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The beginning. In 1986 there were two births that changed Russian history. First, there was the technological birth of Mir, the world’s most advanced space station, built according to the latest technologies and innovations. Then, there was the natural birth of a human being. His name: Ilia Yudanov.
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Who is Ilia? Ilia is an up and coming Interactive Art Director. He describes himself as hard-working and collaborative. It is his strong conviction that teamwork is the key to success and the strength of any group. Together with talented, inspiring, motivated and hard-working people. Ilia wants to make cool stuff! With one promise: we can do it! Ilia loves succes stories? It’s time Ilia got his.
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When Neil Armstrong first set foot on the moon, he said: “One small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind.” Ilia’s first step is building up a global network and getting the internship of his dreams. How? Through a personal brand strategy and a unique identity. It’s time to present Ilia to the world. It’s time for another launch:
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The launch of the
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If Ilia wants to show himself to the world, it’s important to become more active on the internet and especially on social media. We make a new blog where all his tweets, pins, posts, blogs etc will be collected. People can watch his journey towards his goal. Using the diffrent social channels is very important. He’s not active on Twitter, LinkedIn or Pinterest. And for his goal those channels are the most important.
Slide 6 (de avatar waar hij om vroeg)
For example it is important that all the social media are in the same style. People will recognize him. And tell about him.
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To build his story, and show himself to the world he has to share the content with which he wants to be associated. In his case this can be blogs about start-ups, images or design. But of course also the projects he is working on at the moment (Hyper Island), things that makes him laugh and pictures he takes in the dialy live. By doing this people will know who Ilia is and get the bigger picture what his intrests are, where is focus is and what is goal is. They know why they should hire Ilia or add him to their network.
Slide 8 + 9 (zeer simpele en snelle schets van de website, de raket kan uiteraard bewegen)
The blog: the is very important. Here all his content will be collected and people are able to scroll through his timeline. Of course they can read more about Ilia, send him an e-mail and get more information about him. But the most important thing is to get the bigger picture what inspires Ilia, how he is using this and why he is sharing.
Slide 10 (logo en kleurstalen)
These are the colours we’re using to build the new story. The logo’s can change on the website, on his avatar et cetera.
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Maybe not that small step for Ilia. But when he reaches his goals, goals that will change,

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Personal Brand & Strategy for Ilia Yudanov

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