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Wrangler Magazine (1st Qtr FY 10)


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The Wrangler Magazine is a digital newsletter for the Soldiers, families, and civilians of the 4th Sustainment Brigade. Each edition is released at the end of each quarter during the fiscal year by …

The Wrangler Magazine is a digital newsletter for the Soldiers, families, and civilians of the 4th Sustainment Brigade. Each edition is released at the end of each quarter during the fiscal year by the Wrangler Public Affairs Office.

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  • 1. 1st Qtr/FY 10 Oct. - Dec. 2009 Table Of Contents The Brigade Throws A Fiesta To Remember 10 Wranglers Host Botswana Forces 11 This Is Daddy 12 Quartermasters Celebrate Family, Fun And Halloween 13 Fear Factor Contestants Overcome Gastronomical Challenges 14 Wranglers Paint Faces For Fall Festival 15 Wranglers Help Save Honey Bee Hive 16 Wranglers Get MADD And Make-A-Difference 17 What Does The USO Do For You? 18-19 The Nerve Center Of The Wrangler Brigade 20 Wolfpack Soldiers Help Tutor Students 21 418th Transportation Company Supports Friendship Day Parade 22 Surprise Redeployment For The Postal Platoon 23 In Service To Our Nation 24 Through Tragedy There Were Heavy Hearts And Swift Action 25 Halloween Party With a Country Touch 26 Wranglers Build A Big Wall To Protect The President 27 Wranglers Forward March Through Dallas 28 Making-A-Difference At Meridith-Dunbar Elementary School 29 Temple Leadership Visit Wrangler Brigade 29 53rd Quartermaster Company Returns From Afghanistan 30 Wrangler Brigade Sponsors Fort Hood Safety Day 31 Wranglers Give Students A Tour Of Army Life 32 Wrangler Families Counted Their Blessings On Thanksgiving 33 Better Opportunities For Single Soldiers 34 Dining Facilities Cheer Soldiers 35 Wolfpack Soldiers Compete For The Commander’s Cup 36-37 664th Ordnance Company Returns In Time For The Holidays 38 Santa’s Workshop Delivers A Wrangler Christmas To Fort Hood Families 39 553rd CSSB Displays A Special Kind Of Teamwork 40 Vets, Wranglers Pay Homage Leading Up To Holiday Season 41 Wolfpack Leaders Get Facials To Raise Funds For Soldiers 42 The Wrangler Holiday Ball Celebrates The Season In Style 43-44 602nd Maintenance Company Changes Command 45 Santa Claus Delivered Soldiers Home For Christmas 46 Page 2
  • 2. 1st Qtr/FY 10 Oct. - Dec. 2009 Brigade Commander’s Corner who wear the 4th Sustainment Brigade Our Soldiers and their Families are patch, we are also members of another all in some phase of the deployment kind of Family – the Wrangler Family. cycle: preparing for deployment, These men and women, who we serve deployed, or resetting for the next alongside every day, are our brothers and rotation. No one is exempt from this, not sisters in arms. They are the leaders and the brigade commander or the youngest subordinates who make our formation private. great. I want to re-emphasize the importance As leaders, we take many of making quality time with family your precautions to ensure that the needs highest priority. Time is precious and of our Soldiers are met. We try hard given the nature of our responsibilities to balance the need for training and being able to spend that time with loved deployments with the absolute necessity ones is priceless. Your sacrifices, and 4th Sustainment Brigade of recovery, relaxation, and rejuvenation. those of your Family, epitomize the true Commander Col. Ron Kirklin We have been at war for more than eight spirit of selfless service. years and it has taken its toll. Team Wranglers – I am extremely A new year is upon us with new proud of our great Soldiers, civilians, Each of us need to stay attuned to challenges and I know that we will and our Families. I am equally proud the people around us and likewise seek meet these challenges head on. I feel of the work we have done to fulfill our help for yourself if need be. If you or a strong sense of comfort and pride in commitment to the 4th Sustainment someone you love feels alone, neglected, the knowledge that the 4th Sustainment Brigade and Fort Hood. Your dedication depressed, or despondent, know that Brigade will endure and thrive in 2010, to the Wrangler mission is exceptional there is help for you here in the Wrangler and I firmly believe that it will be a much and uncompromising, and I am humbled Family, and across Fort Hood. better year for our brigade family. to serve you as the brigade commander. Remember to take a few moments Thank you for all you do each and My wife Phyllis and I know that from time to time to step back from every day and for your ongoing commitment our Families are very often our greatest the daily grind. I encourage you to find to each other and the Wrangler team. source of comfort and strength. They something that allows you to safely Wrangler 6. keep us connected to our hometowns, our disconnect from our intensely busy Army friends, and our relatives. For those of us life to refresh yourself. Just Get It Done! “The Wrangler” is authorized for publication by the 4th Sustainment Brigade for any interested personnel. The contents of “The Wrangler” are unofficial and are not to be considered the official views of, or endorsed by, the U.S. Government, including the Department of Defense, U.S. Army, III Corps, or Fort Hood. “The Wrangler” is an Army-funded publication in accordance with Army Regulation 360-1. “The Wrangler” is published quarterly by the 4th Sustainment Brigade Public Affairs Office. The brigade Public Affairs Office is located in room 106D at building 39044, Fort Hood, Texas, 76544. Brigade Commander Brigade Sergeant Major Col. Ron Kirklin Command Sgt. Maj. Erik R. R. Frey Chief of Public Affairs Multimedia NCO / Layout & Graphics Sgt. 1st. Class Erick Ritterby Sgt. Angiene L. Myers Public Affairs Specialist Public Affairs Broadcast Specialist Pvt. Amy M. Lane Pfc. Sean McGuire Page 3
  • 3. 1st Qtr/FY 10 Oct. - Dec. 2009 Brigade Sergeant Major’s Corner of commitment that you show on a daily Always remember that an engaged basis as we face the challenging mission leader never walks past a problem. of supporting all of the units here at Fort Your Soldiers must believe that you are Hood. It is a huge task and I am dedicated to looking out for them and that you are ensuring that we stay focused on our most truly concerned about their welfare. precious resource – taking care of Soldiers As their leader, you need to earn your and their Families. Soldier’s trust. The 4th Sustainment Brigade The Wrangler Brigade is successful prides itself on its leaders, especially its because we empower our Soldiers to noncommissioned officers. Our Wrangler make the right decisions, and make NCOs set the example for all leaders on post no mistake about it, the rest of the because they engage their Soldiers all the installation looks to us to know what 4th Sustainment Brigade way down to the lowest level. That is how right looks like. Command Sergeant Major Command Sgt. Maj. Erik R. R. Frey we take care of the needs of Soldiers and their Families. As we begin the next chapter for I am still honored and indeed privileged the 4th Sustainment Brigade, I ask that to serve as your Command Sergeant Major. Engaged leadership helps us identify you all stay focused on what makes our I will continue to work hard to improve those Soldiers who may be on a path to unit the greatest on Fort Hood. If we the quality of life for the Soldiers, Family making poor decisions. If you are a first-line continue to do that, then we will fulfill members, and civilians who make up the supervisor, you should know your Soldiers our obligation to serve and protect this Wrangler team. better than anyone. If you’re engaged with great nation. your Soldiers, you will be the first to notice I am extremely impressed with the level if something is wrong. Wranglers Lead The Way! WWW.HOOD.ARMY.MIL/4SUS Page 4
  • 4. 1st Qtr/FY 10 Oct. - Dec. 2009 The Next Chapter in Our History point. We are improving our processes as intervention and mentorship from our well. I have seen drastic improvements leaders, as well as the implementation of in day-to-day administrative operations various suicide training and awareness- within each of our staff sections as building programs we’ve managed to they strive to build and improve their mitigate a lot of the risks caused by systems and become more organized. war - both physical and mental, but this This was initially a struggle for us having continues to require a lot of diligence and restructured ourselves after a 15-month patience from all of us. We have reduced long deployment. The flexibility and the stigma associated with seeking help patience I’ve seen within each staff office and fostered an environment where as everyone learns to work with one Soldiers can seek the care they deserve. another in regular and systematic ways leads me to say that we are definitely on Our transition now is from resource- the right path. building and strengthening to developing the individual, squad, platoon and company Having successfully completed a competencies through aggressive training. 4th Brigade Troops Battalion reset phase in which we fielded new Each of our companies are conducting Commander Lt. Col. John J. Hickey III equipment, rotated forces to not only training events that are focused on meeting best suit our requirements but to meet requirements established by their Mission To the Soldiers, Families, and the needs of the Soldier, and having Essential Task List (METL) and on the civilian staff of the 4th Brigade Troops sent many of you to various schools Training, Tactics, and Procedures (TTPs) Battalion: and training venues to broaden your relevant to today’s unique operational leadership skills and technical ability, environment. We are also planning for This letter is a bit longer than each of you should be proud of what you major collective training events such previous ones, since I feel you deserve have done. I can assure you that I am. as Convoy Live Fire and an FTX. Our a detailed description of where I believe We’ve had our challenges along the way reflexive fire training was the next step we stand during this new year and where too, and no great endeavor is without in our progressive training plan to train we are going. As the commander of a a fight. We’ve had to take a close look advanced skills – not just individual but 1,247 Soldier strong Troops Battalion at how we take care of our returning managing and executing all types of Soldiers with emotional wounds. With See BTB Page 6 support throughout Fort Hood, I have been upfront with my commanders, senior noncommissioned officers, and staff about where I believe our strengths are and what areas we can improve. This is to share some of that with all Soldiers directly. Right now we are facing a unique situation that is both complex and full of opportunity. We are a sustainment force in a time where logistics is more important than ever. Our fight is absolutely full-spectrum and we have to be prepared. I believe we all recognize this and have been putting 110% in planning and executing creative and relevant training. This is our strong Page 5
  • 5. 1st Qtr/FY 10 Oct. - Dec. 2009 BTB Continued from page 5 more collective training as well. We will continue to build on our After Action Reviews and Lessons Learned to develop and deploy the best training possible. Our primary goal here is to become immediately available for deployment and mission assignment when our time comes. We have to continue to keep a relentless pace here, whether in the field or in the offices. If the heat feels excruciating or the rain is pouring, we keep on training with the spirit and motivation of true warriors. Why should we not relent? I’ll tell you why, when all is said and done, we have to look at ourselves and ask the hard questions. The battle grounds today are more unpredictable than ever. Whether you are gratitude for all you do. I see the hard job. I know as dedicated members of the transporting supplies, managing postal work our Family Readiness Group (FRG) Wolfpack and Wrangler team you can operations, conducting airdrop missions, leaders put into programs and services for appreciate when I say that we still have a or providing communications or building a strong and supportive network lot of hard work ahead of us, and yet we’ve maintenance support, our response on the at home and for supporting loved ones done so much. Our goal is to become fully ground will reflect our own capabilities when deployed. I will do my best to keep capable to execute worldwide any task that to successfully execute a modern-day our Families informed on the status of we are given at full-speed. support and sustainment mission. upcoming deployments, but I also ask for your continued flexibility in the process. To all of the Soldiers of the Brigade As we close a chapter together we For as you know, there is no deployment Troops Battalion, once again I want to enter a new one. We are presented with new timeline that is set in stone. thank you for what each of you brings opportunities for growth and development, to the table. It remains a great honor for and to really make a difference like many of To my Leaders, continue to lead from me to serve with you. Let’s keep going you already have. the front and by example first. Let’s make strong, this year even better than the last. To the Families, we owe boundless Bottom-line for all of you, great “Wolfpack!” Page 6
  • 6. 1st Qtr/FY 10 Oct. - Dec. 2009 To All My Wolfpack Leaders And Troops for this year, and on a daily basis I see what I also want to make sure that you are doing. I recognize the tremendous everyone understands that your leaders sacrifice you have all made in trying to are there to support you, and you need get things kicked off, such as our reflexive to support yourself too. If you have fire training, ranges, and various battalion questions or feel you need training in an events, to build our overall Espirit de Corps. area, it is your responsibility to go get it. Because each one of my noncommissioned “Just get it done,” as our brigade motto officers plays a unique role in this battalion, says. We have a big year ahead of us. you may not always get the recognition Keep up a culture where your best hard you deserve. Drive on and stay motivated work is expected and where the difficult anyway. Someday you’ll look back at the but right path is always preferred over things you’ve accomplished and you’ll be the easy wrong. Finally, complaining is proud of yourself. That’s what you should just not accepted. Our battalion depends strive for, to do right by your Soldiers all the too much on us to get things done and time, even when others aren’t looking. I feel we simply don’t have time to complain. confident in the leaders we’ve emplaced to Try to see the bright side of things, and if 4th Brigade Troops Battalion execute our demanding tasks and missions. there is a real problem then your chain of Command Sergeant Major Command Sgt. Maj. Paul Coleman I also like the no nonsense approach many command will help you get things sorted of you take within your Platoons in getting out. Stay focused, and stay motivated. I just wanted to take the opportunity things done, from Soldier readiness to PT to let every single one of my leaders know tests. These things may seem small now but Good job on a great quarter, and let’s that I’m proud of you, each and every one as we gear up for another deployment you’ll just make 2010 even better. of you. We are real busy right now trying to be glad to have gotten these things out the implement an aggressive training strategy way. “Wolfpack!” DID YOU GET YOUR DEPLOYMENT DVD? COME TO THE PUBLIC AFFAIRS OFFICE AND GET YOUR COPY BUILDING 39044, RM 106D DVD includes: Wrangler Yearbook, Wrangler Newsletters, and all Wrangler Videos Page 7
  • 7. 1st Qtr/FY 10 Oct. - Dec. 2009 Greetings From Leopard World! work. The field training exercises will on our Army Family ties by establishing be conducted locally on the Fort Hood new friendship and life-long bonds. training areas. The remaining companies in reset will continue to focus on training, Please remember that this command personnel readiness (physical, mental, and supports the Soldiers and their Families. spiritual conditioning), and equipment. If you are having trouble or difficulty with a person, an organization, or an agency If you want to know the specifics for within our military community please seek your Soldier’s company training dates, our assistance in resolving your issues. please contact your Family Readiness Fort Hood has many great people and Group Leader. They will have dates and organizations to help you. You might be the specifics as it relates to each of our surprised by the support you will receive; ten companies. Training schedules are most times the key leadership is unaware also available for your planning, and you of your problems. So please give us the can view them at your company orderly opportunity to help our Army Family. It’s room or online at AKO. It is my goal that an honor to lead the finest Soldiers in the we give you and your family as much U.S. Army. “Look Smart - BE SMART!” 533rd Combat Sustainment Support Battalion Commander predictability as possible. Lt. Col Matt G. Melvin I sincerely hope you have fully We have some great opportunities recovered from the holiday season. 2010 for fun within the battalion. We are looks to be an even more exciting year sponsoring a ski trip this spring. Our goal for our battalion. We have grown in size is to provide an affordable trip, with great to nearly 2,000 Soldiers – ten companies value, to our Soldiers and Families. If strong. We are even larger when we you love to cook then please enter into include our Family members. Our our Iron Chef competition, and compete Soldiers continue to exceed standards to win some terrific prizes. The grand and perform their mission requirements prize is a weekend stay at the historic with the professionalism of superior Driskell hotel in Austin, Texas. We are Soldiers. I am extremely proud of our always looking for new ideas and new Soldiers and the important work they do places to share within the Leopard Family. every day. Our Soldiers are successful Please share your ideas through your FRG because of the support of our Families leadership or company. We want to build and the sacrifices that they make each day. Thank you so much. You and your Family are such an important part of this outstanding organization. Please continue to be involved; we need your help. Units who have completed reset will begin to conduct more training in the field environment in the next several months. Those units will be working on command and control, convoy operations, and defensive operations. Our Soldiers deserve the best training that we can provide, and that is my intent for every Soldier. We have to be prepared for any environment, and that takes a lot of hard Page 8
  • 8. 1st Qtr/FY 10 Oct. - Dec. 2009 Hello Family And Friends Of The Leopard Battalion places throughout the Army. For those who You constantly demonstrate aren’t staying here don’t let yourselves professionalism; knowledge in the become complacent. Stay on top of your profession of arms; innovation in Soldier skills and stay sharp at your job. resolving complex issues; persistence You will be called upon to help when in conquering challenges; but most the Nations calls for the mighty Leopard importantly you have embraced the Battalion to deploy in harm’s way. warrior spirit to win! The Soldiers in our battalion, along with our Families and To say that I am proud to be part of friends make up an amazing team. God your success here is an understatement, bless you! but I expect to see the same quality of work in 2010 as I did in the previous “Ask We Do” months. Knowing what you are capable of doing as Soldiers, I have faith that you will all succeed when you work your hardest. We have made many 533rd Combat Sustainment Support Battalion accomplishments over the past three Command Sergeant Major months, and will make many more in the Command Sgt. Maj. Edaward C. Morris months ahead. We will continue to stay I wanted to pass on a couple of notes very busy maintaining our equipment and on how the battalion is doing and tell supporting daily training requirements. you how proud I am of every Soldier. We The bottom line up front is that Leopard find ourselves quite busy these days. The Soldiers are doing an excellent job highlight of our schedule right now is conducting their daily mission and convoy live-fire exercises and battle drills supporting the Wrangler Brigade. NCOs that will get our Soldiers ready for future and Soldiers will continue to train for a deployments. Even with a demanding possible rotation to the National Training mission, we continue to provide the Center at Fort Irwin, Calif. We can’t lose Wrangler Brigade with the best food, fuel, focus on our future missions. ammunition, supplies and maintenance support that the Army has to offer. I would like to take a moment to talk about safety. It’s important that every Soldier understands why it is important to stress safety. Don’t be your own worst enemy by being careless and endangering yourself or your fellow Soldiers. Continue to conduct risk assessments before every mission. That being said, now we have to focus on the battalion’s future. Some people are retiring, others are nearing the end of their contracts, and some are moving to other Page 9
  • 9. 1st Qtr/FY 10 Oct. - Dec. 2009 The Brigade Throws a FiesTa To rememBer Article by Sgt. John Ortiz Public Affairs NCO performance was Dan Walker said, “It was a very good special because performance. It was great that people came it was the first out and learned a little bit more than what time performing they knew before.” in front of the military,” said Walker, who married into the Gomez. Hispanic culture said, “One of the biggest things people need to understand For fellow is that there are a lot of different cultures dancer Tyaisa other than from Mexico. From Puerto Williams, who Rico to Nicaragua, people from all the joined at the different countries come together and request of her make up the Hispanic culture.” best friend Elisa, A brightly-colored papier-mache covering a cardboard shape known as a pinata hangs performing “But really it was a great that from a tree near the Freedman Dining Facility during the 4th Sustainmnet Brigade is something the [brigade] command came out and Hispanic Heritage Month observation. The pinata originates from Mexico and is a significant tradition for different celebrations and special occasions. she just does. sponsored the event, although everyone As a Creole wears the same uniform, it is really the FORT HOOD, Texas –With swirls of descendent, Williams loves everything differences in the people behind the colorful dresses descended from the inner Hispanic, “My family likes the food and Army Combat uniform and the U.S. states of Mexico, the 4th Sustainment culture, and performing is another way to Army nametape that makes the Army Brigade ushered in the sights, sounds, and get to know and understand the traditions great as a whole,” said Walker. smells of the Hispanic culture for more than and the customs behind the 100 individuals at the Wrangler Freeman Hispanic culture.” Dining Facility. Sgt. 1st Class Livier Lazaro, Hispanic American Heritage Month, who was the narrator for the established in 1989, was set aside to performance, loves describing her acknowledge and celebrate the diverse background and her culture. Hispanic cultures of American society. “I love it when I perform For five dancers of a local ballet and show off our dresses and folklrico group, the opportunity to perform I absolutely love teaching the traditional dances from the Mexican cities audience little tidbits; about of Vera Cruz, Chiapas, and Jalisco in the history and meanings of front of a military crowd was a different the different songs and dresses experience. to the beat of the song and the background,” said Lazaro. “Performing was fun and really great because it is a part of my culture,” said Elisa “It was exciting to perform Gomez, who has been performing for the for Soldiers,” she said. “It was a last 10 years. privilege to even be asked, since we have never done this for a military “Through our group, we have crowd.” performed throughout central Texas, and Dressed in festive costumes two young dancer performed for the Soldiers of the 4th Sustainment Brigade during the Hispanic they are all different experiences. But this Audience member Maj. Heritage Month observation celebration. Page 10
  • 10. 1st Qtr/FY 10 Oct. - Dec. 2009 Wranglers host Botswana forces By Sgt. John Ortiz Public Affairs NCO FORT HOOD, Texas –Col. Ronald the Botswana service members. Ideas that were shared included secure mail delivery Kirklin and Command Sgt. Maj. Erik R.R. to Army post offices, the new eagle cash card, logistical support for units, and the Frey, the 4th Sustainment Brigade, 13th “Backbone of the Army” . Sustainment Command (Expeditionary), commander and command sergeant major, along with members of the brigade hosted the deputy commander of the Botswana Defense Force, Maj. Gen. Otisitswe B. Tiroyamodimo and several aides met Monday for a logistical briefing at the Wrangler Brigade headquarters. During the presentation, officers of the brigade gave an overview of the Wrangler mission on Fort Hood, along with several lessons learned throughout the unit’s 15-month deployment in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom as the first sustainment brigade charged with a theater-support role. Throughout the presentation, ideas and questions were bounced off the Wranglers in order to improve the quality of life for Page 11
  • 11. 1st Qtr/FY 10 Oct. - Dec. 2009 ‘This is daddy’ Article By Amanda Kim Stairrett Killeen Daily Herald FORT HOOD, Texas – His wife and The deployment was scary at first, away. She hung photos above his crib son. Mexican food. The Dallas Cowboys. Lopez said while riding a bus from and told him: "This is your dad." Green grass. Seeing the sky. Spc. Robert Gray Army Airfield to Kieschnick Jonathan Lopez missed a lot of things Physical Fitness Center. He didn't get Lopez would call home after long while he was in Iraq. used to it, but he did get more familiar missions to talk to Beatrice and she with roads he navigated almost every day would put Jonathan on the phone. He got them back Thursday. as an "88 Mike" – an Army truck driver. She told her husband that their son recognized his voice. Lopez returned to Fort Hood with Lopez, an El Paso native, graduated about 300 from the 13th Sustainment early and started out life after high The first-time father was frustrated Command's 96th Transportation school as a computer engineering student that his job kept him from experiencing Company and 81st and 151st Movement at the University of Texas at El Paso. many important firsts with his family: Control Teams. Soldiers from the 81st School was easy, though, and after two first birthday, first steps, first high-five were welcomed at a morning ceremony, semesters he wanted a challenge. Lopez after a Dallas Cowboys touchdown. while the rest arrived later that afternoon. joined the Texas National Guard. Beatrice recorded short videos of Fifteen Jonathan and sent them to her husband. months It may have only been five seconds of later he video, "but it was the best five seconds of switched to the day," Lopez said. active duty and, from He was nervous to see his family as influence the bus that carried him and his fellow from his soldiers to the gym crossed from West Fort stepfather, Hood to main post. He was worried that who is an maybe his little boy wouldn't recognize 88 Mike him. in the National "My heart's already pounding right Guard, now just thinking about it," Lopez said. Lopez became Once the soldiers arrived, nervousness Spc. Jonathan Lopez, 96th Transportation Company, 553rd Combat Sustainment a truck made way for excitement as they formed Support Battalion, hold his son, Jonathan Nicolas Lopez, while reuniting with him and driver. up and ran into the gym, which was packed his wife, Betrice Lopez, at a homecoming ceremony at Kieschnick Physical Fitness Center. with screaming soldiers, family members Lopez and other loved ones. The 96th Transportation Company deployed from Fort Hood a year ago, just deployed to Iraq in early October 2008 – its a month after his son, Jonathan Nicolas, Lopez didn't see the neon, handmade sixth tour to Iraq since 2003. The company's was born. He went home for leave in signs his grandmother and little sister tours last anywhere from six to 12 months. March to El Paso and saw his son for the waved. His first glimpse of his family came Its previous deployment was nine months, second time. By the time Lopez returned as Beatrice maneuvered through the mass of while the current one lasted 12. Thursday, Jonathan was a high-five people toward him. slapping, walking 1-year-old. The 96th is a combat heavy equipment Lopez immediately took his son in his transport, or HET, company, meaning the Beatrice, Lopez's high school arms and quietly spoke to him, running his soldiers haul the biggest equipment in the sweetheart and wife of two years, made fingers along his little face. Beatrice pointed Army like M1A1 Abrams tanks that can sure little Jonathan knew who his daddy at her husband and told her son: "This is weigh more than 60 tons each. was even though he was 7,000 miles your dad. This is daddy." Page 12
  • 12. 1st Qtr/FY 10 Oct. - Dec. 2009 Quartermasters Celebrate Family, Fun, and Halloween Article by Pfc. Sean McGuire Public Affairs Broadcast Specialist FORT HOOD, Texas – With Halloween just around the corner, the 157th Quartermaster Company, 4th Sustainment Brigade invited its Soldiers and their families to a night of costumes, fun, and games. Members of the company transformed their company area into a jungle of fun which featured stations for creating cupcakes, temporary tattoos, egg races, fishing and bean-bag tosses; all with prizes for the winners. Through everything set up by the 157th Company Commander and Family Readiness Group, everyone came out of Madeline Johnston, the daughter of Capt. Jason Johnton recieves a temporary lizard tattoo on her hand the the event with smiles on their faces and 157th Quartermaster Company’s Halloween Fest. candy in their pockets. company’s Halloween Fest was a first. Family Readiness Group member Langley Crawford said the FRG along “We had a great turnout for the Davis, who attended the event with with her husband, James, set up the event,” said Capt. Jason Johnston, the his wife and seven-month old daughter, event, hanging up black sheets to add the company commander. “At one point I said the event was great. “I love being scary effect, the fog machine, hay and counted over 20 children at the different able to spend time with my family and everything else that brought the visuals stations playing games.” having them come out and experience of Halloween out. this event was awesome.” “From a father’s perspective I wanted to make the event more “I've had about fun than candy,” a good amount said Johnston. “As a of positive commander I wanted to feedback from do something that would the Soldiers. strengthen our FRG I think it's program, and having fun important for and interacting with one them to see another is the best way the company to do that.” give back to the families of Joining in on the Soldiers,” said fun was Pfc. Chris Johnston. “My Davis, a laundry family enjoyed and clothing repair the event, they specialist assigned to always like the company, whose doing things at Pfc. Chris Davis stands with his wife Jessica and their seven-month old daughter Faye During the 157th participation in the Quartermaster Company’s Halloween Fest after finishing stations to win candy. daddy’s work.” Page 13
  • 13. 1st Qtr/FY 10 Oct. - Dec. 2009 Fear Factor Contestants Overcome Gastronomical Challenges Article by Michael Heckman Sentinel Staff FORT HOOD, Texas – What would down the soup without losing it. Headquarters Company, 4th Brigade Troops you eat and is there anything you wouldn’t Battalion, was declared the overall winner do for $500? What about $300 or $200? At the far end of the course, they and won $500. reversed direction and crab-walked 50 yards The menu for about 30 contestants before turning around and combat-rolling “I won the $500 but walked away brave enough to enter the Fort Hood to the finish line: all while being shot at by with a little bit less of my pride,” BOSS Program’s “Fear Factor” contest Book said. He slurped down the worm grinning, gleeful paint ball triggermen. held Friday at Patton’s Inn included combination in 68 seconds and did well in night crawlers, crickets and a hot, If the (raw) egg broke, in addition to the other events. spicy jalapeno and habanero soup the yucky mouthful, the contestant was Despite Harmon’s warning, Book said, BOSS president Kelli Harmon warned eliminated. “The money was more on my mind than the contestants “... will have you in the A similar version of the challenge whole ulcer thing. bathroom for a week.” “Bobbing for random Another disclaimer she insects and the mystery meat at issued suggested contestants the bottom of the ice chest ... should thoroughly chew I had to stop; I got a massive the short, crunchy worms headache,” he added. He sucked partnered with night up and spat out eight random crawlers for consumption in objects. another challenge. “I’m taking a couple of “If you don’t chew buddies out to party and the them they could eat a hole rest of the money goes to my in your stomach,” she said. car,” he said of plans for the The nightcrawlers weren’t compensation for indignities the Canadian variety, which suffered. can reach up to 14 inches A judge verifies that a contestant has swallowed all of the nightcrawlers and other worms long fully extended. The he put into his mouth. The contest winner, Pfc. Christopher Book, 4th Brigade Troops Second-place winner Spc. ones contestants chewed to Battalion ate a cup-full in 68 seconds. Casey Bell, a wheel mechanic varying degrees measured required contestants to run the gauntlet with for the 565th Quartermaster Company, about six inches. a cricket in their mouths. If the cricket was 553rd Combat Sustainment Support dead when its carrier crossed the finish line, Battalion took home the promise of $300 for Overall, the lumps to be swallowed he or she was eliminated. his “cast iron stomach.” were considerable. Before the challenges began, BOSS vice president Gary Many of the crickets failed to survive He said he entered the contest for three McClendon said his crew had assembled the course. reasons: “One, I didn’t have anything else about eight pounds each of night crawlers going on today and; two, I’ll pretty much and crickets. During one of the final challenges, do anything for money; and three, it sounds contestants had to submerge their heads like fun.” Each event is timed, so it’s (results are) in ice chests or buckets filled with ice and based on your time and the amount of each freezing water containing crickets, worms He said the only things he would rather product consumed,” McClendon chuckled. and other unidentifiable objects. The “catch” not eat include animal genitalia and live was spat into an adjacent tray to be counted spiders. In one event, contestants had to by judges. swallow about a fourth of a cup of spicy Of pre-event preparations, he added, “soup” before putting an egg in their mouths After the last challenge ended, Pfc. “I didn’t take any Pepto-Bismol or and running about 100 yards. Many didn’t Christopher Book, Headquarters and anything else.” Page 14
  • 14. 1st Qtr/FY 10 Oct. - Dec. 2009 Wranglers Paint Faces For Fall Festival Article by Pfc. Sean McGuire Public Affairs Broadcast Specialist FORT HOOD, Texas – With a couple of humvees and simple supplies, the 49th Transportation Battalion Rear- Detachment along with two Movement Control teams, the 80th and 259th, created its own fun for students at Meridith-Dunbar Elementary School. The school’s Fall Festival showcased various activities like jumping balloons, hot dogs, and even horseback riding. The Soldiers present from the 4th Sustainment Brigade moved to create a backdrop station, complete with humvees, outside in the parking lot to paint camouflage faces and teach participating students how to use a radio Capt. Monique Whyte, the 49th Transportation Battalion Rear-Detachment Commander, Paints the face of 6th using a mock radio setup. grader Xavier Howard during the Meridith-Dunbar Elementary School’s Fall Festival. After the student’s fun was complete, saying, “Last year it was they left with goody bags filled with almost shutdown due to Army One Source items and candy, and low test scores.” with the effort of Soldiers - a view of what the Army is really about. Changes came making the school “Our mission was to show what the an elementary school Army has to offer through training in housing pre-kindergarten the field, radio communications, and through 3rd grade riding in a humvee,” said Capt. Monique classes, along with Whyte, the 49th Transportation Battalion bringing in new people Rear-Detachment Commander, who led like Instructional Coach the charge for her unit’s participation in Susan Riley who works the festival. alongside its teachers. Whyte said the Temple school “We try to do is their adopted school and every things for the kids every Wednesday Soldiers come to read to the month, something they students and assist in school activities. and their families can have fun with here. “The school goes way back, 40 or 50 This time it’s the fall years ago. It first was a high school and festival,” said Riley Staff Sgt. Larry Garcia, a member of the 80th Movement Control Team, then went to a middle school,” Whyte about the school’s puts the finishing touches to pink flowers on the cheek of five-year Aaniyha Holmes during the Meridith-Dunbar Elementary School’s Fall said of the school’s history. She went on efforts for the event. Festival. Page 15
  • 15. 1st Qtr/FY 10 Oct. - Dec. 2009 Wranglers Help Save Honey Bee Hive Article Capt. Ariana Roscoe 4th Brigade Troops Battalion FORT HOOD, Texas – Four Soldiers Soldiers and the assigned to the Brigade Troops Battalion, volunteer beekeepers 4th Sustainment Brigade were given the three hours, with ‘Outstanding Commitment to a Job’ Team Soldiers first lifting the award on Oct. 23 for assisting in the safe conex with the attached extraction of a eight-foot wide bee hive bee hive using a Kalmar underneath a storage container at the Rough Terrain vehicle Department of Public Works recycle yard designed to lift large containing thousands of live honeybees containers and gently that had produced more than 40 lbs of stacked it on top of two fresh honey. other conexes so the bottom of the conex and The Soldiers were nominated bee hive was exposed Workers with the Fort Hood Department of Public Works and the 4th Sustainment Brigade work to carefully extract a eight-foot wide bee hive for the award by Anne Hamilton, an for safe removal. underneath a storage container at the Department of Public Works recycle yard entomologist for the national resources containing thousands of live honeybees that had produced more than 40 lbs of fresh honet department within the Fort Hood The volunteer Department of Public Works. beekeepers and DPW Entomologist donned preventive medicine physician with Carl bee suits, removed the honey-loaded bee R. Darnall Army Medical Center and “Honeybees are on the decline comb and then gently swept all of the bees local rancher Jerry Massar helped remove in most areas of the country,” said into a commercial hive box. the hive. Saving the honeybees Mrs. Hamilton requested for the that occasionally build Hood Hero award recipients who helped their hives underneath remove the bee hive for Staff Sgt. storage containers on Demetrius Edwards, Sgt. Jarvez Wilkes, post have become an Sgt. Cory Akridge and Spc. Mazeveylnn important undertaking to Edwards Soldier’s citation to read in personnel at the Natural part: “The Soldiers demonstrated calm Recourses Division in professionalism and skilled handling of DPW, particularly because the equipment and performed duty under honeybee populations across extraordinary circumstances.” the United States Two workers with the Fort Hood Department of Public Works carefully transplants a piece of the bee hive into containers to are declining, as transplant their hives to a safer location much as 70 percent Hamilton. “But here on Fort Hood we in some areas, have a unique environment for bees, because of what biologists though they clash with missions, if they have termed Colony Collapse are in a public place we have to either Disorder, in which the worker kill them or remove them. Sometimes bees abandon their colonies for removal, unfortunately, is not possible.” unknown reasons. Luckily in this case, removal was Hamilton also attributed possible. the success of the removal to An eight-foot wide bee hive containing thousands of live bee conservation volunteers, honeybees set up operations underneath a storage container at the Department of Public Works recycle yard that had The removal process took the thanking Dr. Art Baker, a produced more than 40 lbs of fresh honet Page 16
  • 16. 1st Qtr/FY 10 Oct. - Dec. 2009 Wranglers get MaDD anD Make-a-Difference Article by Sgt. Angiene Myers Multimedia NCO KILLEEN, Texas – Wranglers conditions, repaint assigned to the 157th Quartermaster the ones that loss Company, 4th Sustainment Brigade their color, and supported the national Make-A- place flowers in Difference Day by adopting the Killeen memory of the Mothers-Against Drunk Driving individuals who organization. lost their lives to drunk driving. MADD, a 90 percent volunteer driven organization was founded in 1980 Katarina and has a three-part mission: stop drunk Martinez, an driving, serve victims of drunk driving, administrative and prevent underage driving. assistant with MADD was very As a part of the Make-a-Difference pleased to see Day, Soldiers stopped by several memorial Soldiers taking sites along roads to replace crosses time out of their Soldiers with the 157th QM Co., 4th Sust. Bde., repaint a cross signifying a life that have been damaged by weather weekend to come lost due to drunck driving. The roadside cross had been damaged by weather. out and offer support to the Combat Service Support Battalion. organization. Gooding talked to her company “I was really excited commander, Capt. John Johnston about when I saw they adopted my getting involved with the national day program. I’ve only lived in of giving back to the community, and he Killeen for two years and it’s gave her a full list of organization that nice to see Soldiers want to needed support. MADD was on the list work within the community,” of organizations and they haven’t been said Martinez. adopted by a unit on post. “Unfortunately I see a lot “I like to help people, it’s just of private’s that come to my my nature. I guess it’s because I’m a Alcohol Awareness Education Christmas baby. I like to give, give, and for Minors so I think it awesome give,” said Gooding. to see Soldiers come out and be a part of stopping drunk “I have my 13-year old with me. driving and preventing underage I like to teach her the value of giving drinking,” she continued. because it doesn’t just look good but it makes you feel good too,” she said. At the forefront of the unit’s Make-A- Difference “It feels good knowing that you help Day was Spc. Maria Gooding, somebody in the time that you have here on a native of Barbados currently earth,” said Gooding. “If you didn’t make Soldiers with the 157th Quartermaster Company replace an assigned to the 157th a difference in somebody’s life, you didn’t old cross with a new one at a memorial site set up by Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD). Quartermaster Company, 553rd have a purpose” Page 17
  • 17. 1st Qtr/FY 10 Oct. - Dec. 2009 What Does The USO Do For You? Article Capt. Ariana Roscoe 4th Brigade Troops Battalion FORT HOOD, Texas – How many Soldiers are often involved in USO at the Houston Airport entered my mind; of us can claim to know what the USO operations but the organization is run and so naturally, my own assuredness in stands for, its core missions, and what solely by retired military and purebred the validity of my benevolent thoughts kind of involvement they will have with blue suitors. The USO, it should also be caused my answer to radiate confidence our battalion? Most hands I imagine noted, is a separate entity from the Moral as I rather blurted out, “I think so!” “For one, you guys are always at the airports around the United States giving us all a place to relax some between flights. You guys give concerts oversees for deployed troops too.” I said. Hubbard did not look offended, thankfully, as her organization does much more than that. The USO Website states, in short, that its mission is to “support the troops by providing morale, welfare and recreation-type 4th Brigade Troops Battalion, 4th Sustainment Brigade Soldiers lend a helping hand by loading trucks with refreshments services to our men and provided by civilian non-profit organization, USO. women in uniform.” This eagerly arise in response to the first part Welfare and Recreation agency or MWR support of course is not of the question and blank stares transpire – that amusing place downrange from limited to friendly, and much appreciated, from the second. I will attempt, therefore, which most of us have at least rented airport relaxing areas and free-of-charge to dispel some common myths about the movies. hot ticket concerts. Though these help USO and enlighten eager readers about make the USO famous. the organization and what they can look Mrs. Isabel Hubbard, a coordinator forward to. for the Fort Hood USO, asked me if I “We are in essence wherever the knew what the primary mission of the Soldier is,” said Hubbard in response to To begin with, the United Service USO was during a conversation we had my narrow riposte. Organization is a private, tax-exempt, while a handful of Soldiers from Brigade nonprofit organization, which means Troops Battalion, 4th Sustainment With the USO operating more than that all funds which are donated to this Brigade were loading two trucks with 135 Soldier support centers and ten charity can be filed as a deductable on cartons of Girl Scout cookies from the mobile canteens around the world, she annual tax claims. USO storage area. was certainly on point, and Soldiers are The organization is also run by Memories of warmhearted smiles and See USO Page 19 civilians contrary to popular belief. welcoming hugs from USO volunteers Page 18
  • 18. 1st Qtr/FY 10 Oct. - Dec. 2009 USO Continued from page 18 Sweet is planning on utilizing the USO for FRG functions and all redeployments. We recently witnessed valued USO support for our Welcome Home ceremony for the 81st Postal Company, 96th Transportation Company and 151st Transportation Company. Hubbard said she is thrilled to have established such a good relationship with the battalion and Mrs. Sweet, and that she looks forward to continued efforts in supporting the most important aspect of our 4th Brigade Troops Battalion, 4th Sustainment Brigad Soldiers helped pack an assortment of Girl Scout Cookies onto a Army – the Soldiers and their truck from the USO storage area. Families. in a multitude of places on Fort Hood So how will the Wolfpack Battalion “It is nice,” she said, “to be able to and surrounding areas at any given time. decide to utilize our local USO? Mrs. work with someone like Mrs. Sweet who Roberta Sweet, the BTB Family Readiness really cares and is willing to take the For example Soldiers are at gyms Assistant has already begun making plans time to pick up the phone to make that on post being welcomed home from with USO administrators for future support. contact with us for support.” an overseas deployment by overjoyed Family members and friends. Often, somewhere within these crowds are USO crewmembers with flags, manning refreshment tables. Soldiers and Families gather together for Family Readiness Group functions and unit esprit de corps events. The probability of finding USO presence is very high. The list of places where USO support can be found is endless; and yet, it is really up to the unit to decide when and where they The USO is a private, nonprofit organization whose mission is to support the troops by providing morale, welfare and would like USO support. recreation-type services to our men and women in uniform. Page 19
  • 19. 1st Qtr/FY 10 Oct. - Dec. 2009 The Nerve Center of the Wrangler Brigade Article Capt. Ariana Roscoe 4th Brigade Troops Battalion FORT HOOD, Texas – Soldiers of the 4th Sustainment Brigade built a mobile Tactical Operations Center or TOC. The mobile operations center will operate exactly as a TOC would in a deployed environment. The TOC, in terms of logistical support, is a centralized location for monitoring the battlefield as it relates to operations such as refueling, maintenance, airdrop missions, and supply convoys. It is also the unit’s main hub for sending and receiving important dispatches and for surveying the status of current missions and enemy intelligence. Soldiers from the 104th Engineer Bde., 62nd Engineer Battalion worked hard to build the foundation for the Tactical Operation Center which will support a fully operational work-space area. All of these actions help primary phase and is now overseeing the actual of our briefings here,” said Ziaee. leaders make knowledgeable decisions as construction phase being done by the they maneuver through obstacles within 62nd Engineering Battalion. as he handed me a diagram of the their logistics footprint. end state product, “This is going to be the place where Through high-tech communication we will manage and control all activities When the unit’s first fully platforms such as the XXI Battle within the Brigade, and we will hold all operational TOC is completed there Command Brigade will be 32 workstations with and Below (FBCB2), networked computers on a a real-time automated series of raised platforms. computer system networked through The largest challenge satellite signals, currently in the building of the leaders are kept TOC is connectivity. abreast on multiple regions and missions “We are working with simultaneously. Fort Hood's Information Management Team to increase Sgt. 1st Class our capacity for the number Kayhan Ziaee, of ports we can activate,” said Operations Non- Ziaee. commissioned Officer in Charge, “This place is going to has played a large A Soldier from the 104th Engineer Bde., 62nd Engineer Battalion hammered away at the be the nerve center of this foundation for the Tactical Operation Center. After completion, the TOC will have 32 role in the planning workstations on a series of raised platforms. brigade.” Page 20
  • 20. 1st Qtr/FY 10 Oct. - Dec. 2009 Wolfpack Soldiers And Students Team Up Article Capt. Ariana Roscoe 4th Brigade Troops Battalion FORT HOOD, Texas – Four Soldiers from 418th Transportation Company assisted students from Nolan Middle School with their car wash and provided regular academic tutoring during the week. Though the Adopt-A-School's primary mission is to provide academic tutoring, Soldiers have assisted the school with a variety of events. "The Soldiers are a big help to us and we like them to be here for these kinds of activities, just to give a helping hand," said school Academic Advisor and Outreach Coordinator, Tracey Griffeth. Wolpack Soldiers and Nolan Middle School student prepared themselves for the next car during the schools car wash. The event was intended to raise funds for the community service organization, United Way. The Soldiers The Soldiers, dressed in civilian attire, and students raised more than $700 in the car wash. helped the students wash around 25 cars. in either a math or a science class, or both. to our tutors. They make a huge difference. The middle school began its The kids say to me, 'Miss, I’m getting help relationship with the 418th Transportation "There are challenges with math and from the Soldier today,'" said Griffeth. Company and Brigade Troops Battalion, 4th science across this district, actually Sustainment Brigade in August of 2008 and across the state. It's not a unique there are currently 13 all-volunteer Soldiers phenomenon here," said Griffeth. who provide a full day of tutoring every Wednesday at the schools. Griffeth said if she could she would have at least one Soldier in Adopt-A-School is a major effort every one of her classes because of within the Wolfpack Battalion, which the positive difference they make. currently sends a total of 40 volunteers at four different schools within Killeen, "I see the kids are depending Nolanville and Temple. on them more. Every Wednesday instead of coming to me for help Wolfpack Soldiers and the Nolan Middle School student worked hard to wash all the cars that lined the schools Volunteers are asked to provide tutoring with their math assignments they go parking lot. Page 21
  • 21. 1st Qtr/FY 10 Oct. - Dec. 2009 418th Transportation Company Supports Friendship Day Parade Article by 2nd Lt. Bryan Langley 4th Brigade Troops Battalion FORT HOOD, Texas – Soldiers our service," said from the 418th Transportation Company Pfc. Amy S. Davis provided support for the Florence of Clarksville, Friendship Days Parade on Saturday, Kentucky. October 10. Particularly The 64th MP Co., 720th MP BN impressed was ten contributed an M1117 Armored Security year-old Skyler Vehicle to the parade, but required Devinney, son transport to and from the town. As of local resident a result, the transportation company Staff Sgt. Kelly R. assigned three Soldiers to drive an Devinney of the M1070 "HET" tractor and trailer for the 46th Chemical Co. task. Soldiers of the 418th Transportation Company, 4th Sustainment Brigade "It was provided support for the Friendship Day Parade by transporting an M1117 Armored Security Vehicle to Florence, Texas. The Soldiers were impressed by awesome," said the support they received from other Skyler. participants. As Spc. Christopher M. Van Buren of Florence being a small town, the Chesapeake, Virginia, remarked, "It was "They all said they appreciated us, parade did not take long. short. I was kind of surprised." Page 22
  • 22. 1st Qtr/FY 10 Oct. - Dec. 2009 Surprise Redeployment For The Postal Platoon Article by Sgt. 1st. Class Erick Ritterby Chief, Public Affairs FORT HOOD, Texas – The 4th Despite Sustainment Brigade received a big the short surprise Nov. 3 when cheers and tears notice, Team erupted within the Kieschnick Physical Wrangler Fitness Center. The Wrangler family pulled it welcomed home 16 Soldiers of the Postal together, and Platoon from the 502nd Human Resource the returning Company. Soldiers and their families The redeployment was a pleasant received shock for Lt. Col. John Hickey, a proper commander of the Brigade Troops and formal Battalion. welcome home “I wasn’t expecting them for another ceremony. Upon arrival at Kieschnick Physical Fitness Center the Soldiers of Postal Platoon, four-to-five days,” said Hickey. The battalion 502nd Human Resource Company, saluted the U.S. Flag as the Brigade Troops color guard Battalion Color Guard rendered honors. The top officer of the battalion was there received a phone call informing him to greet them with more than 30 family Kirklin. “As for your families, I want you that the platoon had touched down at the members and friends as well. to know that you are special to us, and you make the Wrangler family strong.” Col. Ronald Kirklin also joined Hickey in welcoming home the Soldiers. The Wrangler brigade commander huddled both families and The 16 returning troops were reunited with their families after a brieff ceremony that no more than five minutes. Soldiers together for airport on West Fort Hood. Hickey and a few words before he released them to his Soldiers only had minutes to prepare go home. the gym for their arrival. “Everyone in the brigade is proud The Postal Platoon was deployed for six months “They must have had a chance to of what you have accomplished during in support of the War on Terorism. When they piggyback home with another battalion your six-month deployment, and no deployed, the Soldiers fell under the command of the 15th Sustainment Brigade, but they return as on an earlier flight,” said Hickey. one can take that away from you,” said members of Team Wrangler. Page 23
  • 23. 1st Qtr/FY 10 Oct. - Dec. 2009 In Service To Our Nation Article by Lt. Col. Matt Melvin Commander, 553rd CSSB In honor of Veteran’s Day, it is wonderful it is to have the freedom to who have given the ultimate sacrifice. important that we, as a nation of free express one’s thoughts. We Veterans citizens, take a moment and recognize appreciate your expression of support. These families are deserving of this service members of past and present for honor, not only on Veteran’s Day, but every their service to the Nation. To those Texans and citizens who day. We should show military families that greet us daily as we exit the R&R flights their loved ones did not leave this world in I am an advocate of the Soldier and at the Dallas-Fort Worth Airport, you vein and that every Soldier’s memory will all the hard work that he or she does or has make up for all of the abandonment not be forgotten in the annals of time. done in the course of our nation’s history. It we have ever experienced. You are my is sometimes frustrating when I see or read Heroes. Your cheers, smiles, and support As Soldiers, we could never succeed about individuals who believe they should make up the foundation of truly wonderful without the support our love ones provide. be equally recognized for their civilian memories that indelible capture the Every American should stand up and say accomplishments to the same degree as American spirit. It is difficult to express “Thank You” when family members, who those who made the toil and grieve for their selfless commitment to Soldier, walk into a room. don the uniform, even if only for a short time. I am honored to be in your presence and stand in Military service the memory of their sacrifice is not the only means which will never end. You through which citizens are the fabric that binds this can serve their country, country together and we can but their level of not forget you and your loved sacrifice and civic sense one. My heart goes out to the of duty is unique. At families and friends of fallen its core, the issue is not and injured Soldiers. about public recognition and whether Soldiers God Bless our “Gold deserve special praise. Star” families. As the 4th Sustainment Brigade’s Color Guard led the charge during the Dallas Veterans Day Parade, an American veteran proudly salutes the Soldiers and the Colors. For Soldiers, I pray these family service to the Nation requires no our appreciation and gratitude in words. members are not forgotten on this day. recognition because Soldiers know that Every American should pay attention to freedom from tyranny and the right to On this Veterans’ Day, please those families around them or whom they self-govern is the mark of the American recognize a past or current Soldier with a know at a distant post. Make a phone call Soldier. Soldiers and their families “Thank You” to them and their families; today and show your support. endure the heavy sacrifice required of the dedication and love of a wife, their service out of patriotic fervor and husband, daughter, son, mom or dad Thank you Soldiers, past and present. the principle of freedom. brings honor to the American Military Thank you mothers, fathers, daughters, and the American Family. sons, brothers, and sisters of the American Most Soldiers understand our form Soldier. of government is not perfect, but they are Military families are sometimes equally cognizant that our government charged with carrying overwhelming God preserve the memory of our is particular to the American way of life heartache and loss as the result of their American Veterans, Lest We Forget. and one that maximizes freedom. loved ones’ service. As such, it is most important to thank the family members of Matt Melvin Of all rights we hold dearest, how each American Soldier, especially those An American Soldier Page 24
  • 24. 1st Qtr/FY 10 Oct. - Dec. 2009 Through Tragedy There Were Heavy Hearts And Swift Action Article by Pfc. Sean McGuire Public Affairs Broadcast Specialist FORT HOOD, Texas – Word of mouth Battalion – that’s how the majority of Wranglers headquarters, across the 4th Sustainment Brigade found news hadn’t hit out a shooting took place on Nov. 5. It was yet but people an event that came as a shock; one which were talking. everyone handled differently. Battalion Initial news spread like wildfire with Commander rumors and facts intermingled. A lockdown Lt. Col. for full accountability was the first order John Hickey of action for the Wrangler Brigade on all personally levels. told Soldiers throughout the At the Company level for Headquarters battalion what and Headquarters Company, accountability had transpired. and ensuring everyone’s safety was key. “It was a “I was right here in the office,” said very surreal Capt. Anthony Crumbey HHC commander. feeling hearing “I heard it by word of mouth. One of my Fort Hood, a NCOs came back and told me there was a place you think shooting at the Soldier Readiness Processing is safe, is under Center.” attack – very eerie,” said “The main thing we did was to go into Capt. Sarah lockdown mode making sure everybody was Thompson, in their buildings, and we kicked off 100- the battalion percent accountability,” went on Crumbey. personnel officer-in- Accountability was the initial reaction charge. for those at the company, then thoughts of those not present. For Hogan, Sgt. Ebony Hogan stands outside Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 4th Brigade Troops Battalion, as she reads the Fort Hood Sentinel’s front page story finding out it about the post’s memorial service to honor the fallen victims of Nov. 5 shooting spree. “The first thing that came to my head was a Soldier was all of our people that were attending the that was on the attack changed things Regardless of any thoughts on who Warrior Leader Course,” replied Sgt. Ebony drastically. had committed the crimes against the Hogan, who works in the HHC orderly community at Fort Hood, Wranglers room. “The last thing you would think is that wanted to know everyone was ok. it would be a Soldier,” stated Hogan. “It’s “My first thought was, oh my gosh; I not just Soldiers, it’s not just NCOs, it can Hogan said, “I immediately texted my hope our Soldiers are ok. I was on the verge be officers.” husband and sister, letting them know I was of tears because I knew someone down fine.” there,” continued Hogan, with regards to the “I felt a sense of betrayal from the HHC Soldiers at the WLC. shooter,” accounted Thompson. “This “All I wanted to do was look my person may have worn our uniform, but family in the face and tell them I’m okay,” Only steps away at Brigade Troops at their heart they weren’t a Soldier.” concluded Thompson Page 25
  • 25. 1st Qtr/FY 10 Oct. - Dec. 2009 Halloween Party With A Country Touch Article by Capt. Ariana Roscoe 4th Brigade Troops Battalion FORT HOOD, TEXAS – Soldiers site to see because it was filled with chatty country girl," which clearly helped inspire from 418th Transportation Company, Families and laughing children. the party's theme. Brigade Troops Battalion had a Halloween party with a country theme for Soldiers and A luminous Gumby character Families at their motor pool on Oct 17. greeted a group of children just beyond tables full of homemade desserts and There were a series of all American Halloween themed snacks. country events: hay rides, searching for candy in a haystack, dunking for caramel An elaborate spider web over apples, dance contests, a children's costume a haystack design was set up, and it contest, pumpkin painting, and a cake walk. received a lot attention. The party took Amber Daniels, the "Our Soldiers worked hard to make FRG leader for the 418th TC, and her this place look so good," said Daniels. Soldier-helpers less than a month to plan this event for the 4th Sustainment Brigade A Soldier in a scary clown costume and it's Families. sat rocking in a chair outside of the motor pool. That Soldiers said that she "I joined this unit in early September was told just that morning by her chain and this was my first major project," said of command to dress up for the children. Daniels. Daniels interjected with keen smile, Wrangler Brigade Soldiers of the 418th Transportation Company decorated their motor pool with a country The entire motor pool was a spectacular "I am myself for Halloween – just a theme for a Halloween party for Soldiers and Families. Page 26
  • 26. 1st Qtr/FY 10 Oct. - Dec. 2009 Wranglers Build A Big Wall To Protect the President Article by Capt. Ariana Roscoe 4th Brigade Troops Battalion FORT HOOD, Texas - Having created to the III Corps field using two an extensive protective wall of 175 triple- Rough Terrain-240 container stacked Army container units, known as handlers (RTCHs) for the loading conexes, around the Sadowski Field outside and downloading of the conexes of the III Corps headquarters building, and a and 15 Palletized Load Systems wall of 150 double-stacked conexes between (PLS) with a trailer attached to Tank Destroyer road and the Carl R. each, capable of transporting two Darnell Army Medical Center, the Soldiers conexes per system. DOL utilized of the 4th Brigade Troops Battalion, 4th 9 flatbed trucks for transporting Sustainment Brigade, along with the one container at a time. After Department of Logistics did an outstanding moving the conexes the Soldiers job in providing our Commander and Chief stacked them around the field extra security during his visit to Fort Hood using their RTCHs. The operation on Nov. 10th. took a total about 7 hours and they finished at 9:00 p.m. The lofty operation took the Wrangler Soldiers and DOL personnel two days to The next day the Soldiers move a total of 325 conexes from the DOL completed the double-stacked container yard -located about 4 miles West protective wall made of 150 of the Main Gate- to the III Corps parade conexes from the DOL container Soldiers from the Brigade Troops Battalion, 4th Sustainment field and hospital, and to stack them to yard- between the hospital and the Brigade. connected more than 300 shipping containers in stacks of three around the installation’s headquarters area in preparation for the specifications of the Secret Services main transit road, Tank Destroyer. President Barrack Obama’s visit to Fort Hood. personnel. The Soldiers utilized ten PLSs and RTCHs and DOL operated a few 36,000 lb the cars. It took us a lot of concentration," The Soldiers of 297th and 418th forklifts. said Sgt. First Class Putman. Transportation Company began the The challenges in stacking the conexes operation with a call to duty on Sunday, at the hospital required some creativity on The Soldiers completed their mission 8-Nov, around 1300 hours to assist DOL the part of the Soldiers who had to lift them at midnight, having spent over 14 hours of with the conex transporting and stacking over unidentified parked vehicles without labor, effort and teamwork to complete the mission. The Soldiers met at their causing damage to them, and which they major task of building two walls made of consolidated motor pool ready to work could not move. conexes. within an hour's notice, and had begun stacking containers within two hours. "We used our wretches to lift sideways "We are pleased to have been a part -this way and that- in order to avoid hitting of this effort," said the Soldier's battalion "When we were called we commander, Lt. Col. John came and just made it happen," Hickey, "they really showed us said Sgt. First Class Joseph what they are made of in getting Putman, the Operations Sgt for this done quickly and safely." the 297th Ghostriders and the Non-Commissioned Officer In The next day thousands Charge (NCOIC) who oversaw gathered on the III Corps parade the Soldiers executing the field for the ceremony honoring mission. the 13 Soldiers killed and 31 wounded on Nov. 5th. The After inspecting and President and Commander in preparing the equipment for use Chief gave his remarks in safe the Soldiers moved 175 conexes Soldiers from the Brigade Troops Battalion, 4th Sustainment Brigade loaded up assurance thanks to the hard work more than 300 shipping containers onto Palletized Loading Systems (PLS) flatbeds from the DOL container yard for delivery to the installation’s headquarters area. of our service members and DOL. Page 27
  • 27. 1st Qtr/FY 10 Oct. - Dec. 2009 Wranglers Forward March Through Dallas Article and Photos by Sgt. John Ortiz Public Affairs NCO DALLAS – The cadence line, member of the color guard team. need to be worked out,” said Cloudy. “standing tall, looking good, outta be in “Togetherness is the key element for the Hollywood,” isn’t just a verse sung while “I felt important, especially when all color guard.” marching Soldiers, it is also a verse that the people started clapping for us. It was can describe the 4th Sustainment Brigade a great feeling leading the parade,” said Driving to Dallas the day before, the Color Guard as they marched down Jones. team took a practice walk through the the streets leading the annual Dallas parade route, getting familiar with land Veteran’s Day Parade. Even though the team made it look marks and the different streets the parade easy, “just On a day that signifies the ending of like in World War I on the 11th Hour of the 11th Hollywood,” day of the 11th month of 1918, Veteran’s in reality, Day pays tribute to the past, present, and the team future veterans of the United States. practiced every day Leading the annual Veteran’s Day for close to Parade, the Wrangler Brigade Color four hours, Guard was the first sight more than rehearsing several thousand people saw as they lead all the more than 120 different military units, commands high school bands, JROTC programs, and and different civic organizations. movements used by the The 4th Sustainment Brigade’s Color Guard team led the charge at the Dallas “I have never experienced anything color guard Veterans Day Parade. quite like it,” said Spc. Shavon Jones, a team. would wind through. member of the Brigade Troops Battalion personnel office and a four-month “It’s a lot of hard work and practice,” “We wanted to get it in our minds said Sgt. how far we had to walk,” said Cloudy. Denorris “We originally thought it was going to Cloudy. be a lot harder, especially after we took “You can’t the practice walk. But it turned out to be just get up easier, because there was no traffic.” there and expect to As the team led the parade in front perform.” of the Dallas City Hall, the crowd of hundreds cheered, yelled, and clapped as “We the announcer said the 4th Sustainment practiced Brigade name, making the members of hours on end the team feel grateful. to make sure our timing “Marching down the street, people was perfect didn’t know who we were but they were Sgt. John Freiberger of the 4th Susttainment Brigade’s Color Guard helps dress because a Pfc. Adam Casey with an Ascot minutes before the start of the Dallas Veterans Day cheering and just applauding us,” said Parade. lot of things Cloudy. “It was a great feeling.” Page 28
  • 28. 1st Qtr/FY 10 Oct. - Dec. 2009 Making-A-Difference at Meridith- Dunbar Elementary School Article by Sgt. 1st. Class Erick Ritterby & Capt. Audrey Bledsoe 4th Sustainment Brigade TEMPLE, Texas – On Make-A- Difference Day, the 259th Movement Control Team dedicated their time by volunteering at the Meridith-Dunbar Elementary School on Oct. 23. Six Soldiers from the 4th Sustainment Brigade, both enlisted and officer, volunteered to help. “Our volunteer work included: pulling weeds, planting flowers, trimming plants, and improving their water drainage system,” said Capt. Audrey Bledsoe, Commander of 259th Transportation Company, 49th Movement Control Battalion. Meridith-Dunbar Elementary School serves pre-kindergarten through third grade SGT Enright watered new flowers during the Meridith-Dunbar Make-A- Difference Day. Six Wrangler Soldiers in the Temple Independent School District. from the 259th Movement Control Team volunteered their time to beautify the school grounds. “The school is located in a low- To assist the school, Bledsoe’s battalion volunteer our time and supplies to help income area and operates on a small donated landscaping and gardening supplies improve the appearance of our adopted budget,” said Bledsoe. “It struggles to as well as Soldiers to get the job done. school,” said Bledsoe. “This shows get supplies for its students and money to our ability to make a difference in our help keep the school area clean.” “The 259th MCT was proud to community.” Temple Leadership Visit Wrangler Brigade By Sgt. Angiene Myers Multimedia NCO FORT HOOD, Texas – The 4th Sustainment Brigade welcomed member the organization known as Temple Leadership to Fort Hood and the Wrangler area on Nov. 17. The current and future leaders from the local community got a chance to live a day in the life of an Army Soldier. This event happens every year and allows Soldiers to showcase their daily activities and allow community members the opportunity to see a part of the military that they wouldn’t normally see. Attendants got a tour of various locations on post and got a hands-on lesson about the weapons that 4th Sustainment Brigade Soldiers use. Some of the visitors included: accountants, doctors and business owners. Page 29
  • 29. 1st Qtr/FY 10 Oct. - Dec. 2009 53rd Quartermaster Company Returns From Afghanistan Article by Sgt. 1st. Class Erick Ritterby Chief, Public Affairs FORT HOOD, Texas – More than Led by their platoon leader, 1st Lt. throughout multiple regions.” 150 Soldiers from the 53rd Quartermaster Tamara DaSilva, Outkast platoon logged Company, 553rd Combat Sustainment more than 15,000 miles as they performed Mills credits the pre-deployment Support Battalion returned training at Fort Hood and to Fort Hood on Nov. 19. the training they received The 4th Sustainment Brigade in country for his Soldiers’ Soldiers were deployed success. in support of Operation Enduring Freedom in “First platoon Afghanistan for roughly 12 evolved into an effective months. convoy security provider as a cohesive team,” said Wrangler Soldiers Mills. “No one Soldier from the company’s 1st in our platoon is more platoon faced some unique important than the other.” challenges during their deployment in the Regional “Outkast platoon’s Command-South area of cohesive team approach operation. When the platoon to the execution of its Members of 1st platoon, 53rd Quartermaster Company touch shoulders before prayer. The hit the ground last December touching of shoulders is a symbolic gesture performed before every convoy security escort mission mission serves as a that symbolizes a commiment to a cohesive team. at the Kandahar Airfield, model for other forward they were the only gun truck deployed units to emulate,” security element operating in said DaSilva. “Every the area. mission had its unique set of circumstances and an “We quickly earned a ever-changing enemy threat reputation for never dropping associated with it. a mission and always being on time,” said Sgt. 1st Class Byron First platoon’s Mills, platoon sergeant. accomplishments as a gun truck platoon while forward An additional gun truck deployed are nothing short company did join the battalion of extraordinary according to as the Kandahar Airfield their top NCO. In late July expanded with a troop surge in Pictured above are three of the six Purple Heart recipients from 1st platoon, 53rd 2009, 1st platoon was caught the area. Quartermaster Company, 533rd Combat Sustainment Support Battalion. By the end of in a complex enemy ambush their 12 month deployment to Afghanistan, 1st platoon had 34 combat action badge recient out of the 39 Soldiers that form the platoon. Left: Pfc. Jeffrey Wiedel. Center: Spc. Dana consisting of: multiple roads Osborne. Right: Pfc. Jose Garcis “We provided that new side bombs, rocket-propelled unit with expert training to convoy security for forward operating bases grenades, mortars, machine include: proven battle drills, tactics, throughout the country. guns, and small-arms fire. techniques, and procedures,” said Mills. “In fact, observers from the 45th “Our Soldiers were notably revered “Their stringent training regiment Sustainment Brigade were dispatched to as one of the best convoy security was instrumental in the platoon’s ability to record our platoon’s standing operating escort teams based in Afghanistan,” said repel a complex enemy ambush with zero procedures so they could incorporate DaSilva. “They proved to be an invaluable casualties,” said Mills. “First platoon left them throughout the entire brigade.” asset to combat service support operations behind a legacy of excellence.” Page 30
  • 30. 1st Qtr/FY 10 Oct. - Dec. 2009 Wrangler Brigade Sponsors Fort Hood Safety Day Article by Sgt. 1st. Class Erick Ritterby Chief, Public Affairs FORT HOOD, Texas – The rain was Crime Dog and Vince and Larry relentless, but it was not enough to stop the Crash Dummies were on hand the people at Fort Hood from learning new to help promote safety. ways to be safe this holiday season. The III Corps and Fort Hood Safety Day took place “The focus of this day was at the Clear Creek Post Exchange parking on seasonal safety,” said Manion. lot Nov. 20. “It was aimed at giving our Soldiers, their family members, Safety officers and Soldiers from the and everyone who lives and 4th Sustainment Brigade, 13th Sustainment works here a moment to stop and Command (Expeditionary) helped sponsor really think about safety.” the event. Those people who braved “Eight weeks worth of planning and the cold rain were given free coordination went into this event,” said child seat inspections and even Army Maj. Darcy Manion, one of the replacements if they needed them. project officers for the event from the 533rd The Fort Hood safety day also Combat Sustainment Support Battalion. provided: free boat inspections, police dog demonstrations, and Manion, a support operations officer for rock wall climbing. her battalion counted more than 30 agencies that helped participate in this post-wide “Whether people are in the event. work place or participating in recreational activities, they need More than 30 agencies helped participate in the III Corps and The seasonal safety day was an all- to know how to do them safely,” Fort Hood Safety Day, along with popular characters McGruff the Crime Dog and Vince and Larry the Crash Dummies were day event which was opened to the public. said Manion. “That is why we had on hand to help promote safety. Popular characters such a McGruff the such a variety of fun activities lined up for largest crowd pleasers were the Jaws of Life the day; to demonstration and the Seat Belt Convincer. promote safety.” The Jaws of Life is a hydraulic rescue tool used by emergency personnel to help The them get crash victims out of small spaces family- within badly damaged vehicles, and the oriented Seat Belt Convincer simulates a low-impact event also collision letting passengers experience the provided actual force generated during a 5-7 mph motorcycle collision. displays and antique “Tools such as these can greatly impact vehicles for the people’s views about wearing seat A Fort Hood Soldier learn how to properly inspect his vehicle at the III Corps and Fort Hood those who belts,” said Manion. “I want people to have Safety Day which took place at the Clear Creek Post Exchange parkin lot. Safetly officers and attended, but these tools so they can lower the risks in Soldiers from the 4th Sust. Bde., 13th Sustainment Command (Expeditionary) help sponsor the event. some of the their life.” Page 31
  • 31. 1st Qtr/FY 10 Oct. - Dec. 2009 Wranglers Give Students A Tour of Army Life Article by Pfc. Sean McGuire Public Affairs Braodcast Specialist FORT HOOD, Texas – presence felt this school year. Bearing the cold that has begun leaking into Fort Hood’s morning “Our Soldiers volunteer to do routine, 4th Sustainment Brigade this. We tutor students, help with Soldiers from five companies of hall monitoring, pass out books, the 553rd Combat Sustainment go on field trips, and assist with Support Battalion showed students science projects. We even pitch in of Temple’s Travis Middle School at the cafeteria, and we helped with what it’s like to be in the Army. the school’s book fair last month,” said Sgt. 1st Class Andrien Tillman, On Nov. 24, members of the a member of the 289th QM and 289th Quartermaster Company, school liaison. “The Soldiers are 263rd Maintenance Company, showing they care.” 96th Transportation Company, 53rd Quartermaster Company, and “We’re here to give them the 62nd Quartermaster Company the Army experience, to show volunteered to take part in the them what it’s like to be a Soldier “Culture within a Culture” event with: combatives, trying on our with the battalion’s sponsored equipment, and checking out our school. vehicles,” stated 2nd Lt. Cecil Davis, a platoon leader for the 289th Beginning around 8 a.m., QM who oversaw the day’s events. the 132 students were ushered to a combatives pit where Soldiers Spe. Joel Jasso, a motor transport operator for the 289th Quartermaster The student’s ear-to-ear grins Company lets a Travis Middle School student turn on a Light Medium showed them various techniques, Tactical Vehicle during the “Culture within a Culture” event. and eagerness to try everything and at one point, the large group grew while they strolled through the that was huddling together got to witness learn about military vehicles such as the museum and marveled at what it had to a pushup contest between Soldiers and Light Medium Tactical Vehicle. offer. By the day’s end there was no lack of students. From there they went to the 1st energy as the students bombarded various Cavalry Division Museum and had lunch Travis Middle School has been the vehicles, blasted vehicle horns, started in the Kieschnick Gym before rounding adopted school for close to three years, engines, and climbed up and down ladders. the day off with a chance to jump on and and 553rd CSSB really began making its “This was great. The kids absolutely loved it,” said Irene Diaz, a 6th grade Social Studies teacher at Travis Middle that attended the field trip with her class. “This was an opportunity for the kids to see a different world,” Diaz added. “Some students never get a chance to get out of their neighborhoods. The Soldier’s presence helps bring something positive,” concluded Diaz. Teachers can’t be the students’ only role models so 40 Soldiers from five different companies of the 533rd Combat Sustainment Support Battalion show having Soldiers, especially young men and Travis Middle School students the ropes in a combatives pit during the “Culture within a Culture” event. women, gives them other role models.” Page 32
  • 32. 1st Qtr/FY 10 Oct. - Dec. 2009 Wrangler Families Counted Their Blessings On Thanksgiving Article by Sgt. 1st. Class Erick Ritterby Chief, Public Affairs FORT HOOD, Texas – Senior leaders reported for duty on Thanksgiving Day. Standing shoulder-to-shoulder on the serving line, officers and non- commissioned officers from each unit within the 4th Sustainment Brigade wore their dress uniforms and waited on a crowd that stretched out the door at the Freeman Dining Facility on Nov. 26. A leader serving his or her Soldiers on a holiday such as Thanksgiving is an Army tradition according to Lt. Col. John Hickey, 4th Brigade Troops Battalion commander. “When we’re doing something special, leaders step back and take that opportunity Senior officers and non-commissioned officers from the 4th Sust. Bde. wore their dress uniforms as they served Soldiers and Families during Thanksgiving at the Freeman Dining Facility. to serve their Soldiers because we are servants of our Soldiers,” said Hickey. nice day for us.” “We do have a family environment over in places such as Iraq, and we do It was a holiday feast fit for an Army. There was a lot to be thankful for make the best of things while we’re over The plates were piled high with all the especially at Fort Hood this Thanksgiving. there,” said Carson. “But at the same freshly carved trimmings to include: time, there is nothing that compares to spicy shrimp cocktail, glazed baked ham, Sgt. Stephanie Carson serves with being at home.” steamship round beef, garden vegetable the 4th Sustainment Brigade and knows salads, and sweet potato pie with whipped Fort Hood Soldiers such as Carson all too well the sacrifices Soldiers have cream to name a few. were counting their blessings on to make during the Holidays. She has spent two of the last four Thanksgivings Thanksgiving. She was grateful to be “The food was awesome,” said together with her family this year even as deployed overseas. Sandra Frey, Army spouse. she reflected on her friends “It’s good to be with my who are still deployed. husband this year because he was deployed last year.” “I am praying for my friends in Iraq who are Frey’s husband is the coming home soon,” said top NCO in charge of the Carson. “And I am just so Wrangler Brigade, and her thankful that everyone will husband returned from a 15- come home safe.” month deployment in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom in More than 200,000 May. military families spent this Thanksgiving apart from “It’s great having our their loved ones who are family together,” said Frey. Soldiers were counting their blessings on Thanksgiving as they enjoyed a holiday fease fit serving overseas this holiday for an Army. The 4th Sust. Bde. served Soldiers and Families ast the Freeman Dining “This Thanksgiving was a real Facility. season. Page 33
  • 33. 1st Qtr/FY 10 Oct. - Dec. 2009 Better Opportunities For Single Soldiers Article and Photos by Sgt. John Ortiz Public Affairs NCO keep Soldiers engaged and encompasses a lot of areas: whether it keep them out of trouble." involves housing areas for single parents, hot and cold water problems in the barracks "We are trying to raise for single Soldiers, or even problems with awareness to gather more dining facilities and gyms for geographical unit support," said Harmon. bachelors." “So far it has been working. We went from having 15-20 "BOSS is a program that can speed up Soldiers to having more than the process of positive change," she said. 60 at weekly events, and "When Soldiers have genuine complaints every month we continue to that keep getting the run around, they can grow." come to the BOSS program and the issue Spe. Time Hensen with the 3d Armoured Cavalry Regiment grasps a will get resolved quickly." wooden box from Pfc. Nobel Mangual, a member of the 4th Sust. Bde. as "But one of the biggest he lies across a metal rope chains suspended above a pool of water during things preventing Soldiers Meeting every first Wednesday of the a Leader’s Reaction Course for the BOSS program. from attending is they don't month at the Phantom Warrior Center and FORT HOOD, Texas – Tired, unsure, know about the BOSS program," she said. third Wednesday at the NCO-Backbone and generally anxious are a few emotions "There is a breakdown in communication Lounge at 1:30 p.m., the BOSS meetings new Soldiers feel when they arrive at their and units don't let their Soldiers know, are a chance to meet and greet with different first duty station. Hundreds of miles away but it’s a quick fix by having company unit BOSS representatives and a chance to from home, a few phone numbers in their leadership promote the program and letting make new friends. cell phones, and universal uncertainly their Soldiers participate in events." accompany a new Soldier as they inprocess "It's an awesome program," said Spc. an installation and receive unit assignments Harmon added that Soldiers where they will spend the next two to three who participate in BOSS have a years of their Army life. lower record of alcohol-related and disorderly conduct incidents. Six In order to help single Soldiers who months into her service as the BOSS constitute more than a quarter of the total president, Harmon has never had an Army force, the Better Opportunities for alcohol-related incident at any BOSS Single Soldiers program was established in function where alcohol was served. 1989 to serve as a central focal point for off- duty activities. "The program helps out first sergeants and commanders because In 1991, the Army expanded BOSS to we try and keep Soldiers engaged encompass all aspects of single Soldier's in whatever we are doing; whether lives, and later established recreation and it's having fun or giving back to the Spc. Kelli Harmon, of the 69th Air Defense Artillery Brigade leisure, well being, and community service community," she said. and the Fort Hood BOSS President helps agroup out by lashing as the core components of BOSS. two wooden boards together with ropes and belt to help them Helping first sergeants and cross over a pool of water during a Leader’s Reaction Course for the BOSS program For the Fort Hood Installation BOSS commanders have easier nights President, BOSS is more than just another where their phone doesn't ring isn't just an Sadia Quint, a member of the Regimental Army Program, it's a chance to take care of added benefit. BOSS also helps improve Support Squadron, 3d Armored Cavalry its members like a family. the quality of life for single Soldiers, Regiment and native from Napa Valley, single parents, and even geographical Calif. "I never participated in the Fort Hood "The program takes care of single bachelors. BOSS program till a few weeks ago when Soldiers just like a family," said Spc. Kelli I was made the BOSS unit representative. Harmon, a member of the 69th Air Defense "As the BOSS president, it’s my job But so far it has been a great and positive Artillery Brigade and a Columbus, Ohio to find out the quality of life our members program and I am excited to be a part of native. "The program provides activities to have," said Harmon. "Quality of life everything." Page 34
  • 34. 1st Qtr/FY 10 Oct. - Dec. 2009 Dining Facilities Cheer Soldiers Article by Victor O’Brien Fort Hood Herald For troops accustomed is inspiring to serving on the ground, to have Thanksgiving Day was their leadership day to be served. doing it from the top down Single soldiers and soldiers to company with families from the 4th levels." Sustainment Brigade packed Freeman Cafe Thursday for Sgt. Thanksgiving lunch. Mary McKoy, of the 13th The facility served Sustainment approximately 500 diners with Brigade, 330 pounds of turkey, 160 relished the pounds of baked ham, 210 chance to Senior Leaders of the 4th Sustainment Brigade proudly served Soldiers Thanksgiving Dinner in the Freman Cafe in their dress uniform. pounds of steamship round serve her beef, 140 pounds of sweet "teammates." potatoes, 54 pounds of shrimp, McKoy prepped the kitchen and the foods "I always get to see my family. It's not 150 pounds of mashed potatoes Thursday for a staff of cooks that worked always you get a chance to say thank you," and 15 gallons of corn along three shifts to make the massive meal McKoy said. with corn bread dressing. happen. Similar size spreads When the officers finished were featured at nine serving their soldier families, other dining facilities many dined with their families across Fort Hood. and or headed home to eat their home-cooked meals. Despite the uplifting spirit of the Lt. Col. John Hickey served season, the holidays candied yams, also his favorite, can be a lonely, to his family of soldiers. Then he depressing time, dined with his wife and two sons especially for single at the dining facility. soldiers stuck on post hundreds of miles Having to serve his soldier from their families. family just means he gets more Wrangler Soldiers got into the spirit of the season by dressing up to celebrate the Thankgiving Day meal and to greet guests as the arrive at Freeman Cafe. Thanksgiving than the average Spc. Andrew person, he said. Hubbard had his "We always put our hearts into this spirits lifted Thursday when he meal, especially for people who are not able Hickey intended to celebrate saw his company commander, to go home. We try to make them feel as Thanksgiving Friday as well with a home- Capt. Jessica Gutierrez, serving home as possible," McKoy said. cooked meal prepared by his wife. him a dinner roll. McKoy was thankful to serve, like Hickey wasn't about to let his wife "That's our leadership and many of the dining staff and officers who miss the chance to serve Thanksgiving, they are spending time away donned cooking hats and large smiles as he said. He wasn't about to let his from their families to provide they served meals. They remained grateful, soldiers miss out on a Thanksgiving meal for soldiers," Hubbard said. "It despite being away from their own families. Thursday either. Page 35
  • 35. 1st Qtr/FY 10 Oct. - Dec. 2009 Wolfpack Soldiers Compete For The Commander’s Cup Article by Capt. Ariana Roscoe and Pfc. Sean McGuire 4th Sustainment Brigade FORT HOOD, Texas – Just as the “It totally reset day’s sun began to rise, a crowd of the mood within the Soldiers gathered around a helicopter Battalion when we got pad overlooking an open field next to out there and did some the Kieschnick gym as they watched a of those goofy events,” fiercely competitive tug-of-war match said Hickey. “I was ensue. It was one of the final sporting absolutely smiling from events of the 4th Brigade Troops ear-to-ear the whole Battalion Commander’s Cup. time as I watched the enthusiasm and spirit “We had commanders raising of the competition out questions about how to make our there.” physical training more challenging,” said Lt. Col. John Hickey, the 4th BTB The sporting battalion commander. “We wanted to events kicked off with do more than just slog along Battalion a 1-mile guidon race Avenue, so we came up with the where each company Commander’s Cup.” ran in a formation with their company flag held The week-long competition within high. Alpha Company, the 4th Sustainment Brigade consisted with a team of about 30 of 12 events with nine companies each Soldiers, led the way for contending for the top prize – a custom- over a half a mile before An enthusiastic crowd for 4th Sust. Bde. Soldiers watched a fiercely made, foot-and-a-half tall trophy with they were passed up by competitive tug-a-war match ensue during the 4th BTB Commander’s Cup. The week-long competition consisted of 12 events with nine gold trim. the battalion’s 259th and companies each battling for the top prize. 80th Movement Control Teams. “We had a time of 7:25 with no fallouts and ended up getting third,” said Spc. Paul Miller, a Signal Support Systems Specialist for Alpha Company. “It got really intense, but overall it was fun.” The 418th Transportation Company eventually won the race. “We came in first or second place in just about all the events,” said 2nd Lt. Miley Massed, a platoon leader for the 418th Transportation Company. “But the tug-of-war match was tough – I was near 4th Sust. Bde. Soldiers gets his flag pulled off as he runs the football up the field during 4th BTB Commander’s Cup. The 418th Transportation Company took home the top prize, while Alpha See CDR’s CUP Page 37 Company took second place and 15th Finance Management Company came in third. Page 36
  • 36. 1st Qtr/FY 10 Oct. - Dec. 2009 CDR’s CUP Continued from page 36 the middle of our rope line for that one.” The Commander’s Cup had a lot of events for Soldiers to compete in to include: dodge ball, flag football, tire toss, weapons assembly, money counting, and even a push-up and sit-up competition. “We won at push-ups, sit- ups, and one other event,” said Sgt. 1st Class James Lewis, a platoon sergeant for the 502nd Human Resources Company. “We also beat Headquarters and Headquarters Company in flag- football in our first game.” But Lewis’ team was blown 4th Sust. Bde. Soldiers sprint to pick up dodge balls before the opposing team beats them to the toss during the out in their second match. week-long Commander’s Cup competition. Some of the other events included tire toss, weapon assembly, money coubting and even a push-up and sit-up competition. “It was pretty entertaining,” Bragging rights were not the only Commander’s Cup. Alpha Company said Lewis. “I played a little reason why Hickey had his Soldiers came in second, and the 15th Financial quarterback and wide receiver.” compete. Management Company came in third. “The intent “It was very gratifying for them. was to drive There was a sense of accomplishment physical training for all the days put into that event,” said and team work,” Massed. said Hickey. “I wanted Soldiers to focus on the competition aspect of physical fitness to help motivate them to be fit.” The 418th Transportation Company took home 4th Sust. Bde. Soldiers gathered around to watch as a 4th Sust. Bde. Soldiers competed in a guidon relay race as one of the the Wolfpack fellow Wrangler compete in the tire toss event. This culminating events for the Commander’s Cup. The significance of the guidon was one of many events that tested the Soldier physical is that it represents the leader of the unit. Battalion’s strength during the Commander’s Cup. Page 37
  • 37. 1st Qtr/FY 10 Oct. - Dec. 2009 664th Ordnance Company Return in Time For The Holiday Article by Pvt. Amy M. Lane Public Affairs Specialist FORT HOOD, Texas -- Just in time for Christmas, approximately 100 Soldiers from the 664th Ordnance Company returned home to Fort Hood Dec. 23 after a year-long deployment to Iraq. The Soldiers received a warm welcome from an auditorium full of family and friends at the Kieschnick Gym that evening. “It’s amazing to have my wife back just in time for the holidays,” said Zach M. Mclaughlin, who came out to greet his wife, Spc. Christian Petty. “We have no special plans for Christmas; we just want to be together for Soldiers of the 664th Ordnance Company returned to Fort Hood in time for the holidays after a year- long deploymeny to Iraq. the holidays,” said Mclaughlin. “We just want to get back to our normal life. It was a very long and difficult year without her.” just going get together and to make it a warm holiday, do it the best that we can.” The Ammo Dogs, as the 664th is known, were conducting It has been a rough year without her ammunition supply missions husband, Avera said. “I’ve been stressed during their time in Iraq. They a lot but I definitely found out that I’m were scheduled to return on Dec. really stronger than I sometimes think 22 but at the last minute, their I am. But that’s part of being an Army homecoming was rescheduled for wife sometimes. I love being an Army a day later. wife and you gotta do what you gotta do. I knew what I was getting into when I Nichole R. Avera came out married him.” to greet her husband, Spc. Matt Avera, with their two children, The couple’s two children, Madison, Madison and Jordan. 7 and Jordan, 5 were excited to show their father how much they grew and “I’m so excited because we learned over the year that he was gone. never got to spend a Christmas together as a family“, Avera said. Jordan wanted to show his father that “We got married and then he got he can spell his name. “And I learned how deployed two weeks later.” to spell big words,” said Madison. “Jordan can’t yet because he’s only in kindergarten.” Avera said the family plans to spend Christmas with another “I can‘t even tell you how excited I A Wrangler Soldier embraced his loved ones after a breif military family whose father just am that we will be together as a family ceremony. 664th returned to Fort Hood from a year-long deployment just in time for the holidays. returned from deployment. “We’re this Christmas,” their mom said. Page 38
  • 38. 1st Qtr/FY 10 Oct. - Dec. 2009 Santa’s Workshop Delivers a Wrangler Christmas To Fort Hood Families Article by Pfc. Sean McGuire Public Affairs Broadcast Specialist FORT HOOD, Texas – For the 4th were here fixing it,” said Sustainment Brigade, 13th Sustainment Jackeline Fountain, a liaison Command (Expeditionary) a unit that spent for the Santa’s Workshop and last year’s Christmas deployed, the meaning retired Command Sergeant of the term ‘Home for the Holidays’ took on Major, who has a daughter a whole new and more powerful meaning currently deployed to this year. The Wrangler Brigade seized its Afghanistan. opportunity to celebrate this Christmas by taking part in and heading up Santa’s Over 1,300 families were Workshop for Fort Hood. provided with gifts for over 3,000 children of Soldiers at The Santa’s Workshop and its Fort Hood – 130 of these were volunteers work year-round, gathering funds Wrangler families. and donations from countless organizations and companies all across the state of Texas, “It was an opportunity in an effort that culminates into eight days for our Soldiers who couldn’t of giving Soldiers toys so they can give their afford to provide for their children the joy of Christmas. The Wrangler children during Christmas,” Brigade played a big part from both sides. said Sgt 1st Class James Yuras, a Command Financial 4th Sust. Bde. Soldiers were on stand- Specialist for the Wrangler by throughout the brigade’s time sponsoring Brigade. “I sat down with Santa’s Workshop, providing help at any each of them and worked out time needed. Whether it was buffing the a budget to see if they truly Families could find, sporting equipment, and games in the workshop. Gift made their way to more than 1,300 Fort Hood floors or swooping in on a moment’s notice were in need and gave them families. to fix computer issues, Wranglers just got it an option if they did.” done. whose husband is deployed to Iraq. Soldiers would come in, grab a cart, “They were great. We called them one and go row by row searching for a set- Families could find books, sporting day when we were having problems with number of gifts for their children. To help equipment, and games in the workshop. our computers and within the hour they keep the spirit of Christmas intact, children were not allowed in the “People came in here and cried. They toy shop. had no clue what they were going to do for Christmas,” said Visser. “We’re trying to “If families bless the Soldiers and their families, and absolutely had to bring it ended up that we were the ones being their children, we’d pull blessed.” them to the side and play with them, trying With so many Fort Hood Soldiers not to let them see what deployed and making it back in time for their mom and dad were the holidays, the volunteers at the Santa’s doing. And we’d try Workshop always know who they’re doing to cover up the toys as it for. they’d get done,” said A few of the 75 volunteer gatheres and enjoyed a home cooked meal at Sherri Visser, Santa’s “It’s all about making our Soldier’s their volunteer appreciation luncheon the day after the final gifts were delivered. Workshop President, lives so much better,” said Fountain. Page 39
  • 39. 1st Qtr/FY 10 Oct. - Dec. 2009 FORT HOOD, Texas – Funeral “Every detail teams from the 553rd Combat time we go out Sustainment Support Battalion, 4th for a funeral, Sustainment Brigade gathered at the we go out Abrams gym Dec. 18 to show off their with the same skills and compete for the right to be eight-man known as the best team in the unit. team,” said Reinhardt. “The teams kept bragging about The teams are who was better so we decided to set up on a rotation a competition to see which team is the so each group best of the best,” said Master Sgt. Tim takes a turn L. Oney, who organized the contest and when calls acted as one of the three judges. come in for funerals. Specialist ChristopherL. Reinhardt ensures the fkag is folded perfectly during the Ten teams demonstrated their skills 533rd Combat Sustainment Support Battalion’s funeral detail competition at Abrams Gym. and competed for first, second and third Reinhardt place trophies. said the skills funerals, from graveside to full honors. are not hard to learn but it does take a lot Whatever the family asks for, that’s what Spc. Christopher L. Reinhardt, a of time and practice. “Between funerals they will get.” 553rd CSSB Displays a Special Kind Of Teamwork Article by Pvt. Amy M. Lane Public Affairs Specialist mechanic with the 263rd Maintenance we do rifle drills, and practice folding the Company, was a member of one of the flag and carrying the casket. We work on Reinhardt volunteered for the funeral competing teams. He has been doing the it every single day. Getting our timing detail this time, after previously being funeral detail for about six months, and right is really the biggest hurdle.” assigned to it. said it’s all about practice and teamwork. The competition was a chance to “It means a lot to me to be able to show off their skills and display the do this. It’s an honor to serve my country teamwork involved. and an opportunity to pay my respect to the fallen veterans and their families,” “I think we did a really good job said Reinhardt. “It’s a chance to honor today. It was a learning experience for those who have gone before me.” me and everyone on the team,” said Reinhardt. “It takes a lot of discipline to get this right.” The 553rd CSSB provides military funerals for eligible veterans in 17 Texas counties. They have done over 300 funerals in the last six months, The 533rd Combat Sustainment Support Battalion provides military funerals for veterans in 17 Texas Oney said. “We provide Ten funeral detail Combat Sustainmenttrophies awarded to the best detail teams at the 553rf teams competed for Support Battalion’s funeral 3 counties. 9 different types of competition. Page 40
  • 40. 1st Qtr/FY 10 Oct. - Dec. 2009 Vets, Fort Hood Pay Homage Leading Up to Holiday Season Article by Dave Larsen Sentinel Editor A dense fog hung over the Central District 54 Texas State Representative The youngest participants of the Texas State Veterans Cemetery Saturday Jimmie Don Aycock and Killeen Mayor ceremony came from the 4th “Wrangler” as dozens gathered to pay homage to Timothy Hancock. All three made brief Sustainment Brigade. The unit provided the service and sacrifice of America’s remarks lauding the contributions of an honor guard for the ceremony – a veterans by hanging wreaths ahead of the veterans, past and present. color guard to open and close the event holiday season. and a seven-member firing squad whose “We cannot keep reminding 21 volleys to the bugle call “Taps” paid ourselves enough of those who the final honor to those resting here. sacrificed on our behalf,” Carter Their NCO said supporting the ceremony told the audience. “With the was a small way to give back something holidays approaching, today we to the local community. count our blessings and thank those who have gone before us.” “We all volunteered to be here,” Sgt. 1st Class Dawn Spradley noted The first wreath, dedicated because of the event. “Most of our to the Army, was laid by the III Soldiers were deployed last Christmas Corps and Fort Hood command and it means a lot. It’s nice to support team, represented by Brig. the veterans because they appreciate it Gen. William F. Grimsley, so much.” deputy commanding general, and Command Sgt. Maj. Arthur “It’s important for us to keep L. Coleman Jr., the corps’ top connected and not forget the sacrifices noncommissioned officer. made in the past,” Command Sgt. Maj. Grimsley will assume command Erik Frey, the Wrangler Brigade’s senior of III Corps’ rear detachment NCO, said. “This is my first assignment Holiday wreaths decorated the graves at the Central Texas when the unit deploys early next to Fort Hood and the Killeen area. I’ve State Veterans Cemetery. Dozens attended the “Wreath year. More wreaths followed for never seen better community support (of Across America” ceremony honoring the sacrifices of American veterans. each military service, prisoners the Army) than what I’ve seen here.” of war and “Wreaths Across America” is a those missing in national effort spearheaded locally by the action and several Disabled American Veterans W.R. Hold area veterans Chapter 147 from Killeen. Retired Sgt. organizations. Maj. Theron L. Johnson the commander of the local DAV chapter said wreaths “I wish we’d see were being placed at more than 400 more young people veterans cemeteries across the country. out here,” Johnson said, referring to his “This is our third year running the organization’s hope event here,” Johnson, who retired from to teach the value Fort Hood in 1970, said. “It’s a nice way of freedom to future to remember, honor and teach.” generations. “They Brig. Gen. William Grimsley, deputy commanding general III Corps, and Command Sgt. Major Arthur L. Coleman Jr., III Corps’ senior need to understand noncommissioned officer, place the Army wreath during the “Wreath Across The solemn ceremony was also that freedom isn’t America” ceremony at the Central Texas State Veterans Cemetary. The solemn ceremony was mirrored at more than 400 veteran cemeteries across attended by Congressman John Carter, free.” the country. Page 41
  • 41. 1st Qtr/FY 10 Oct. - Dec. 2009 Wolfpack Leaders Get Facials To Raise Funds For Soldiers Article by Capt. Ariana Roscoe 4th Brigade Troops Battalion More than 350 Soldiers from the way. “I am new to this unit, and I’ve to see their own leaders take one for the 4th Brigade Troops Battalion, 4th never seen these kinds of things happen team in good spirit. Sustainment Brigade, gathered at the Fort for Soldiers. I’m excited to be here Hood Stadium on Friday to watch their because I can see they do leadership get vanilla cream pie smashed a lot of fun things for us,” into their faces from junior enlisted McDill said. Soldiers during the Wolfpack Battalion’s Pie-In-Face fundraising event. The battalion raised $1,287 for their brigade’s Soldiers paid for leadership to get annual holiday ball and for pied. During each round the officer or battalion social activities. non-commissioned officer with the most “We put a high value on events that bring Soldiers together in a safe and positive way,” Lt. Col. John Hickey, commander, 4th BTB, said. “I want to show our Soldiers that we care about them. All of the funds we raise go directly to Command Sergeant Major Paul Coleman (right), senior activities for our noncommissioned officer with 4th BTB, smiles in anticipation as troops and their he’s taunted before taking a pie in the face during the Wolfpack Battalion’s fundraiser. families,” Hickey said. Maj. Robert Morris, commander of the 502nd Human The battalion Resources Company, shows his spirit after getting a pie smashed in his face during the Wolfpack fundraiser. commander and his command sergeant major, Paul Coleman, bids would get pie smeared into his or her were the most senior of face by an a highly enthusiastic Soldier. the leaders to graciously receive a pie. Three company “It was so fun seeing it all happen,” commanders and a staff officer said Spc. Marla McDill, a battalion were pied, along with two first personnel clerk. sergeants, and one major. The smile of Command Sergeant Major Paul Coleman, top The lively event also helped to The Soldier’s faces were NCO for the 4th BTB, vanaishes under a thick layer of cream. Battalion leaders took one for the tean during the charity further unite the battalion in a special bright with joy and motivation event. Page 42
  • 42. 1st Qtr/FY 10 Oct. - Dec. 2009 The Wrangler Holiday Ball Celebrate The Season In Style Article by Sgt. Angiene Myers Multimedia NCO FORT HOOD, Texas – Club Hood the great things they’ve done as a highlighting the lineage of the NCO was set to be a memorable occasion Wrangler team is truly great.” and the significant roles they played for the Soldiers of the 4th Sustainment throughout military history. Brigade, 13th Sustainment Command “The event is a morale booster. (Expeditionary) as they celebrated with We get to see our NCOs hit the dance The guest speaker, Command a holiday ball on Dec. 17. Soldiers and floor but at the same time we come Sgt. Maj. Arthur Coleman Jr., III their guest walked into a well decorated together in unity as we’re supposed to,” Corps Command Sergeant Major applauded NCOs for their dedication to continuously being the “backbone of the Army” as he addressed the crowd. “A system is not a system until a noncommissioned officer is in charge,” said Coleman. The commander of the 4th Sustainment Brigade, Col Ronald Kirklin said he wanted to make an impact with this event for his Soldiers and their families. “I wanted everyone to take fellowship with each other from this event,” said Kirklin. “They’ve been doing a great job supporting the unit and each other and I wanted everyone to have fun and relax.” Soldiers and their guests dance at the 4th Sust. Bde. Holiday Ball. A local DJ provided dance music following the “I think our Wrangler Pride is opening speeches, skits and dinner. Photo by Pvt. Amy Lane. spreading and that is one of the things ballroom in high spirit, for a night of said Sgt. Maria Gooding of the 157th See HOLIDAY Page 44 festivities and good food. Quartermaster Company. “We With units under the Wrangler get to see our brigade constantly deploying and leaders, not just redeploying, the holiday ball gave as Soldiers, but Soldiers the opportunity to relax and as actual human enjoy the company of their fellow unit beings that can cut members and loved ones in a relaxed a rug just like us.” environment. The theme “I think anything that can get folks of the night was together to kick back and have fun is the Year of the great,” said Tish Hickey, wife of the NCO which paid Brigade Troops Battalion commander. tribute to the “We’re a nation at war so anytime we can noncommissioned Movie star Vince Vaughn and director Peter Billingsley crashed the 4th Sustainment Brigade’s holiday ball. The stars greeted Soldiers along with Command Sgt. Major Erik R.R. come together, enjoy life and celebrate officer corps by Frey on the recieving line before heading inside to check out the festivities. Page 43
  • 43. 1st Qtr/FY 10 Oct. - Dec. 2009 HOLIDAY Continued from page 43 Brigade as well,” privileged to be a part of it, and we need said Tish. “So we to continue to do things like this in the need to provide future.” for their needs and serve them. “I really enjoyed the meaningful We need to show parts of the night such as the table that we appreciate display for the fallen and the slideshow – them and that we they were all very special,” said Jennifer are here because Jackson. of them.” The ball came to a close with a “Everyone local DJ spinning the latest dance hits played an integral as everyone dance the night away. The part in the Wrangler holiday ball included: a punch success of the bowl ceremony, unit skits, dinner and holiday ball. As music. with anything dealing with the “The Soldiers made this a success military, it takes because they enjoyed themselves and team work,” said that’s what I really wanted to see as a 2nd Lt. Tasha commander,” said Kirklin. “I also wanted Akins, Brigade S1 to see the families enjoying themselves Strength Manager. and they did. The entire Wrangler team “We all pulled made this event a success.” together and made it happen “I hope our Soldiers have a happy and I’m excited and very safe holiday season, and they 4th Sust. Bde. commander, Col. Ron Kirklin raises a boot filled with sand from Iraq and Afghanistan about the results. enjoy their families and each other,” I feel honored and concluded Kirklin. that I wanted to do upfront, not only me but the Command Sergeant Major and I, our goal was to spread that pride throughout this organization, and as we can see at this event, it’s definitely there,” Kirklin continued. A lot of hard work went into preparing this event for the Soldiers and their guest and it showed. Members of the holiday ball committee worked diligently right up to the day of the event so Soldiers could experience a night of fun with their loved ones. “I think the emphasis on Soldiers make sense. It’s the Soldiers that are really the strength of our Army, and they’re the strength of the Wrangler Soldiers perform a skit in which Santa’s Elf Platoon gets smoked at the 4th Sust. Bde. Holiday Ball. Page 44
  • 44. 1st Qtr/FY 10 Oct. - Dec. 2009 602nd Maintenance Company Changes Command Article by Pvt. Amy M. Lane Public Affairs Specialist FORT HOOD, Texas – Capt. Rigo Valdez transferred command of the 602nd Maintenance Company to Capt. Kirk E. Moss in a change of command ceremony Dec. 15 at the company's motor pool. Moss' wife, Patricia, and parents Robert and Evelyn Moss and Valdez' wife Chastity and son, Elias were present at the ceremony. Moss, who is originally from Austin, Texas, graduated from the University of Houston. He and his wife have two children. After being commissioned through OCS as a second lieutenant, Moss began his Capt. Kirk E. Moss assumes command of the 602nd Maintenance Company as he stands in front of his service in the 58th Maintenance Company formation for the first time at the change of command. at Fort Bragg, NC. He also served at Fort Lee, VA, followed by Camp Castle, Korea. exchange of the unit guidon. He welcomed Moss kept his remarks brief by His most recent assignment was with the Moss' wife Patricia into the Leopard family. thanking God, his family and friends and 4th Sustainment Brigade as the movement the Battalion commander. Moss closed control officer. "We couldn't succeed without your by simply stating that all policies and support," Melvin said. procedures are still in effect. Lt. Col. Matt G. Melvin, commander, 553rd Combat Sustainment Support He also thanked Valdez for his 30 Battalion spoke after the traditional months of command, including a 15-month deployment in Iraq. "Captain Valdez, I know you are proud of your Soldiers and the great work they have done. But it's time to say goodbye," Melvin said. Valdez spoke of how he could not have been successful without his Soldiers and NCOs. "To the Soldiers of the 602nd, I would like to thank you for all your hard work and dedication," said Valdez. "There was never a task that you could not accomplish. Thank you." Capt. Kirk E. Moss assumes command of the 602nd Maintenance Company as he stands in Capt. Rigo Valdez hands the Company Guidon front of his formation and his First Sergeant Valdez also thanked the family to Lt. Col. Matt G. Melvin, commander, 553rd for the first time at the change of commande Combat Sustainment Support Battalion at the ceremony. members of the soldiers. change of command ceremony. Page 45
  • 45. 1st Qtr/FY 10 Oct. - Dec. 2009 Santa Claus Delivered Soldiers Home For Christmas Article by Capt. Ariana Roscoe 4th Brigade Troops Battalion FORT HOOD, Texas – The 154th present we could get.” Transportation Company safely brought home the best Christmas gift to their loved Now that the ones. The 4th Brigade Troops Battalion, 4th unit is home, the Sustainment Brigade unit returned from a 154th Trans. Co. year-long deployment in Iraq on Dec. 26. will be responsible for transporting Eager to be with their families, the equipment and supplies Soldiers filed into the gymnasium through throughout Fort Hood, a cloak of fog at the Kieschnick Physical and they will also Fitness Center as their family members provide installation- cheered them on. wide asset support. The commander of the 4th Sust. Bde., Col. Ronald Kirklin addressed the returning “He is very brave to do what he does, “Our guys and gals Soldiers before they were released to their families at the Kieschnick Physical Fitness Center. and we are so happy that he is home,” did great things while said Nanette Biggers, whose husband is deployed, and now that 154th Trans. Co. “I look forward to the great a staff sergeant in the 154th Trans. Co. we’re home we are going to keep up that things we’re going to do here, and we are “His coming home is the best Christmas pace,” said Capt. Aldric Martin, commander, fully committed to supporting the fight.” Page 46