contact national newspapers and agencies. Read More Draft A Catchy Title For Political News At the top center of the page, write IMMEDIATE RELEASE and below it, mention a catchy title for your political news. Keep It Simple Write your news in a brief and concise form. Do not cut down or overdo any details. Read More Give The Facts It is really important that you back up your news with facts, figures and statistics so as to assure the readers of its authenticity.
  • 3. While writing a press release, make sure you keep into consideration the five W’s. Read More Mention the Contact Details Correctly Do not forget to provide the accurate contact details of your party’s spokesperson because when the news is published, public opinions are generated which need to be taken care of. Related Articles:  Facebook hashtags to promote your business online.  A Newbie’s Guide to Promoting Your Business on Social Media  Creative Tips That Will Help You Sell Anything On Social Media! E-book by writeawriting An Ultimate survival guide for Writers, Bloggers, Social Media Mavens, Business Experts and Marketing Guys. Follow us on