2013 rising 9th night ppt


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2013 rising 9th night ppt

  1. 1. Standard Diploma Requirements 2011-2012 and Beyond Standard Diploma Course Requirements for Students Entering 9th Grade for the First Time in 2011-2012 and Beyond Subject Standard Credits Verified CreditsEnglish 4 2Mathematics 3 1Laboratory Science 3 1History and Social Sciences 4 1Health and Physical Education 2World Language, Fine Arts or Career & Technical Education 2Economics & Personal Finance 1Electives (must include sequential electives) 3Student Selected Test 1Total Credits 22 6 2
  2. 2. Advanced Studies Diploma Requirements 2011-2012 and Beyond Advanced Studies Diploma Course Requirements for Students Entering 9th Grade for the First Time in 2011-2012 and Beyond Subject Area Standard Credits Verified CreditsEnglish 4 2Mathematics 4 2Laboratory Science 4 2History and Social Sciences 4 2World Language 3 (or 2+2)Health and Physical Education 2Fine Arts or Career & Technical Education 1Economics & Personal Finance 1Electives 3Student Selected Test 1Total Credits 26 9 3
  3. 3. Typical 9th Grade Schedule (7 courses)• English 9/English 9 HN• World History and Geography 1/WHG 1 HN• Math (see next slide)• Biology/Biology HN (Science Fair for HN)• Health and PE 9• World Language (see later slide) orElective (see later slide)• Elective
  4. 4. Math Courses for 9 Grade th• Algebra 1 Part 1 and Algebra 1 (double-block)Algebra 1 Part 1 is an elective credit• Algebra 1/Algebra 1 HN• Geometry/Geometry HN• Algebra 2/Algebra 2 HNTeacher recommendation is very important!
  5. 5. World Language• American Sign Language• Chinese• French• German• Latin• Spanish• Spanish for Fluent Speakers (class is designed for students with a background in Spanish or who speak Spanish at home)Teacher recommendation for upper levels
  6. 6. 9 Grade Electives th• English Journalism 1, Photojournalism 1, Visual Communication 1 Developing Literacies• Social Studies AP Human Geography• Business Economics & Personal Finance (required for graduation) Information Tech Fund., Information Systems, Programming Accounting, Business Law/Business Management• Marketing Intro to Marketing, Fashion Marketing 1• Technology Education
  7. 7. 9th Grade Electives• Visual Arts Studio Art 1, Computer Graphics 1, Photography 1• Performing Arts Music Sampler, Music Theory Band, Orchestra, Guitar, Percussion Ensemble, Piano, Chorus (recommendation/audition)• Theatre Arts Theatre Arts 1, Technical Theatre 1• West Potomac Academy Dance 1• General Army JROTC 1, AVID, Leadership Training (interview)
  8. 8. AVID – an elective option!• Advancement Via Individual Determination• AVID is an academic program designed to increase the rigor of coursework taken by West Potomac students.• Every AVID student is in at least one Honors/AP.• All AVID Students have the goal of going to college!• Over the last three years all AVID seniors who applied to a four year college were accepted into at least one four year school!• Tutorials, College Visits, Family Nights, Guest Speakers…• Fill out an AVID Application today! Please return to Ms. Caldwell by Feb 15, 2013
  9. 9. On-Level vs. Honors• Course-specific information by each dept.• Student interest/motivation• Higher-order thinking skills• Interdisciplinary connections• Overall workload of seven courses• Balance with other commitments (extra- curricular activities, family time, leisure, etc.)• Time management
  10. 10. Special Education• Middle School Case Manager makes recommendations based on the student’s IEP• Level of services (SC, TM, general ed)• Special Education courses as needed (Basic Skills, Developmental Reading, Personal Development, etc.)
  11. 11. ESOL(English for Speakers of Other Languages)• Middle School ESOL Dept. determines the ESOL level of each student based on the WIDA scores.• ESOL 1• ESOL 2• ESOL 2/3• ESOL 3• ESOL 4
  12. 12. Important Hints about High School• Homework Counts!• Use your agenda book every day.• Check Blackboard every day.• Establish a study buddy system.• Missed assignments are your responsibility.• Utilize the Wolverine Time.• Late buses are available for after-school help.• Grade Point Averages (GPA’s) are computed from your grades in ALL subjects, ALL four years. Ninth grade is important!
  13. 13. Important Hints about High School• Daily attendance is important.• Absences must be reported by a parent/guardian in an email or with a note within 3 days.• Choose your friends wisely.• Activities such as clubs, sports and music are great ways to get involved in the school community.• Grades must be maintained to participate in sports.
  14. 14. Important Dates• January 30: Rising 9th Grade Family Night (tonight)• February 4-5: WP Counselors visit SMS• February 13: AVID Information Night and Advanced Academics Night• March 1: Course Selection Sheet due WP• May: List of your courses mailed home for review• June 15: Deadline for course change requests (changes possible if space available)• August 21-24: Course change requests (changes possible if space available)
  15. 15. Action Items• Course selection sheet requires parent/guardian signature – please discuss the selections!• Select two alternate electives.• Seek out teacher recommendations (AP/HN – expected to stay in the course for the first nine weeks).• Work with your counselor.• For more information, visit our website:www.fcps.edu/WestPotomacHSunder “Student Services” and “Academic Advising”