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  • 1. Blue Valley High School FBLA 2012-2013
  • 2. 2012-2013 State Officers• David Tauber: Executive Vice President• Heidi Friedrich: District VI Vice President
  • 3. 2012-2013 Officer Positions• President• Vice President• Press Secretary• Secretary• Historian
  • 4. President– Have an agenda and presides over meetings and officer meetings– Oversees both Competition and Community Service aspects of association– Maintains chapter correspondence with local state and national associations.– In charge of membership recruitment– Encourage the promotion of business by each semester – bring in speakers– Represent the chapter at special school events, civic clubs and other out-of-school organizations.– Prepares the ballot for officer elections in the spring.– Oversee BVH FBLA annual community service/fundraiser
  • 5. Vice PresidentCompetition – In charge of Competition aspect of FBLA • Make sure students sign up • Organize and make available study materials • Advise competitors with their choosing and preparing for events – Oversees the application process, collection of cost of cords and distribution of honor cords. – Presides at meetings in the absences of the president – Reports to President
  • 6. Vice PresidentCommunity Service – Organize Concession Sign Up’s – Keep a directory or all fundraising information – Cookie Sales, Nick and Jakes Tickets, etc. – Works with President on BVH FBLA Comm. Service projects
  • 7. Press Secretary• Report to Vice-President• Responsible for publicity and announcements for sign- up deadlines for competitions and membership • Newspaper / Broadcast• Work with VP to create and display signup sheets for district and state competitions.• Create necessary forms to submit to district and state for competitions.• Collect money before deadlines for district or state competitions.• Maintain the "Wall of Winners."• Contact all taking online/home tests
  • 8. Secretary• Membership• Keeps an accurate count and roster of chapter membership.• Creates envelopes for collection of dues• Collects dues for local, state, national chapters• Maintains spreadsheet of members• Enrolls membership in FBLA• Maintains and deposit money from all fundraising activities.• Handles the chapters accounts receivable and accounts payable.• Signs all purchase requisitions for the club• Works with VP and President with BVH FBLA Comm. Service project
  • 9. Secretary• Prepares and reads the minutes of each meeting.• Provides an agenda for each meeting (provided by the president).• Takes attendance at each meeting.• Officer Meetings 1st Tuesday every month• Member Meetings 1st Thursday every month• Prepares correspondence as needed.• Send minutes to the Press Secretary and Presidents to put on Facebook / Website
  • 10. Historian• Files papers and electronic clippings of the chapter activities in the chapter files.• Takes pictures of activities throughout the year.• Prepares a year-end PowerPoint of all activities -- includes pictures and activities.• Post pictures to the BVH FBLA Website and Facebook page• Sends pictures to both the Yearbook and Newspaper• Coordinates video announcements with Press Secretary