Search Engine Marketing 101
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Search Engine Marketing 101



This is a beginners guide to Search Marketing that covers the basics of PPC, SEO & how Google and the major search engines rank web sites. ...

This is a beginners guide to Search Marketing that covers the basics of PPC, SEO & how Google and the major search engines rank web sites.

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Search Engine Marketing 101 Search Engine Marketing 101 Presentation Transcript

  • Search Marketing 101 by Wpromote Inc.
    • Overview of
    • Search Engine
    • Marketing
  • The Anatomy of a Search Results Page
      • Organic or Natural Search Results
    Pay-per-click (PPC) or Sponsored Links
  • Pros and Cons of Paid Search
    • PROS:
    • Immediate Results
    • Total Control of How and Where Displayed
    • Can Test and Change Daily
    • CONS:
    • Costs Money Each Time Someone Clicks
    • Very Competitive
    • Need Knowledge to Avoid Wasted Spending
  • Pros and Cons of Organic Search
    • PROS:
    • Clicks are Free
    • Most People Click on Top Organic Links
    • CONS:
    • Takes Time to See Results
    • Limited Control
    • Clicks are Free but SEO efforts are Not
    • Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising
  • Anatomy of a PPC Ad
    • Total of 95 Characters Allowed:
      • Title = 25 Characters
      • 2nd line = 35 Characters
      • 3rd line = 35 Characters
    • Select a Landing Page URL that matches the product or service discussed in the ad.
    • Should be as Specific as Possible.
    • Include the Key Selling Points. Such as “No Signed Contract”
  • How to Select Your Keywords
    • Keywords + Ad Text = Ad Group
    • Make your Ad Groups Very Focused
    • Each Group Should be About 1 product
      • HP laptop in a different group than HP printer
    • No More than 50 Keywords in Each Ad Group (can have up to 2,000)
    • Google Keywords Tool
  • How Google Ranks Paid Ads
    • Google Determines which Advertisers want to Show up for a Keyword Each Time a User Searches.
    • Google will Rank the Advertisers based on 2 things:
      • The Amount of Money They Bid
      • Their Quality Score
    • Quality Score is Based on Relevancy of Keywords and Ad as Well as Other Factors
    • Bottom Line = The More You Pay the More You Show Up.
    • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) - Organic Listings
  • Anatomy of an Organic Ad
    • Page Title = Max of 66 Characters
    • Meta Description = Max of 160 characters.
    • Page Titles and Meta Descriptions should be different on each page of your website.
    • Kewords Used in Ad Should Relate Directly to Product/Service Described on That Page
  • How Google Ranks Sites Organically
    • Combination of These Elements:
      • Content on Your Website (Both Quantity and Quality)
      • Meta Description, Keywords & Titles
      • Number of Inbound Links
      • What Your Domain Name is and How Long it has Been Around
    • Website &
    • Landing Page
    • Design
  • Make Your Messaging Consistent
    • Consistency from start to finish is key
    • (a) Search Query (b) PPC Campaign (c) Landing Page
    • Customize your messaging so that it appeals to how the user is searching.
    • In the example below you can see the message “Digital Music Service” is used every step of the way
    (a) Search Query (c) Landing Page (b) PPC Campaign
  • Minimize Distractions
    • Have a clear call to action
    • No flash intros! Don’t be too creative!
    • Eliminate unnecessary navigation.
    • Examples:
      • Old Lumineers Landing Page
      • New Lumineers Landing Page
  • Reduce Your Bounce Rate
    • You only have 2 seconds to tell your story.
    • Tell users they have found what they are looking for.
    • Always use clear, concise and relevant headline.
    • Include testimonials, awards, certification.
  • Perform User Testing
    • Ask friends and colleagues to “do stuff” on your site
    • Many easy tasks are harder than you think!
    • Use Tools like CrazyEgg to see user behavior
    • Make sure your website is compatible with all browsers.
  • Blog!
    • Blogging is Great for SEO!
    • • Blog 3-5 times per week, 300 word posts
    • •  Blog on
    • Interact in the blogosphere
      • Commenting, guest blogging, blog links
  • About Wpromote
    • Search Engine Marketing Firm with Solutions for All Business’ sizes and needs
    • Search Solutions Starting at $99/month
    • Website Development
    • Search Engine Optimization
    • Landing Page Testing
    • PPC Management
  • Thank You!
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