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Wristbands with various colors
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Wristbands with various colors


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Wristbandconnection offers you various varieties of wristbands from with different colors, best quality in an affordable price.

Wristbandconnection offers you various varieties of wristbands from with different colors, best quality in an affordable price.

Published in: Business
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  • 1. Wristbands With Various Colors
    • I hope you would have remind the presentation which we have presented previously with the different color wristbands .
    • In wristbandconnection we have various color wristbands which is used to promote different causes.
    • Here are the remaining color wristbands from
  • 2. Specialty of Color Wristbands
    • Wristbands are not only used to promote the cause or to spread awareness, it can be also used to raise funds to help the needy. In this presentation we are going to say the importance of the following color wristbands .
    • Orange Wristbands
    • Blue Wristbands
    • Green Wristbands
    • Teal Wristbands
    • Rainbow Wristbands
    • Lavender Wristbands
  • 3. ORANGE Wristbands
    • Orange color promotes hunger awareness. ORANGE Wristbands are used for diverse purposes like leukemia, feral cats, Multiple Sclerosis, Melanoma, self harm etc.
    • Orange wristbands have message "We Care" imprinted on it.
    • Orange rubber bracelets have message "I Will" imprinted on the band. This is done to create general awareness about Multiple Sclerosis disease.
  • 4. BLUE Wristbands
    • BLUE Wristbands are used to support Prevention of child abuse, colon cancer, anti-bullying, prostate cancer, arthritis, animal rights, Tsunami victims, autism and so on.
    • In Blue Wristbands itself there are two types such as Dark Blue and Light Blue Wristbands.
    • Each type is used to support different causes.
  • 5. GREEN Wristbands
    • GREEN Wristbands can be used for various purposes like Bipolar Disorder, Hemochromatosis, Celiac Disease, Lyme disease, Lymphoma, Cerebral Palsy, Organ donation, etc.
    • Green wrist bands are also used to create awareness about nature. Certain inspirational messages like "don't cut trees, grow more trees" can create awareness among people.
  • 6. TEAL Wristbands
    • TEAL Wristbands can be used to raise money for sports clubs, charities, institutes or religious organizations.
    • Teal wristbands are also can be used to support ovarian cancer, sexual assault, gynecological cancer, and anxiety disorder.
    • Wear "The Journey" wristbands to remind yourself of your Journey with anxiety panic disorder.
  • 7. RAINBOW Wristbands
    • RAINBOW Wristbands are used to support peace campaigns, gay marriage and gay pride.
    • Many non-profit organizations raise awareness with the use of wristbands for gay community.
    • Rainbow wristbands are available in various styles like embossed, debossed and printed.
  • 8. LAVENDAR Wristbands
    • LAVENDER Wristbands are used for supporting cancer, epilepsy, hypokalemic periodic paralysis, foster care or foster parents, infantile spasm, and hysterectomy.
    • Lavender Wristbands are made up of semi-organic polymer that is flexible, lightweight, waterproof, stable to heat and cheap.
    • This material makes wristbands very durable and light which lasts for long time.
  • 9. Thank You!!!
    • Really hats off for your patience to watch our presentation.
    • I hope you have come to know about the various causes which the supports.
    • You too can involve yourself in these type of social activities by buying various wristbands from our wristbands store .