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  • 1. Your clothing appetite……….
    T – Volution!
  • 2. T – Volution!
    T- Volution! is an exciting new business that allows people to enjoy or show off by wearing our speally designed t-shirts.
    T-Volution comes with speaciall designed logo, funny quotes & funny pictures.
    Designed are visible on front and back to give complete exposure
    T-Volution is all about the creativity. New creative designs are always in our inventory.
  • 3. T – Volution!
    Our Mission:
    “To offer the finest in shirt on production. T-Volution will offer customers the best product at the best price. Customer’s expectation will always be exceeded.”
    Our Vision:
    “To become one of a market leader in clothing business.”
  • 4. T – Volution!
    T-Volution! knows its target market. Keeping in view the likes/dislikes, taste ,style & culture of differen segment of our society we have distributed our product in three categories.
    T- Voluters
    T- Funky
    T- Classic
    T- Custom (coming soon)
    T- femine (coming soon)
  • 5. T – Volution!
    T- Voluters
    This category is all about designs. We have the the best artwork that works best on the t-shirts.
    T-Voluters consist of sharp images, art, graphics & colourful designs.
    T-Voluters specifically targets teenagers & youth segment of society.
  • 6. T – Volution!
    T- Funky
    This category is all about fun. We have the the best funky artwork that works well for parties & friends outings.
    T-Funky consist of funny & famous quotes.
    Images of heroes & superstars.
    T-Funky specifically targets a segment that are teenagers & youth who are more into sports & are of socializing nature.
  • 7. T – Volution!
    T- Classics
    This category is all about some serious stuff. We have the best classical t-shirts that can be worn anywhere.
    T-Classics consist of small & sober artwork.
    T- Classics is a multi purpose outfit.
    T-Funky specifically targets middle aged serious customers as well as senior citizens .
  • 8. T – Volution!
    Our Customers
    Our customer base is on increasing mode from time we had first launched our product.
    We have maintained data base of our customers.
    Frequent feedback & comments are taken & welcomed.
    Computerized data of our customers helps us to send them the right product.
    Our customers are offered money back guarantee for all T-Volition products sold to them.
    Selling Sources: Malls, references, E-mals, Online Social networks.
  • 9. T – Volution!
    Our Competitors
    We have a strong competitors in market enjoying large market shares.
    Low cost & quality t-shirts available in different bazaars.
    Branded outlets of domestic & international clothing chains.
    Companies selling through online portals, i.e. Voodoo tee & Now tees etc
  • 10. T – Volution!
    Our Competitive Edge & Defense shield
    T-Volution! has two sustainable competitive edges to assist them in market penetration.
    The first edge is a enormous catalog of graphic images. T-Volution! is able to offer an unprecedented number of options.
    Second edge is the high quality offered at a very smart price.
    Our customers can enjoy real value of their money.
  • 11. T – Volution!
    Prices of T- Volutions products are as follows:
    T-Voluters: S/M/L PKR 399
    T- Funky : S/M/L PKR 399-499
    T-Classics: S/M/L PKR 299-399
    T- Volution offers free home delivery for there customers.
  • 12. T – Volution!
  • 13. T – Volution!
    Our Future……………..
    T-Volution currently is in a beginning level. We still have to long way to go, with our vision & hard work we are hopeful that we can meet our goals & objective very soon.
    Plans to purchase our own printing machines that can help us start custom printed t-shirts.
    Hire professionals for marketing our product & graphics designers for t-shirts designing.
    Market our products through online social networks like Face book, yahoo etc.
    Online interactive t-shirts selling portal.
    Launching a separate clothing for women's.
    Operate our own branded outlet.
  • 14. T – Volution!
    Our Performance……….
    T-Volution! Is a new business just few months old & in process towards the progress. Our so far performance is mentioned.
  • 15. T – Volution!
    Our Performance……….
    Although the progress is slow but steady as we are going through development stage, but T-Volution has a lot of potential if properly financed with the required infrastructures & careful stategy development under proper management can do wonders for its investors. As we all know
    “Slow & Steady wins the race………”