Nooksack Loop Trail


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WPRF President Daniel Tepper presents the Nooksack Loop Trail, a proposed 45-mile loop trail which would connect four major population centers in Whatcom County.

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Nooksack Loop Trail

  1. 1. Whatcom Parks and Recreation Foundation Nooksack Loop TrailConnecting Our Communities, Parks and People
  2. 2. The Nooksack Loop Trail is a PROPOSED trail. As wework toward making it a reality, it is important toremember that it currently consists mainly ofprivate property. We ask all our supporters to joinus in pledging to maintain the privacy of ourneighbors in Whatcom County. Please, donttrespass!
  3. 3. Trail Plan adopted by Whatcom County - 1973
  4. 4. Nooksack Loop Trail Facts• Approximately 45 miles in length• 245 (+/-) Property Parcels intersect trail• Connects Bellingham, Ferndale, Lynden and Everson/Nooksack• Over 100,000 people live within 5 miles of the trail• Provides a strong core for future trail development
  5. 5. Partnership• Private Property Owner Rights Respected – Eminent domain or condemnation NOT advocated• Trail must be a win-win for everyone• Private-Public Partnership• Joint Funding – Governmental AND Private Sources
  6. 6. What Will The Trail Look Like?
  7. 7. What Won’t The Trail Look Like?
  8. 8. It won’t look like this!
  9. 9. Or this!
  10. 10. What Benefits will the Nooksack Loop Trail Bring?• Increase in Quality of Life for Whatcom County Residents• Helps Protect Our Historic and Rural Legacy• Increase in Health Benefits and Reduction in Health Care Costs• Reduction in Traffic Congestion
  11. 11. What the Nooksack Loop Trail Won’t Do • Increase Crime • Decrease Property Value • Increase Liability for Property Owners • Increase Global Warming
  12. 12. What’s Been Accomplished So Far?• Nooksack Loop Trail Committee Established by WPRF in June 2007• “Nooksack Loop Trail” Chosen As Name of Trail• Potential Route Determined• Monthly NLTC Meetings Held on rotational basis in Bellingham, Ferndale, Lynden and Everson• 38+ Meetings with Various Officials and Agencies
  13. 13. What’s Being Worked On• Master Plan for the NLT• Marketing Plan (including print, web and social media)• Volunteer Program• Outreach• Fundraising
  14. 14. Who Supports the Trail?
  15. 15. Who Doesn’t Support the Trail?
  16. 16. What Can I Do to Help?• Attend NLT Meeting – 1st Quarter, 2013 (exact date and location TBA).• Talk to Us About Your Interests, Resources and Availability.• Fund Raise and/or Donate Money!• Have Your Photo Taken “On the Trail”!• Talk to Friends and Neighbors about the Nooksack Loop Trail.• Write Letters and Attend Meetings.• Like Us on Facebook.• Join the Whatcom Parks and Recreation Foundation.
  17. 17. Where Can I Go For More Information?
  18. 18. I “ f there’s one essential ingredient to creating trails, it’s people. All the land and financing in the world won’t blaze a trail if there aren’t people championing the project” project Bay Area Ridge Trail Council“I thought of the theory of relativity while riding my bike.” Albert Einstein