Silicone wristbands with a purpose


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Silicone wristbands with a purpose

  1. 1. Silicone Wristbands with a purposeSilicone Wristbands are quite an interesting phenomenon. They have revolutionized the worldof fashion. Though initially these wristbands were introduced as a fashion accessory, but later,they have found different purposes in several other fields and no more are they just anothersimple fashion accessory to be worn. They come in different sizes, shapes, materials andcolorful. In general they are very colorful and therefore make you look quite elegant. However,over the years the elegance has been boosted as people have come up with statements onthem. These statements have been attractive catchy and bold and thus makes quite animpression upon others when you wear them. In general these statements you wear saysomething about your personality.It all started with the famous celebrity Lance Armstrong who wore it in support of cancer andcancer patients. It had a cause meant within. Cancer is a cruel disease and we ought tosympathize with the once who acquire it. Lance Armstrong made a statement by fightingagainst the cancer. Later once he fought it successfully, he went on to grab many more awardsand achievements. This inspires a lot of people suffering from cancer and ever since themovement has been well appreciated and welcomed. During his movement, loads of peopleacross the planet came forward and wore the rubber bracelets contributing for the service.Cricketing and other sports teams also wore them during matches and raised funds for cancerpatients. And lots of cancer patients, thanks to the prayers, have indeed fought successfully andcome out with happiness.So in general ever since, they have been introduced in the market, though they seem simple,they have caught the eyes of many and now they serve several purposes. Army personals wearthe band when they fight a war in support of the war. Countries involved in the battle also wearthem in support of their brave soldiers. Schools and colleges and other universities use thesecustomized wristbands on trips for their students. Thus it stands as a mark of identity and keepcount in case anyone gets lost during the journey. Pubs and discotheques use them to markcustomer’s age. People who are under age to drink are given a specific color to mark them asunderage so as to avoid serving them alcohol. Charitable institutions use them for fund raisingpurposes to whatever the cause might be. Sporting teams them use them during their gamesfor raising funds for victims who suffered a heavy blow due to a natural disaster. They also wearthem sometimes to motivate themselves and play for a purpose and give the game their bestshot at. Business companies use these business wristbands as a promotional product toadvertise and get reputation and earn more customers as well as profits.
  2. 2. In terms of style and material, though predominantly rubber is used, various degrees ofimproved rubber have been used to manufacture them. And according to their quality theprices of these wristbands go higher. The makes are also different in terms of; you have color-core, debossed, embossed, pop-outs, lazer-made, screen-printed, color-filled, customsized etc.