Worthington Libraries Annual Report - 2011


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  • A strong library, combined with a strong school system and excellent city services, make Worthington a wonderful place to live and do business. I’m pleased to report in 2011, Worthington Libraries was once again ranked as a five-star library by Library Journal magazine. This is the highest rating possible. Of the more than 7,000 libraries evaluated, only 85 libraries in the United States received a five-star rating. In addition, Worthington Libraries was recognized in 2011 with a John Cotton Dana Award for outstanding public relations. This award is the most prestigious honor a library can receive from the American Library Association.
  • Worthington Libraries Annual Report - 2011

    1. 1. 2011annual report
    2. 2. Director’s Message 2011 was a terrific -and busy-year for Worthington Libraries. We were once again ranked as a five-star library by Library Journal. We also received the prestigious John Cotton Dana Award for outstanding public relations from the American Library Association. Programming attendance increased 10 percent and user visits topped 1.6 million. Patrons also checked out more than 3.4 million items, making Worthington Libraries the busiest library in the state behind only the eight metropolitan library systems. 2011 also marked my first full year as director of Worthington Libraries. When I was hired in late 2010, I told the board I planned to take my time getting to know the staff and community before making any significant changes to our staffing plan or service model. I scheduled one-on-one meetings with all librarians, managers and the administrative staff. Although time consuming, these meetings were so valuable as they provided me with the opportunity to listen and get to know the many faces of our organization. I also attended as many community meetings as possible. I marched in the Worthington Memorial Day Parade, went to several events sponsored by WorthingtonChuck Gibson, Area Chamber of Commerce and Worthington Schools and joined the Dublin-Director/CEO Worthington Rotary Club. I was able to reconnect with our key communityWorthington Libraries stakeholders and forge some valuable new connections for the Library. In 2012, we’ll move forward on a number of important initiatives and begin discussing what to do when our 2.2 mill levy, passed in 1992, expires at the end of 2014. I look forward to including you in the conversation and, as always, thank you for your support of the Library. --Chuck Gibson
    3. 3. PEOPLEFind dedication here.
    4. 4. Library Staff Our highly-skilled and dedicated staff is our most important asset. Worthington Libraries employs 145 people. We are committed to staff development and to training tomorrow’s library leaders. In the last five years, six staff members have been hired as library directors. Northwest Library or Hogwarts? Library staff Former Worthington Libraries members (L to R) Kim Gales, Christiana staff members now manage Congelio, Meredith Richards and Alison libraries in Macrina were eager to don costumes for the Wisconsin, Georgia and library’s Harry and the Potters concert. Michigan, as well as central Ohio.
    5. 5. Library Volunteers In 2011, volunteers donated 8,931 hours of service to Worthington Libraries. This is a 46 percent increase over hours contributed by volunteers in 2010! Volunteers provide help in all areas of the Library, from shelving Library volunteers were thanked at a books to assisting with programs. Volunteer Recognition Party held in November. Recipients of the Sheila E. Vetter Award for volunteer service were also announced. Cassie Clancy was the adult recipient and Autumn Snellgrove was the teen recipient.
    6. 6. Library 2011 VolunteersPatty Alexander Diane Frix Kathryn Krizo Nancy Robbins We’d like toCindy Ault Mary Fulkert Lynne Langley Linda RobertsCarol Barnum Diane Gervais Jana Langova Terry Schimmoller thank theseJanet Bauer Jeanne Gissel Bill Lee Priya Selvaraj individuals forSusie Beach Joanna Gleason Frances Lin Linda SextonLinda Behrendt Allison Goldsmith Laura Lucas Amanda Shifflett their generousPam Britton Louise Grenier Michelle Marcucci Amy Siefer gift of time andJae Bull Barbara Groseclose Stephanie Martinelli BethAnn SigristRan Cao Julie Hall Brittany McCann Elizabeth Slack their dedicationJiniya Chandra Sara Hedrick Mary McClellan April Smith to WorthingtonSue Cheng Mary Herdman Shelley McLoughlin David SoulenRadhika Cirpuram Michael Higgins Dan McSorley Natalee Sperry Libraries.Cassie Clancy Bob Hollinger Marylee Mikulec Janet SprayDeb Clark-Jones Massarath Hydari Jennifer Neruda Stephanie SteelmanLauren Cligrow Janet Ingraham Dwyer Peggy Olson Joyce Stonebraker If you areJames Corder Amanda Ishtayeh Diane Palliser Jeffrey Strasser interested inGilda Cottrill Amanda Jackson Lindsey Palmer Carol SullivanEvelyn Cruikshank Reena Joseph Jane Parnes April Swain volunteering, plJoAnne Cunningham Soo Jung Vikram Periasamy Igor Ternovskyy ease callTimothy Dickey Lucy Kaminski Debbie Perrin Ray TraubYing Dong Shashi Kapoor Bill Persi Christian Tshibanda 614-807-2643Uchechi Durunna Jagdish Kapoor Natalie Pfahl Alicia VandenbergLisa Elliot Nancy Kelley Marianne Pope Chris WedebrookRosalie Fallenberg Kathleen Kendall Radmila Popovic Amie WengerMaj Firouzian Denise Kilton Hemanth Potluri Jurga WestonErin Fitzgerald Ron Koncal Steve Promen Darby WilliamsonAshley Fournier Amber Korodi Alexandra Pyatt Sarah WrightRebecca Francis Ibrahima Kourouma Jonathan Rissing Isaac Wu
    7. 7. Friends Foundation Volunteers  The Friends Foundation hosts book sales every other month in the Old Worthington Library meeting room.  These book sales raise funds to directly benefit the Library.L to R: Friends Foundation of  Friends members alsoWorthington Libraries members andbook sale volunteers Myra volunteer at libraryColflesh, Marilyn Carter (also a board programs and events.member) and Irene Candy.
    8. 8. Library Board & AdministrationBoard of Trustees Administrative Staff James Hill, President  Chuck Gibson, Director/CEO  Monica Baughman, Deputy Director David Goldberger, Vice President  Margaret Doone, CFO/Business Manager Dawn Valasco, Secretary  Lisa Fuller, Director of Community Engagement J. Craig Baker  Susan Allen, Director of Technology Services John Butterfield  Phyllis Winfield, Human Resources Manager Daniel Lacey  Pam Beretich, Executive Assistant Lynn Nadler Library Managers  Amy Brown, Worthington Park Library Manager  Jeff Regensburger, Northwest Library Manager  Debbie Zimmerman, Old Worthington Library Manager  Kara Reuter, Digital Library Manager
    9. 9. SERVICESFind innovation here.
    10. 10. Early Childhood Literacy An organizational goal of Worthington Libraries is to help children learn to read. Early childhood literacy focuses on activities parents and caregivers can do with their children to help them learn to read. We encourage parents to read to their children and also to talk, sing, play and practice writing. We reinforce these concepts during outreach visits and library storytimes, which were attended by 34,456 children and parents/caregivers in 2011.
    11. 11. Homework Help Center Our Homework Help Center is located in Worthington Park Library. We provide tutoring and computers reserved for homework use Monday- Thursday, 3:30 pm-6:30 pm, during the school year. The Homework Help Center at Worthington Park Library provides In 2011, visits to the students with afterschool homework Homework Help Center assistance, including computer increased 60 percent. access, throughout the school year. The Library also provides online homework help, which is available 24 hours a day at worthingtonlibraries.org.
    12. 12. Jobs & Business Worthington Libraries offers an array of services to businesses as well as individual job seekers. We provide access to market research through Reference USA and Business Decision and legal forms and other resources through Gale Legal Forms. If you’re looking for work, we’ll help by reviewing your resume, which you can print for free. The Library also presents a host of programs geared to the business community, including the Get Smart book discussion group presented in partnership with the Worthington Area Chamber of Commerce.
    13. 13. Outreach Services In 2011, the library presented 184 outreach programs attended by nearly 10,000 people. The Library delivers books and other materials to those who aren’t able to visit us in person. More than 2,400 items were delivered to people who are homebound in 2011. The Library visits preschools, daycare centers and private schools to present storytimes and talk about library services. In 2011, we also established a partnership with the Worthington Food Pantry to provide storytimes and reference help to their clients.
    14. 14. COLLECTION& USEFind activity here.
    15. 15. Let’s visit the Library!In 2011:• 89,368 people were registered borrowers of Worthington Libraries—a nearly 20 percent increase.• annual user visits to the Library totaled more than 1.6 million.• annual website visits totaled more Karen Laird, programming associate at Old Worthington than one million. Library, entertains and educates children and families at a library storytime held during the annual Family Reading Festival, sponsored by Target.
    16. 16. Library CirculationWe checked outmore than 3.4million items in2011.WorthingtonLibraries ranksninth in thestate, behind onlythe eightmetropolitanlibrary systems(which have largerservicepopulations) intotal circulation.
    17. 17. Circulation in Millions 2001-2011 43.5 32.5 21.5 10.5 0 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011
    18. 18. Library CollectionBreakdown by Format Fast FactsFormat Number of  There are 494,089 items in the Items library’s collection.  We strive to spend 20 percent ofBooks 83% our annual operating budget onCDs 10% library materials (the national average is closer to 13 percent).DVDs 6%  Patrons have access to nearlyInteractive Media .02% three million items as part of our resource-sharing agreement withDigital Media .48% Columbus Metropolitan Library and Southwest Public Libraries.  We added more than 86,000 items to the collection in 2011.
    19. 19. Digital BooksIn 2011, circulation of digital books increased more than 146 percent!Thousands of free eBooks and read-along books are available fordownload from Worthington Libraries. We added 23,569 eBooks tocollection in 2011.
    20. 20. PROGRAMMINGFind fun here.
    21. 21. Programming Snapshot Programming attendance increased 10 percent in 2011. We presented more than 1,500 programs, which were attended by an astonishing 53,596 people. More than 7,000 children and teens participated in the library’s summer reading program. We welcomed Columbus Clippers mascot Krash to Old Worthington Library for the Programming at Worthington opening day of the Summer Reading Libraries is sponsored by the League, a reading incentive program for Friends Foundation of children and teens. Krash is pictured here Worthington Libraries. with Old Worthington Library Children’s Associate Laela Tague-Behler.
    22. 22. Children’s Programs
    23. 23. Teen Programs
    24. 24. Adult Programs
    25. 25. Programs for everyone!Programs such as the summer concerts, Participants in Warm Up! Worthingtonheld in Northwest Library’s backyard on come together each winter to makeFriday evenings, invite people of all ages afghans for people in need. It’s a greatto have fun, relax or rock out. Harry and intergenerational program that serves athe Potters, pictured here, helped us worthy cause.celebrate the release of the final moviein the acclaimed series.
    26. 26. FUNDINGFind stewardship here.
    27. 27. Library Finances2011 Revenue 2011 Operating Expenditures General 3% Property Tax 10% Levy 1% Public Library Salaries & Fund 16% Benefits Library 20% Materials Funds from Columbus 20% Purchased 67% Metropolitan Services Library 62% Supplies/Other Other Total Revenue: $10,457,469 Total Operating Expenditures: $8,219,307
    28. 28. Revenue & Expenditures: A Closer LookRevenue Expenditures  Worthington Libraries spends 62 Worthington Libraries receives percent of its budget on salaries the majority of its funding from and benefits. (The national two local property tax levies. average for state and government employers is 65 percent and, in The first, a 2.2-mill levy passed private industry, the average is 71 in 1992, will expire in 2014. The percent.*) second, a 2.6-mill levy passed in 2005, is permanent.  The Library also spends an average of 20 percent annually on Cuts in funding received from the materials. This is considered the State of Ohio through the Public “gold standard” for library Library Fund resulted in a loss of operations. $1.5 million in 2009-2011. *Source: United States Dept. of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics (December 2011)
    29. 29. Support from the Friends Foundation  In 2011, the Friends Foundation of Worthington Libraries granted more than $38,000 to the Library.  Funding from the Friends Foundation is used to pay for library programs and other important initiatives.Friends Foundation President Rick  The Friends Foundation alsoBradley (center) is joined at the annual manages the Worthingtoncommunity breakfast by library trusteeJohn Butterfield (left) and Vicki Gnezda Libraries Endowment Fund at(right), director of communications for The Columbus Foundation.Worthington Schools. The community There is over $364,000 in thisbreakfast is made possible with support fund.from the Friends Foundation.
    30. 30. PARTNERSHIPSFind relationships here.
    31. 31. Columbus Metropolitan LibraryWorthington Libraries partners with the Columbus Metropolitan Library inthe operation of Northwest Library. The two libraries also share acatalog, providing patrons with access to nearly three million items.
    32. 32. Columbus ClippersPlay ball! Worthington Libraries partnered with the Columbus Clippers topresent the Summer Reading League, a reading incentive program for childrenand teens. Participants who completed the program received tickets to one ofthree Columbus Clippers home games and a host of other prizes. ColumbusClippers players and mascots joined us at library programs and school visits.Over 7,000 children and teens participated in the program.
    33. 33. Community Involvement Community involvement is part of our organizational culture, and everyone at the Library is encouraged to get involved with other community organizations. As a result, Worthington Libraries staff members are actively involved with more than 100 community and professional organizations. We make every effort to have library representation at all large community events. We also provide patrons with opportunities to help their neighbors in need. The Library is an active participant in the annual Warm Up!Library staff (and canine companions) America event, which encourages residents toparticipated in Worthington’s annual contribute knitted or crocheted afghan squaresMemorial Day Parade. We look forward to which are then made into complete blanketsbeing part of this, and so many other and donated to homeless shelters and otherwonderful events, each year. agencies. We are privileged to be part of such a caring and giving community.
    34. 34. Community PartnersKey Community Partners Additional Partners Each year, Worthington Libraries partners The Library also partners with several with the Worthington Schools to present other community organizations and dozens of events and special programs to businesses in the presentation of events support and enhance the school curriculum. We work one-on-one with area and initiatives. Among them: educators to increase the success rate of students. Columbus Museum of Art The Library regularly partners with the City Big Green Head of Worthington and its many agencies in Healthy Worthington the presentation of programs and events, such as the community’s annual Igloo Letterpress celebration of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. McConnell Arts Center We also work closely with the Worthington Sustainable Worthington Area Chamber of Commerce to present Worthington Food Pantry programs and provide services targeted to Worthington Garden Club the business and professional community. Worthington Historical Society Worthington Parks & Recreation
    35. 35. AWARDS &HONORSFind distinction here.
    36. 36. Ranked as a Five-Star LibraryWhen Library Journal announced its latest Index of Public LibraryService, Worthington Libraries once again received a five-star rating—thebest possible—in its category. More than 7,000 libraries across thecountry were evaluated, but only 262 received a starred rating. Only 85libraries in the country received a five-star rating.
    37. 37. John Cotton Dana AwardWorthington Libraries received the John Cotton Dana Award foroutstanding public relations for its “Find yourself here.” branding andmarketing campaign. It is considered the most prestigious awardpresented by the American Library Association.
    38. 38. Award for Excellence in Financial ReportingWorthington Libraries was recognized with a Certificate of Achievement forExcellence in Financial Reporting from the Government Finance OfficersAssociation for our 2010 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report. Less than10 percent of government agencies nationally receive this award.
    39. 39. LOCATIONSFind service here.
    40. 40. Old Worthington Library  Old Worthington Library is located at 820 High Street, just north of the Village Green in Worthington’s historic downtown.  The original building opened in 1979, and was expanded in 1997-1998.  Old Worthington Library houses the library’s administration and technical services departments.  There are 242,717 items in the collection at this location.
    41. 41. Northwest Library  Northwest Library opened in April 1996.  Located at 2280 Hard Road, it is jointly operated by Worthington Libraries and Columbus Metropolitan Library.  Northwest Library hosts popular events such as the annual summer concerts and Touch-a- Truck.  There are 213,054 items in the collection at this location.
    42. 42. Worthington Park Library  Located in storefront space in the Worthington Park Shopping Centre (1389 Worthington Centre Drive), Worthington Park Library opened in 2008.  Worthington Park Library has a large children’s section and the system’s only dedicated Homework Help Center.  There are 37,584 items in the collection at Worthington Park Library.
    43. 43. Our website: worthingtonlibraries.orgworthingtonlibraries.org is our online locationavailable 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Reserve an item and have it delivered to the library of your choice. Get homework help, ask a reference question or receive a reading recommendation. Access a wide variety of electronic resources you won’t find on the Internet. Find out what’s happening at the Library!
    44. 44. THANK YOUFOR YOUR SUPPORT!Find wonderful patrons here.