WordPress Multisite - A Whole New Web World
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WordPress Multisite - A Whole New Web World

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Multisite WordPress has revolutionized my web work. This is a presentation I created for the Mid-Cities DFW WordPress Users group on June 1st, 2013

Multisite WordPress has revolutionized my web work. This is a presentation I created for the Mid-Cities DFW WordPress Users group on June 1st, 2013

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  • Talk about title – how it changed my outlook.
  • Talk about how it works… technical details… and front end details. Introduce you to some good plugins and places to get more help Title – “It’s a whole new web world”
  • Background… started using in 2004 – WYSIWYG – Mostly for personal and family blogs… Got into Wordpress Multisite back when it was WordPress MU in 2009 and set up my first two networks (UNC and one for my family blogs). My mind just blew when I saw this. There are so many possibilities.
  • Each new site you have to set these up too…
  • (Caching and other stuff here)
  • Share User base. Doesn’t work well with single sites that need to have their own set of users that log in and do stuff. Or rather it is harder. Updates potentially break LOTS of sites. Backups are hugeSecurity Vulnerabilities are more dangerous


  • 1. WordPress (Multisite){A Whole New Web World}Jeff VanDrimmelen | Advanced WordPress EngineerPrepared for the DFW MidCities WordPress User Group | 6/1/2013http://WPjeff.com1
  • 2. {Goal}Get your brain juices goingabout how you might useWordPress multisite.http://WPjeff.com2
  • 3. {About Me}I love WordPressBut I really love Multisite Sitehttp://WPjeff.com3
  • 4. {Single Site Wordpress Install}http://WPjeff.com4
  • 5. {Lots of Single Sites}http://WPjeff.com5
  • 6. {Plugins, Updates, Users?}http://WPjeff.com6Plugins,Users,UpdatesPlugins,Users,UpdatesPlugins,Users,Updates
  • 7. {Multisite Network}http://WPjeff.com7Plugins,Users,Updates
  • 8. {Updates & New Plugins}http://WPjeff.com8
  • 9. {Sitewide Settings}http://WPjeff.com9
  • 10. {Let Users Create Own Sites}http://WPjeff.com10
  • 11. {Custom Branding}http://WPjeff.com11
  • 12. {New Site Templates}http://WPjeff.com12
  • 13. {Web.unc.edu}http://WPjeff.com13
  • 14. {Van’s Websites}Hosted Small Business Siteshttp://WPjeff.com14
  • 15. {WordPress Application Tier}http://WPjeff.com15
  • 16. {Support Models}http://WPjeff.com16
  • 17. {Membership Sites}http://WPjeff.com17
  • 18. {Pro Sites}http://WPjeff.com18
  • 19. {Domain Mapping}http://WPjeff.com19
  • 20. {GarageSaleSite Network}http://WPjeff.com20
  • 21. {Multisite Disadvantages}http://WPjeff.com21Plugins,Users,Updates
  • 22. {Single Site  Network}http://WPjeff.com22
  • 23. {Advanced Multisite}Database Split (<5000 sites)CachingSecurityHostingPlugin/Theme Managementhttp://WPjeff.com23
  • 24. {Getting Help}http://WPjeff.com24
  • 25. {Jeff VanDrimmelen}http://WPjeff.commail@WPjeff.com817-320-0560http://WPjeff.com25