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When to take btw 2013 14
When to take btw 2013 14
When to take btw 2013 14
When to take btw 2013 14
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When to take btw 2013 14


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  • 1. REVIEW- LICENSING PROCESS  Eligible for Learner’s Permit at 15 ½ years old  Must drive for 45 hours (15 at night) with an adult while you have your learner’s permit  These have to be recorded and signed off on in your log book  Must hold your Learner’s Permit for 9 months before you can get your TDL-180 (driver’s license)  Must pass classroom driver ed and receive DEC-1 (green card)  D or better grade  36 hours of classroom time  Attend Partners for Safe Teen Driving w/ parent
  • 2. WHEN TO TAKE BEHIND THE WHEEL  Be near the end of your 9 months holding your learner’s permit  Have driven at least 30 hours with an adult  Have earned your DEC-1 or have a letter from teacher for co- enrollment  Can commit to meeting all 7 days of class, 2 hours each ($40 for missed class to schedule a make-up)  Feel confident that you will be able to pass the road test  2 attempts given during class  Pay $40 for a 3rd attempt  If you fail 3 times you have to re-take the entire class over  Behind the wheel is for refining your skills, not teaching you how to drive  There is an introductory course for learning the basics of driving:
  • 3. HOW TO SIGN UP FOR BEHIND THE WHEEL  Sign up for behind the wheel with FCPS one of these ways:   Call 703-658-1290  In person at the Adult and Community Education office: Plum Center (6815 Edsall Rd, Springfield, VA 22151)  The class costs $295  Discounts are offered during the school year only  $160 for those that receive FREE lunch  $225 for those that receive REDUCED lunch
  • 4. AFTER BEHIND THE WHEEL  If you are eligible for your license you will receive your Temporary Driver’s License (TDL-180)  Eligibility  DEC-1 card  Held Learner’s Permit 9 months  Completed driving log if under 18 years old (45 hours total, 15 after dark)  Completed all required paperwork  Successfully passed road skills test  Parents must be present on final day for licensing  The TDL is good for 180 days (6 months)  Keep it with your Learner’s Permit  Permanent license will be given by Juvenile and Domestic Court. A postcard will be sent in the mail with your court date.