Using Trivia and Quiz Products to Engage Your Customer


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Brief overview on how to businesses can engage their customers using fun trivia and quiz tools and the benefits including:
Capturing Leads
Increase Information Retention
Increase Ad revenue for Publishers

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Using Trivia and Quiz Products to Engage Your Customer

  1. 1. VOICES HEARD MEDIAThe Leader in User Engagement Applications Test Your Users… They’ll Thank You!
  2. 2. • Benefits of Testing Users• Contest• Out-of-Home Mobile Experiences• Educational Conferences• ELearning• Increase Revenue
  3. 3. Traditionally trivia and quizzes have been thoughtof as simply something fun to do, but companiesare finding out that using these tools can helpachieve the following goals:• Capture Leads• Provide Fun and Competitive Experience• Increase Information Retention• Encourage Learning• Increase Ad Revenue
  4. 4. Trivia as a SweepstakesIncrease Email Newsletter RegistrationsMedia Company wanted to increaseengagement and increase registrations forsponsor’s email newsletter around aSmashing Pumpkins concert give away.Set Up and LocationVHM Trivia product was embedded on thecompany’s website and Facebook tab. Theevent required the user to register after takingthe first question. Once registration wascompleted the user would be entered into thesweepstakes and be able to finish taking thequiz.During the registration process the user alsohad the option to sign up for the sponsor’semail newsletterThe Results• 52.71% of unique visitors entered• 33% of those users opted in to the sponsor’s email newsletter
  5. 5. Engaging Out of HomeEngaging Out of HomeHGTV wanted to help its fans pass the time asthey waited in line and create higher brandawareness during their CMA Festival Lodgeevent.Set Up and LocationVHM Trivia product was displayed on the 50’TV screens within the Lodge!Festival goers were able to answer Triviaquestions directly via their smartphone, withresults being displayed on the TV screen VHM Trivia on TV Screenmonitors within the Lodge.This provided interaction on-the-fly andenabled participants to immediately see howthey stacked up against other fans!
  6. 6. Testing Conference AttendeesMake Conference Booth Attendance Fun!Conference organizer wanted to encourageattendees to visit each booth and increasetheir email registrations.Set Up and LocationEach day of the conference new questionswere created about each sponsor. Attendeescould find the answers to the questions byvisiting each booth.Once they answered the questions the userswere entered into a leaderboard displayed onTV screen at the conference and prizes weregiven out to the users with the highest pointtotals.The Results• 82.61% of unique visitors interacted
  7. 7. Information RetentionGlobal education in a fun environmentA collaborative learning network consisting ofteachers, students and parents from over 200countries uses VHM Trivia to enhance theironline learning tools and classroom-readyactivities.Set Up and LocationTrivia games of various subject matter, e.g.“Branches of U.S. Government” and “ArmedForces Around the World”, have been createdto supplement other learning materials ondedicated topic pages.Students are provided with a fun andinformative format in which to test theirknowledge about specific subjects, and areprovided with instant results and feedback.
  8. 8. Increase RevenueUser Initiated Auto Refresh - Top ExampleAdvertisements can be set to refresh based on auser’s actions. This technique can be used tothrottle up or down a particular campaign’scommitted impressions based on how well or poorlythe campaign is performing, or this can be used torotate several advertisers within a given ad location.Event Sponsorship - Bottom ExampleThe other way to benefit advertiser is to include theirad within the experience after the user has beenparticipating.