Making Linked In Effective For You


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Making Linked In Effective For You

  1. 1. LinkedIn Tips Walt Pennington 619 993 6157
  2. 2. Getting Started Register for a LinkedIn account Sell Yourself Why should someone want to connect to you? Build Your Profile Include at least two positions Make sure the employer's name is the same used by other former employees Full educational history Visible Email; Visible Direct Telephone
  3. 3. Be Found Add content to allow people to find you Current and Past Employers Keywords (HP3000, MPE) Schools Groups - Alumni groups Multiple email address (work, home, other) Organizations of Interest Enterprise Software Community Personalize Your Profile Name Login -> Profile -> click quot;editquot; next to Public Profile
  4. 4. Applications & Collaboration Add Presentations to Your Profile Customers Existing - Find Product Range, Benefits Prospective Networking Options Google Presentation SlideShare Collaboration Tools - Employees & Customers Share Files and Documents Huddle (Collaboration)
  5. 5. Searching - General Options Search Options Resume Keywords and Expertise: Education, Tools, Technology. Location (zip code + distance) Companies (Past, Present or Both) Industries Employers, Job Title Groups Extend your search: Find members not in your network, who are in a group
  6. 6. Searching - Advanced Options Questions & Answers Search for keywords, topics quot;Related Companiesquot; - Search for a company. Look for quot;Related Companiesquot; quot;Career Path for XXXX employeesquot; Find successor employers for prospects quot;XXXX employees are most connected to:quot;
  7. 7. Networking/Business Meeting Marco Thompson ( is the specific inspiration for this slide LinkedIn @ Meetings Networking Display the LinkedIn profile using a projector 30-60 seconds to discuss themselves Allows others to scan LinkedIn profile Hear summary Read the profile to supplement the introduction. Longer retention. Success stories Summary in your profile
  8. 8. LinkedIn Tools Optional Toolbars - Browser & Email Browser Outlook Profile and Status Updates quot;Publish profile updates and recommendations?quot; quot;Yes, notify my connections, show significant profile updates on my company’s profile, and include me in the industry Movers & Shakers listquot; quot;Notify your connections of status updates?quot;
  9. 9. References - Dead Wood References Find contacts at a company to validate the recommendations or to provide references Validate dates worked, and department Find people in your network to provide information on candidates Dead Wood: Removing Contacts Login -> click Contacts -> click Remove
  10. 10. Inspiration and Examples Marco Thompson. Special thanks to Marco who has a set of slides that are more comprehensive called quot;Professional Social Networkingquot; in his LinkedIn profile For other business networking inspiration, see Marco Thompson's profile at Socializr. com (http://www.socializr. com/user/860699037)
  11. 11. If you liked this presentation, tell your friends. If not, ssshhhhhhhh! Walt Pennington 619 993 6157