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  • RACI Charting is based on the observation that misunderstandings and/or an absence of information about responsibilities is a major cause of inaction and implementation failure. RACI Charting is a technique designed to prevent this by explicitly
  • The accountability for completing an activity or making a decision is often ambiguous because more than one person shares an element of responsibility toward it. A complex function may involve several people, all of whom see the function from their perspective or need. To clarify these complex relationships, we separate accountability from responsibility. Responsible: “R’s” may also be delegated—particularly for larger tasks. Accountable: the person whose neck is on the line if the activity/decision isn’t carried out. The person with the “A” may also choose to take the “R” for completing the task, or may delegate the “R” to another party. For a complex activity
  • • Activities should take the following format (VAN): Verb Adjective Noun
  • An example of a completed RACI chart. Let class read through and make sure they understand Clarification of activities (if explanation needed): #2 employee jot down information and ask secretary to put into computer format, consult with accounting if not sure of expense category. #4 supervisor questions an expense that employee had documented. #9 general accounting ask employees how they want to receive payment (paycheck or direct deposit).
  • Raci gsw

    1. 1. RACI ChartingRoles and Responsibilities
    2. 2. RACI Overview • The purpose of the RACI process is to answer the following questions . . . – What functions, activities, and tasks must be performed – Who must perform them and what is their level of involvement • RACI is a highly participative process that ensures ownership of the responsibilities -2- Anal Prob ol v5.ppt
    3. 3. Type/Degree of Participation Can Be Defined Responsible • Individual(s) (Many) who perform an activity or take part “Doer” in a decision—responsible for action/implementation. Accountable “Buck Stops Here”  Individual (One!!) who has ultimate decision making and approval authority. Typically the owner of the budget. Consulted  Individual(s) (Many) who need to have input into a decision “In the Loop” or action before it occurs. Informed  Individual(s) (Many) who must be informed that a decision “FYI” or action has taken place. -3- Anal Prob ol v5.ppt
    4. 4. RACI Charting Maps Roles with Activities Functional Role: • A position assigned or assumed to accomplish an activity or sub-activity A C I Activity: R C I C • An action or decision that is one I R A of several sequential steps in R A the completion of a business process. I A C It should always result in a clear A I R C output A C R I -4- Anal Prob ol v5.ppt
    5. 5. Region Employee Expense Statement Processing(Example) Participant Role Region General Activities Employee Secretary Supervisor Accounting Accounting1. Document expenses AR2. Complete expense account form AR R C3. Forward to supervisor A R4. Review C AR5. Approve I AR6. Forward to region accounting R A7. Classify expenses C AR8. Audit AR9. Determine payment type C AR -5- Anal Prob ol v5.ppt