Open innovation: Making the best of collective intelligence in a socialized organization


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Why limit innovation to an in-house project team if you can source it from the global talent pool? Based on success stories from various industries and his own experience, Andrew Filev, CEO at Wrike, analyzes how open innovation can make organizations more competitive. He also observes what drives it in business and what its key benefits are, for instance, in software development.

Andrew Filev originally delivered this presentation at E2 Innovate conference 2012.

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Open innovation: Making the best of collective intelligence in a socialized organization

  1. 1. Open innovation:making the best of collective intelligence in a socialized organization a presentation by Andrew Filev, CEO at Wrike
  2. 2. 1. Intro: what is open innovation?2. What drives open innovation in business3. Key advantages of open innovation4. Lessons learnt in business software space
  3. 3. The term was introduced in 2003by Henry Chesbrough: “…a paradigm that assumes that firms can and should use external ideas as well as internal ideas, as the firms look to advance their technology.”
  4. 4. Innovation process extends by involving employees from other departments and external collaborators
  5. 5. Research Suppliers firms Universities End usersOther industry Independent players professionals
  6. 6. CLOSED INNOVATION OPEN INNOVATIONHire the best dedicated Gather input from outside theprofessionals department and companyResearch held fully in-house External research and feedbackIn-house innovation is the first Find new paths to the marketto get to the marketSpeed of delivering innovation More open business model isto the market is key key to outplaying competition
  7. 7.  Expansion of remote work66% expect afully virtual  Increasing mobility of workersoffice within afew years  Socialization of the enterprise  Globalization of business  Growing market competition
  8. 8.  Multi-language open innovation platform  Includes product development, packaging, commerce, etc.  1,000+ innovation partners – vendors, suppliers, universitiesPulsonic toothbrush - one of thenumerous success stories
  9. 9.  Annual competition for individuals Ideas for innovating customer service, green tech, “out-of- the-box” ideas Open idea pool with 200+ submissions
  10. 10. Gathering more ideas Wider brand recognition (through partners)Plugging into the best Better insight intotalents globally customer needsIncrease cost-efficiency New paths to marketMore feedback, quicker Improving customerloop relations
  11. 11. Innovating together with the customers is key todelivering a “comfort” system they will actually use
  12. 12.  Feature suggestion forums Customer surveys Website feedback forms Private beta testing User-driven localizations API (integrations, add- ons)
  13. 13. Andrew Filev, CEO at Thank you for your attention!