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College information night

  1. 1. WPHS School Counselors
  2. 2.  September:  Sign up for SAT/ACT tests – discuss differences  Narrow down choices to 4-6 schools  Complete 4-year plan in Family Connection  October:  Be “on the ball” with Early Decision schools  Work on applications  College Fair Oct. 20th @ Fair Oaks Mall  College Night Oct. 21st @ Hayfield Secondary School  November:  Be aware of your application & transcript DEADLINES  December:  KEEP YOUR GRADES UP!  Monitor your application & transcript DEADLINES
  3. 3.  Identify your reach schools, safety schools, & good fit  Money?  Distance from home?  Attend College Fair and/or CollegeNight  Narrow choices down → pick your top 4-6 schools
  4. 4. Regina Sanders, Pathway Counselor, What are the benefits of attending NOVA? •Cost •Flexible schedule •Living at home •Earn transfer credits •Guaranteed admission to state univ.
  5. 5. Today, under the guidance of Dr. Robert G. Templin, Jr., NOVA offers more than 160 associate degree and certificate programs to more than 75,000 students from 150 countries. Our Students NOVA is home to students who come to us from many backgrounds. Our international student population (20%) represents more than 180 different countries. We serve, first-time, returning, and transfer students. Our students are full-time and part-time. Our Faculty Nearly 900 full-time faculty and administrators and 900 staff members serve our students. In addition, approximately 2,000 part- time faculty strengthen our ability to provide more courses and services. We have six campuses (Alexandria, Annandale, Woodbridge, Manassas, Loudon, Medical) and four centers (Arlington, Reston, Innovation Park, and Extended Learning Institute) Guaranteed Admission Agreement
  6. 6. Benefits in High School Benefits at NOVA Individual meetings about college transition, NOVA application process, and placement test prep Continued academic and career counseling Assistance with Financial Aid Process Guaranteed Admission to George Mason Early Placement Testing Pathway Section of SDV100 Priority Registration Opportunities at GMU: classes, social and athletic events Who should apply? Seniors who will graduate by August and who want to earn a Bachelor’s Degree For more information contact your: • Pathway Counselor –Regina Sanders, You can come by the Career Center on Wednesdays. • School Counselor
  7. 7. Advice from the Experts  Visit Campus  Take Advanced Level Courses  Activities  Practice Study Skills  Get on Campus  Ask Questions  Be Yourself in the Application Process
  8. 8. College Application Process  Develop and research a list of colleges that might be good matches for you.  Study hard and keep up grades.  Take SAT or ACT in spring of junior year and fall of senior year.  Work on activity sheet or résumé.  Complete transcript request form several weeks before the deadline of the applications.
  9. 9.  The courses you’ve taken –  Did you challenge yourself? AP, DE and honors classes?  GPA  SAT/ACT scores  Essay –  Did you stay on topic?  Activities/Experiences  Recommendation letters  VA Tech and JMU- 1 letter  Visits to campus/phone calls –  They may remember if you show interest!!
  10. 10.  Different kinds of applications:  Early Decision (Binding) = 1 school  Early Action  Regular  Rolling  Deferred  Apply online  YOU must have your official SAT/ACT scores sent to the colleges from the testing service  Have a copy of your SAT/ACT scores sent to West Potomac – CEEB code 470026
  11. 11.  Transcript Release Form MUST be signed by your parent AND completely filled out → Attach form called “Secondary School Report” (usually part of the application) → Give it to your counselor  Transcript Release Form can be found in the document library on Family Connection and on the WPHS website under Student Services  Indicate the APPLICATION DEADLINE on the transcript release form – DO NOT PUT ASAP!!  First 3 transcripts FREE – afterwards $5 each
  12. 12. Transcript Request Deadlines College Application Deadline WP Deadline  November 1 DUE October 11th  November 15 DUE October 25th  December 1 DUE November 8th  December 15 DUE November 22nd  January 1 DUE November 22nd  January 15 DUE December 11th  ANY FEBRUARY DUE January 10th  ANY MARCH DUE February 8th
  13. 13. Financial Aid Mr. Dale Schmidt, Financial Aid Champion, Available during lunches in the College and Career Center – Monday through Thursday beginning in December
  14. 14.  FAFSA  Cannot be postmarked before January 1  Based on your 2013 tax return   Must be completed every year  Financial Aid workshop (winter)  Scholarships  Self-nominated  School nominated  TAG Grants (Virginia Private Colleges)  CSS Profile (by College Board)  Loans
  15. 15. Financial Aid  Start planning now  Talk about cost of the schools your student is interested in – include a range of costs on the list  Net price calculator   Don’t be afraid of very selective (expensive) schools – they have a lot of aid
  16. 16. Financial Aid  Think about your family’s resources  – how much aid might we be eligible for?  Search for scholarships:  Blackboard/Family Connections  Files in College and Career Center   Watch deadlines – they are firm
  17. 17. Financial Aid  Myths  Athletic scholarships, independent children  Selective Colleges  They are all reach schools, academically and financially  Great range of financial resources  Need-blind/need-aware  Financial packages will not include (as many) loans
  18. 18.  If you want a Counselor Letter of Recommendation:  You MUST turn in your Student, Parent & Teacher Input forms and the activity record  If you want a Teacher Letter of Recommendation, you must ask a teacher with at least one month’s notice. Supply them with an addressed envelope and stamp to each college or ask them to give the letter to your counselor to put in the packet from West Potomac. Be sure to write them a thank you!
  19. 19. • College information •Check out videos and books on colleges and careers •Testing information and study guides •Scholarship and Financial Aid information •Computers available for college/career access •Access Family Connection for college/career search
  20. 20.  Sign up for college reps’ visits to WPHS  College information  Videos  Scattergrams with data on college admissions  College searches  Search for Scholarships
  21. 21. •ROTC •ASVAB test – October 7 at 7:30 AM, sign up in advance in CCC •Enlisting •Military Academies •Recruiters in cafeteria during lunches
  22. 22.  Want to play Division I or Division II sports in college?  Get all necessary forms from NCAA website:  Give forms to your counselor  Code 9999
  23. 23. Thank you for attending!!!  There are many pathways to college.  We are here to help.  You don’t have to know what you want to do with your life right now.  Advocate for yourself and ask for help.  Check for information in the CCC – Blackboard/Family Connection, bulletin boards, morning news, TV screens, and stop by CCC!  YOU CAN DO THIS!  **PLEASE FILL OUT THE EVALUATION**