The Icon Companies


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Breif outline of interior and exterior signage, product development and enhanced fascia solutions.

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The Icon Companies

  1. 1. Case Study / Mind Body Sole Leading the way to a brighter future. Custom Signage Solutions & InnovationThe Challenge•Staying within design intent and working with all involved to accomplish what needed to be done•Need for dimensional look•Completely abandoned old product•Logo has 3 very custom colors•No time to create custom vinyl within very aggressive development schedule•Expensive Elite Acrylic material was specified by design firm• Pigmented acrylics•Develop a solution that could be applied to both exterior and interior signage
  2. 2. The Solution - Mind Body Sole Leading the way to a brighter future.
  3. 3. The Solution - Mind Body Sole Leading the way to a brighter future.
  4. 4. The Solution - Mind Body Sole Leading the way to a brighter future.
  5. 5. The Icon Companies - Innovation Leading the way to a brighter future. Introducing Lo-Pro LED Twice the Lifespan Shines Four Times Brighter. Lasts Twice as Long. • Icon’s Lo-Pro LED leads the industry with super-efficient, cost-effective lighting. Not only does it showcase your company in the best possible light, it stays brighter longer than any other low-profile letters. 80% Fewer Raw Materials Means Greater Sustainability. 4X Brighter • Lo-Pro LED preserves the environment’s energy by using fewer raw materials. And Substantially More Sustainable since its LEDs aren’t permanently imbedded, you only replace the LEDs — Replaceable LEDs/ not the whole letter.Maintainable Letters In the end, that saves you a lot of time, energy and money.
  6. 6. Case Study / Chase Blue Glowing Wall Leading the way to a brighter future.
  7. 7. Case Study / Bank of America Leading the way to a brighter future.
  8. 8. Success Story – Yum! Express Leading the way to a brighter future. Brand ConsistencyLED vs. NeonLED signs provide many advantagesover standard neon, including: • Lower energy usage • Fast field installation • Reduced maintenance costs
  9. 9. Success Story – Yum! Express Leading the way to a brighter future. Brand Consistency LED Letter (w/ White Outline) NEON Letter (control) LED Letters LEDCompany 1 LED Company 2 LED Company 3
  10. 10. Prototypes & Engineering Leading the way to a brighter future. Prototypes & Engineering
  11. 11. Case Study / HSBC Leading the way to a brighter future. Interior ATM
  12. 12. Success Story – Jiffy Lube Refresh Leading the way to a brighter future.The ChallengeFor 20 years, Jiffy Lube had undergone avariety of brand changes and updates withoutsufficient standardization. Eventually, the widearray of images displayed at Jiffy Lubefacilities had significantly diluted the brand.So, in 2006, the client moved to address thisissue with new signage designs and plans fornationwide implementation.
  13. 13. Success Story – Jiffy Lube Refresh Leading the way to a brighter future.Development PhaseFirst, Jiffy Lube asked Icon to participate in thedevelopment process, and we began working withbrand designers to test various approaches withsignage and architectural element prototypes.The result was a unique, impactful lookengineered for affordability and flexibility: the Approachesdesign incorporated aluminum composite material with Signage(ACM) panels with a 10-year warranty and could andbe easily installed in a wide variety of settings. Architectural Element Prototypes
  14. 14. Success Story – Jiffy Lube Refresh Leading the way to a brighter future.Implementation – SurveysThe first phase of implementation focused on the250 company-operated sites nationwide, and JiffyLube made Icon responsible for approximately 60locations in the Chicago and Philadelphia areas.Our program management expertise andnationwide teams were essential in successfullyaddressing the challenge of widely varying permitrequirements. Within a week, we had mobilizedteams to conduct photographic surveys of almostevery site, an endeavor which provided a clearerview of program scope while helping us smooththe permitting process.
  15. 15. Success Story – Jiffy Lube Refresh Leading the way to a brighter future.InstallationOnce the maximum allowable signage had beenapproved for each site, our manufacturing andinstallation teams quickly completed the program —ahead of schedule and ahead of the field. Within 2months of the start date, Icon had completed nearlyhalf of our assigned locations.And our value engineering lowered the price ofimplementation: our engineers significantly reducedper sign costs by tweaking design details formaximum economy and quality.
  16. 16. Success Story – Jiffy Lube Refresh Leading the way to a brighter future.The ResultIcon completed our portion of the program within4 months, meeting or exceeding all cost andschedule targets. Initial reports indicated a 3%increase in daily car count and a 9% increase insales after re-imaging.After supporting the initial Jiffy Lube re-brandingprogram with such speed and success, Iconsoon began work on close to 335 franchisee-owned sites.
  17. 17. The Icon Companies: Corporate Profile Leading the way to a brighter future. • Over 79 years of success as an industry leader • $100M in annual revenue • Positive earnings and cash flow through lifetime of business • Strong financial position with major banks • Program Management Combined to provide • Program Management providing over $18 • Sign Manufacturing unsurpassed products • Sign & Lighting Repair million in credit • Site Audits & Surveys and services and Maintenance • Permit Procurement • LED Retrofits • Design Engineering • ImageCare Renew System • Installation & Field Services • Parking Lot Lighting • Facility Brand Application • New technology & special o Interior & Exterior projects • Survey & Asset tracking
  18. 18. The Icon Companies: Manufacturing Plants Leading the way to a brighter future.Elk Grove Village, IL Lexington, SC Rancho Cucamonga, CAPrimary Function Primary Function Primary FunctionCorporate Headquarters Manufacturing ManufacturingManufacturing Program ManagementProgram Management Unions & Locals IMS Service Center MANUFACTURING Non-Union FacilityUnions & Locals Unions & Locals • 3 strategically positioned facilitiesInternational Brotherhood of Employees: 68 Non-Union FacilityElectrical Workers Local • 250 highly skilled employees Square Feet: 60,000 Employees: 21134A&B (Sign Electricians) • Strong value-engineering capabilityLocal 134D (Sign Assemblers) Square Feet: 26,000Sheet Metal Workers Int’l • Network of strategic outsourcing partnersAssociation Local 73 • Lean manufacturing processEmployees: 93Square Feet: 103,000
  19. 19. The Icon Companies: Program Management Leading the way to a brighter future.Why Signage Program Management? Services include:Portfolios of projects, or programs, require • Sign-family developmentstrategic management. Our leading program • Facility brand applicationmanagement team focuses on broader, more • Franchise network supportconceptual issues, such as: • Overall branding objectives Plus: • Illuminated Sign Manufacturing • Site audits and surveys • Field services • Permit procurement • Delivery and installationOver 105 Icon program managers providecomprehensive identity services on a • Continuing warranty andregional, national, and international basis. maintenance service • Finance & leasing options Our compartmentalized system also allows for quick changes in program scope: increased flexibility means that our team can efficiently adapt to changing needs.