Presentation of a strategy to transform the airport into a new urban node

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Presentation of the transformation of the airport surroundings land into an urban node, making it sustainable and durable

Presentation of the transformation of the airport surroundings land into an urban node, making it sustainable and durable

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  • 1. Park in motion Wouter Swinkels B 1286064
  • 2.  
  • 3. Project description Negative - Isolated / only accessible by car / Positive + Small / surrounding areas for development What are Regional airports? Within the city boundary On the city border In the Landscape London City airport Eindhoven airport Weeze airport Maastrich Aachen airport Rotterdam Zestienhoven Hongkong airport
  • 4. Use of the airport Business airport / short incheck times / European scale Legenda
  • 5. Research Question
    • The airport as a new urban node toward a strategic ( e.g. competitiveness ) and sustainable development ( e.g. sustainable mobility )?
    Field of graduation objectives
  • 6.  
  • 7. Study area Zuidvleugel Relation Airport between Rotterdam and Den Haag Legenda
  • 8. Position of the airport in the economic region In Randstad, between Flamish quarter, Ruhr area Legenda
  • 9. Density urban areas Aprox 2.0 million people Legenda
  • 10. Connections Public transport Den Haag - Rotterdam Randstad rail / train Legenda
  • 11. Highway system Den Haag - Rotterdam Triangle Den Haag-Gouda-Rotterdam / Ringroad of Rotterdam Legenda
  • 12. The regional landscape Project area between regional park - Rotterdam Legenda
  • 13. Offices & Institutes Southwing Located near Highways in the Centres of the Cities Legenda
  • 14. Airport connected on the region Airport of Delft? Legenda Legenda
  • 15. Space syntax existing location The accessibility of airport GOOD Connection with the A13 And THE SOUTH OF DELFT BAD CONNECTION TO CITY CENTRE AND REGION Legenda
  • 16.  
  • 17. Growth of the airport to 2.0 million passengers Most desirable situation: Terminal moves to the east side and is accessible also by public transport / terminal is linked with the city as and regional area
  • 18.
    • The boundaries of the existing sound contour of 35 ke will not be affected.
    • The area situated around the airport has an height restriction of 45 meter .
    • Increase the accessibility of the airport
    Conditions for scenario The airport most develop to an sustainable, and strategic development which could benefits the region and location
  • 19. + Model combined transport Randstad rail + car concept
  • 20. Travel times Multiple options for transportation
  • 21. Model public transport regio map Line connecting Airport with Rotterdam - Regional landscape - Den Haag
  • 22. Rotterdam The city axis its nodes and connections Connection city axis on the regional landscape Legenda
  • 23. The Design area between RED and GREEN space Legenda Connect the project area with innercity and the pheripery
  • 24.  
  • 25. Project area Project area is located between innercity and the pheripery
  • 26. Network infrastructure Only few connections with Zestienhoven and Schiebroek Legenda
  • 27. Connections public transportation Terminal is located on the other side of the public transport network Legenda
  • 28. Analyse Green & Water In the project areas is less quality green present, The structure of the polder 16hoven is still present Legenda
  • 29. Urban pattern No housing program is located within the sound barrier / Housing is present in Schiebroek Legenda
  • 30. program Hospital function is present in the area / industrial program spread out in the project area. Legenda
  • 31. Conclusion New local connections Schiebroek and Zestienhoven / relocate the terminal to the east Legenda
  • 32.  
  • 33. Toolbox for design The model public transport and conclusions of the local analyses are put into the design + + Connecting four Areas together Maintaining characterical lines Adding special program ‘s Relocating the terminal
  • 34. Reference Olympic plan London 2012 Using: sports / green / public transport to revive an urban part of the city of London
  • 35. Reference Olympic plan London 2012 Olympic park connects all Olympic program around it. / Public transport stations located around the park. Functions Mass space
  • 36. Reference Bayern Arena Analyses of functioning of a stadium as an referential for the design
  • 37. Reference Bayern Arena Double use of space, (parking/public space on top) multiple traffic flows. Parking and infrastructure Stadium / recreational network / metrostation
  • 38. Multiple connections made for recreational and local traffic flows / Schiebroek and Zestienhoven are connected through the park The design
  • 39. New local connections to make Schiebroek and Zestienhoven integrated by the park Layer 1 Traffic network
  • 40. Adding: new water structure to give the area more quality Layer 2 Water Frame work
  • 41. Green in the project area is a base for the design Layer 3 Greencarpet
  • 42. implementation of the park as an Transition lane BETWEEN CITY AND REGION Design of the city axis
  • 43. Design The park
  • 44. Mass space plan of the park / water and green The green and water
  • 45. Variety in functions applied to make the park become an dynamic location Functions in and on the park
  • 46. Park and ride locations in the park are accessible and connected by public transport Park and ride + public transport
  • 47. recreational and local traffic flows / Schiebroek and Zestienhoven are connected through the park New connections
  • 48. Image of the G.K. van Hooghendorpweg Image of the park road
  • 49. Image of new park road New Image of the G.K. van Hooghendorpweg
  • 50. View towards the hospital Image in the park
  • 51. Image of new public space towards Hospital Image in the park towards the Hospital / possible use of the park
  • 52. Image of new public space Current situation Stadium area
  • 53. Image of New Stadium Possible new image of the park with the stadium as a new program
  • 54. Image of parking in the park Current situation at the G.K. van Hooghendorpweg
  • 55. Image of the GK van Hooghendorpweg Image profile of the road and how the parking is located in the park
  • 56. Image of new public space Image current situation of the park lake
  • 57. Image of new public space Image Park lake towards Bussiness quarter
  • 58. Image of new public space Image current situation airport terminal
  • 59. Image of new public space New image entrance airport terminal
  • 60. Image of new park road Image current situation G.K. van Hooghendorpweg, end of the runway
  • 61. Image of new park road Image towards new city entrance
  • 62.  
  • 63. Evaluation Space Syntax Outcome of the design implementation accessibility of the park / Stadium / Terminal is HIGH Legenda
  • 64. Evaluation comparing the accessibility of the airport NEW SITUATION AIRPORT HIGHER CENTRALITY LARGER ACCESSIBLE AREA Current situation terminal on the west end of Zestienhoven New situation terminal on the East end of Zestienhoven
  • 65. Evaluation city scale Using the park as an stepping stone between the city and the regional landscape Legenda
  • 66. Evaluation regional scale The stadium line Legenda
  • 67. Current identities of the region
  • 68. New identities of the regional line
  • 69. The airport surroundings: sustainable and competitive