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Transformational Leadership Webinar 010710
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Transformational Leadership Webinar 010710


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Published in: Education, Business

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  • WIIFWhat ideal would you like to hearken to?Today we’re going to ask you to pick one of your own choosing. We’ll use the one you pick as idealized influence. You We’ll use Bass and Riggio’s other three – individualized concern, inspirational motivationJudith’s note was: Evolation (spell out like dictionary pronunciations, then define actually ))) 1) non gradual upward movement 2) flying up or out ***Judith, I didn’t find anything reflecting the first definition!!! I morphed this from your dissertation: The term, “Evolating”, indicates a non-gradual upward movement, flying up or out, the act of flying away.”***
  • Do as a buildI am going to have them vote and measure me against this in coming year—you may not have an environment where you can do that so you may need to confer with select staff
  • Consistent, congruent, visionary, thoughtful, and personal
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  • Transcript

    • 1. Transformational Leadership Focus:
      Jump Start Your Year With More Effective Leadership
      Dr. Bob Wright
      January 7, 2010
    • 2. Ron Riggio defines the characteristics as….
      Charismatic, visionary leaders who transform organizations through empowering followers.
      Leaders who bring out the best in followers and develop them into leaders.
      Leaders who motivate and challenge teams to perform at levels beyond expectations.
      Transformational Leadership Characteristics
    • 3. Honest self assessment is key.
      We all fall short.
      We need to keep working.
      We need to be willing to measure ourselves and fall short.
      Let’s review the four behaviors of Transformational Leaders
      How do you measure up?
    • 4. Idealized Influence - serving as positive role models for followers (“walking the talk”).
      Inspirational Motivation - motivate and inspire followers by providing meaning and challenge.
      Intellectual Stimulation - stimulate followers to be creative/innovative by questioning assumptions, reframing problems, and devising new solutions.
      Individualized Consideration - paying special attention to followers’ needs and concerns; developing followers via mentoring/coaching
      Components of Transformational Leadership
    • 5. Congruent
      Summary of Transformational Leadership Characteristics
    • 6. What do you stand for as a leader?
      Have you articulated your leadership touchstones?
      This will be your idealized influence touchstone for the coming year.
      Idealized Influence
    • 7. Empowerment — my staff need to be believed in
      Inclusion — My staff need to feel full ownership
      Encouragement — They need to know that they have the freedom to act and the acceptance to make mistakes, as well as ongoing acknowledgement and enthusiastic support
      What does my company most need?
    • 8. Reminder: the other three behaviors are…
      • Inspirational motivation: vision
      • 9. Intellectual stimulation: thought-provoking
      • 10. Individualized consideration: personalized
      Your idealized influence touchstone possibilities are:
      • ___________________________
      • 11. ___________________________
      • 12. ___________________________
      • 13. ___________________________
      “Idealized Influence Touchstone”
    • 14. Look at the value or principle you chose to use for the coming year.
      How do you rate yourself now?
      Are you willing to have the staff rate you on a scale of 1-10?
      If so, are you willing to be re-evaluated quarterly?
      It could be a great benefit to all.
      Rating Yourself
    • 15. Inspirational Motivation - motivate and inspire followers by providing meaning and challenge.
      How do you rate yourself?
      • How inspirational are your …
      Interactions with staff?
      Your direct reports with their staff?
      Interactions with clients/customers?
      Assessing Inspirational Motivation
    • 16. Intellectual Stimulation - stimulate followers to be creative/ innovative by questioning assumptions, reframing problems, and devising new solutions.
      How do you rate yourself?
      How stimulating are your …
      Interactions with staff?
      How often do you ask questions? How much creativity and innovation do you expect from your staff?
      Assessing Intellectual Stimulation
    • 17. Individualized Consideration - paying special attention to followers’ needs and concerns; developing followers via mentoring/coaching
      How do you rate yourself?
      How well do you recognize your individual staff strengths and weaknesses? To what extent do you identify individual staff support needs?
      Are all staff clear on the skills they are developing, and are you providing what you need to provide for them to do it?
      Assessing Individualized Consideration
    • 18. 1) Your selection for idealized influence
      2) One of the other three behaviors of Transformational Leaders.
      Mapping Success: 2010 Focus
    • 19. My larger goal
      Whom I told about my larger goal
      Mistaken beliefs challenged
      Rematrixing strategy
      Behavioral limitations/skill deficits
      Emotions muted or arisen
      Implementation Intentions
    • 20. Whom I told about the assignment
      Whom I invited to join me
      Cost assessment
      Benefit analysis
      Review schedule
      Implementation Intentions
    • 21. How many if…then… statements?
      Rate your focus, application, and risk taken in doing the assignment
      Recap risks, results, learns, growth, and feedback
      Implementation Intention Tracking
    • 22. Two-day seminar with Dr. Don Beck, date TBD
      Visit Dr. Bob Wright’s
      Next Steps