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Worthington Libraries Annual Report - 2010


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  • 1. 2010
    Annual Report
  • 2. Message from the Director
    In early 2010, I was living in Valdosta, Georgia and serving as the director of the South Georgia Regional Library, a position I’d held since 2007. I was happy and content. I had a swimming pool and didn’t own a snow shovel. That all changed on the day Meribah Mansfield announced she would be retiring from her position as director of Worthington Libraries.
    I worked for Worthington Libraries for more than 12 years previously and regarded the director position here as the ultimate job in libraries. Supportive patrons, wonderful staff and dynamite community partners—what more could you ask for? I was overjoyed to be given the opportunity to lead this stellar library system, and officially took the reigns as director last August.
    Since that time, I’ve enjoyed reconnecting with old friends, like Kathryn Paugh, director of the Worthington Area Chamber of Commerce, and meeting new people, such as Worthington City Manager Matt Greeson. Everyone has been incredibly helpful and welcoming, which is so typical of Worthington and one of many reasons why it’s been such a pleasure to return to this community. The only downside is that I had to break down and purchase that snow shovel!
    I hope you enjoy reading this annual report and learning more about everything the Library accomplished in 2010. I’m looking forward to 2011 and to working with library patrons, staff and the community to maintain and grow the outstanding services, collection and programs of Worthington Libraries.
    --Chuck Gibson
    After a national search, Chuck Gibson was hired as director of Worthington Libraries in August. He replaced Meribah Mansfield, who retired after nearly 19 years as director.
  • 3. National Recognition
    In October 2010, Library Journal announced its rating of public libraries, and Worthington Libraries once again received a five-star rating— the best possible— in its category.
    Libraries were evaluated on several service indicators (circulation, program attendance, etc.) relative to the performance of other libraries in their peer group.
    Over 7,000 libraries across the country were evaluated, but only 258 received a starred rating. Only 85 libraries in the United States received a five-star rating.
  • 4. Library Use
    In 2010…
    83,784 people were registered borrowers of Worthington Libraries--a nearly 20 percent increase.
    Annual user visits to the Library totaled more than 1.7 million.
    Annual website visits totaled more than 1.5 million.
    Storytimes at Worthington Park Library attract many children and their families. This flexible space was designed to accommodate large groups.
  • 5. Library Circulation
    Our library materials sure get around!
    We checked out more than 3.5 million items in 2010.
    Worthington Libraries ranks ninth in the state, behind only the eight metropolitan library systems (which have larger service populations) in total circulation.
  • 6. Library Circulation in Millions
  • 7. Library Collection
    Books account for 80 percent of the library’s total collection
    We strive to spend 20 percent of our annual operating budget on library materials (the national average is closer to 13 percent)
    Patrons have access to nearly three million items as part of our resource-sharing agreement with Columbus Metropolitan Library and Southwest Public Libraries
    Breakdown by Format
    Fast Facts
  • 8. In 2010, circulation of digital books increased more than 53 percent. Worthington Libraries provides free access to thousands of eBooks and read-along books available for download.
    Digital Books
  • 9. Library Finances
    2010 Revenue
    2010 Operating Expenditures
    Total Revenue: $10,350,956
    Total Operating Expenditures: $8,219,329
  • 10. In 2010, the Library completed its fourth Comprehensive Annual Financial Report or CAFR (available at
    Less than 10 percent of government entities in the United States and only five library systems in Ohio prepare an annual CAFR.
    Worthington Libraries received a Certificate of Achievement for Excellence in Financial Reporting for its 2009 CAFR.
    Library Stewardship
  • 11. Library Advocacy
    In 2010, librarian Mandy Knapp was named one of Library Journal’s “Movers & Shakers” as a result of her work on the Save Ohio Libraries advocacy campaign in 2009.
    In June 2010, library staff and board members attended a national library advocacy event in Washington, DC as part of the American Library Association annual conference.
    The library director and board members meet regularly with state legislators to discuss library issues and to provide information about library services.
    State Senator Kevin Bacon attended the library’s annual community breakfast where he was presented with a “Find bacon here.” poster, created as part of the library’s award-winning “Find yourself here.” public relations campaign.
  • 12. Library Services
    We provide one-on-one resume help for people looking for work.
    We assist local businesses with research.
    The Homework Help Center at Worthington Park Library helps hundreds of students each year.
    External lockers enable patrons to pick up their materials when the Library is closed.
    Patrons can use instant messaging to ask reference questions.
    The Homework Help Center at Worthington Park Library provides students with afterschool homework assistance, including computer access, throughout the school year.
    The Library also provides online homework help, which is available 24 hrs. a day.
  • 13. The Library delivers books and other materials to those who aren’t able to visit us in person.
    More 3,250 items were delivered to homebound patrons in 2010.
    The Library visits preschools, daycare centers and private schools to present storytimes and to talk about library services.
    In 2010, the library presented 91 outreach programs and activities that were attended by nearly 8,000 participants.
    Outreach Services
  • 14. Library Programming
    In 2010, library programs were attended by more than 48,000 people. New programs, such as Food for Thought and the Technology Petting Zoo, were extremely popular. Due to overwhelming demand, additional storytimes sessions were also added to the schedule.
  • 15. Jobs and Business Programming
    We also partnered with the other library systems in Franklin County to present a series of Job Help programs, and independently coordinated programs, such as Upstart Start Ups, aimed at the small business community.
  • 16. Summer Reading Program
    Approximately 8,300 children & teens registered for the library’s summer reading programs.
    The children’s program was presented in partnership with Columbus Metropolitan Library & Southwest Public Libraries.
  • 17. Special Events
    Wes Cowan, star of the PBS show “History Detectives” joined us for an appraisal event in April. People brought paintings, glassware, toys, pottery and other items to the Library to learn more about their history and what they might be worth. Meeting Wes was a huge treat, too!
    Our popular Touch-a-Truck returned to Northwest Library last fall. Kids and their parents couldn’t wait to see motorcycles, semis and more up close and personal.
  • 18. Library Staff
    Worthington Libraries employs 146 people.
    We are committed to staff development and to training tomorrow’s library leaders.
    In the last 10 years, six staff members have been hired as library directors.
    Former Worthington Libraries staff members now manage libraries in Wisconsin, Georgia and Michigan, as well as central Ohio.
    Who helps us make such excellent hiring decisions? Phyllis Winfield, the library’s human resources manager. She’s pictured here (left) with Sabra Lowe, senior finance specialist.
  • 19. New Director Search
  • 20. Meribah Mansfield Retires
    In January 2010, Worthington Libraries Director Meribah Mansfield announced her plans to retire and pursue education to become an ordained deacon in the Episcopal Church.
    Meribah served as director of Worthington Libraries for almost 19 years.
    She was active in the Worthington community and was widely recognized as a leader in the library field both regionally and nationally.
    She made a tremendous impact on Worthington Libraries.
    Retiring library director Meribah Mansfield (center) is pictured here with former library trustee David Barnhart and current trustee Lynn Nadler. Mansfield retired from Worthington Libraries in 2010 after nearly 19 years as director and more than 30 as a librarian.
  • 21. Meribah’sLeadershipTimeline
  • 22. Saying Goodbye
    A special community reception was held to honor Meribah, pictured here with her husband, Bruce, on July 23. Hundreds of people attended, including members of her family, friends, members of the community and library officials from across the state.
    Meribah’s daughter, Jessica Mead, was on hand to celebrate with her mom. Jessica is a librarian, too!
    We wish Meribah the best of luck as she begins a new chapter in her life!
  • 23. New Leadership
    After an extensive, nationwide search process that involved the library staff and members of the community, the library board hired Chuck Gibson to serve as director of Worthington Libraries.
    Chuck previously worked at Worthington Libraries from 1995-2007 and was originally hired as the library’s first technology coordinator.
    Chuck left in 2007 to take the position of director of the South Georgia Regional Library System in Valdosta, GA.
    In August 2010, Chuck Gibson took the reigns as the new director of Worthington Libraries.
    Although Worthington Libraries has existed in some form since 1803, Chuck is only the 13th director in the organization’s history and only the second man to serve as director (the first was Zophar Topping in 1803).
  • 24. Saying Hello
    Library board president Dan Lacey and former trustee Beth Sommer enjoyed the party and the chance to celebrate with the community.
    A highlight of the event was the “Sink the Michigan Fan” dunk tank. Fun for everyone (except those getting dunked)!
    Chuck was welcomed to the community in true
    O-H-I-O style with an OSU Tailgate Party. He’s pictured here, right, enjoying the afternoon festivities, which featured free hotdogs, music and games, with Worthington City Manager Matt Greeson. More than 100 people helped us celebrate Chuck’s arrival.
  • 25. Partnerships
  • 26. Worthington Libraries partners with the Columbus Metropolitan Library in the operation of Northwest Library. The two libraries also share a catalog, providing patrons with access to nearly three million items
    Columbus Metropolitan Library
  • 27. In 2010, the Friends Foundation of Worthington Libraries contributed more than $26,000 to help fund programs and other initiatives at Worthington Libraries. They also manage the Worthington Libraries Endowment Fund at The Columbus Foundation.
    Friends Foundation of Worthington Libraries
    L to R: Friends Foundation of Worthington Libraries members Myra Colflesh, Marilyn Carter and Irene Candy.
  • 28. In 2010, Worthington Libraries partnered with the city of Worthington and Worthington Schools to coordinate a Visioning Conference with community stakeholders. The process yielded a community action plan which all three organizations used to inform their individual strategic plans and to identify collaborative projects.
    Community Strategic Planning
  • 29. Community Partners
    Key Community Partners
    Additional Partners
    The Library also partners with several other community organizations in the presentation of events and other initiatives. Among them:
    • Healthy Worthington
    • 30. Sustainable Worthington
    • 31. Worthington Food Pantry
    • 32. Big Green Head
    • 33. McConnell Arts Center
    • 34. Worthington Historical Society
    Each year, Worthington Libraries partners with the Worthington Schools to present dozens of events and special programs to support and enhance the school curriculum. We work one-on-one with area educators to increase the success rate of students.
    The Library regularly partners with the City of Worthington and its many agencies in the presentation of programs and events, such as the community’s annual celebration of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.
    We also work closely with the Worthington Area Chamber of Commerce to present programs and provide services targeted to the business and professional community.
  • 35. Get Involved!
  • 36. Community Involvement
    Community involvement is part of our organizational culture, and everyone at the Library is encouraged to get involved with other community organizations.
    As a result, Worthington Libraries staff members are actively involved with more than 100 community and professional organizations. We make every effort to have library representation at all large community events.
    We also provide patrons with opportunities to help their neighbors in need. The Library is an active participant in the annual Warm Up! America event, which encourages residents to contribute knitted or crocheted afghan squares which are then made into complete blankets and donated to homeless shelters and other agencies.
    We are privileged to be part of such a caring and giving community.
    An early morning downpour did nothing to dampen the spirits of library staff who participated in Worthington’s annual Memorial Day Parade. We look forward to being part of this, and so many other wonderful events, each year.
  • 37. Volunteers
    In 2010, volunteers donated 6,031 hours of service to Worthington Libraries.
    This is a five percent increase over hours contributed by volunteers in 2009 and is equal to a savings of approximately $44,000.
    Volunteers provide help in all areas of the Library, from shelving books to assisting with programs.
    Faithful volunteer Ray Traub is pictured here working with a student in the Homework Help Center. Ray was the 2010 recipient of the Sheila Vetter Volunteer Recognition Award.
  • 38. LibraryVolunteers in 2010
    Patty Alexander
    Ellen Armstrong
    Cindy Ault
    Carol Barnum
    Thomas Bateman
    Janet Bauer
    Alison Beck
    Linda Behrendt
    Jae Bull
    Nick Canale
    Evan Cardellino
    Jiniya Chandra
    Emily Chapin
    Sue Cheng
    Cassie Clancy
    James Corder
    Gilda Cottrill
    Evelyn Cruikshank
    JoAnne Cunningham
    Cate Daily
    Sallie Danneberger
    Marianna Darling
    Sri Dharbhamalla
    Ying Dong
    Liz Duncan
    Lisa Edick
    Lisa Elliot
    Kwadwo (KB) Fiakye-Agyeman
    Kathy Fischer
    Erin Fitzgerald
    Angela Fontanini
    Rebecca Francis
    Mary Fulkert
    Diane Gervais
    Jeanne Gissel
    Joanna Gleason
    Candace Hall
    Jacqui Henry
    Mary Herdman
    Michael Higgins
    Bob Hollinger
    Kirstin Hurlbut
    Takae Ibaraki
    Janet Ingraham Dwyer
    Amanda Ishtayeh
    Amanda Jackson
    Mike Jones
    Stacy Kafun
    Lucy Kaminski
    Jieun Kang
    Denise Kilton
    Quinton Kiser
    Amelia Klein
    Fred Kohn
    Ron Koncal
    Amber Korodi
    Brent Krumenacker
    Lynne Langley
    Michelle Larrimer
    Shana Lear
    Jane Lee
    Jessica Lehr
    Sunny Liao
    Michael Loeser
    Andrew Malone
    Michelle Marcucci
    Sherry Maspons
    Mary McClellan
    Hollie McGhee
    Dan McSorley
    Dan McSorley
    Bonnie Mitchell
    Ellie Neinast
    Jennifer Neruda
    Jane Nichols
    Nancy Niu
    Diane Palliser
    Jane Parnes
    Susan Pavilkey
    Jennifer Pawley
    Debbie Perrin
    Bill Persi
    Natalie Pfahl
    Shonali Raney
    Lovely Mondal Ray
    Marque Reavley
    Molly Reeber
    Nancy Robbins
    Linda Roberts
    Denise Sagoes
    Terry Schimmoller
    Linda Sexton
    Shiva Shakeri
    Amanda Shifflett
    Amy Siefer
    Janet Spray
    Andrew Stefanik
    Joyce Stonebraker
    Jeffrey Strasser
    Noelle Stucki
    Nancy Stuller
    Carol Sullivan
    Lisa Tomashuk
    Ray Traub
    Alicia Vandenberg
    Gabriel Vydra
    Amie Wenger
    Darby Williamson
    Michelle Wirth
    Sarah Wright
    We’d like to thank these individuals for their generous gift of time and their dedication to Worthington Libraries.
    If you are interested in volunteering, please call
  • 39. Library Donors
    The following people and organizations made contributions to Worthington Libraries in 2010. Their generosity will help preserve library service for future generations.
    Sharon Brevoort
    Megan Brown
    Lisa Davies
    Marian and Lawrence Fisher
    Randy A. Foster
    Barbara Groseclose
    Judith Ann Lowe
    Joan Ottolenghi
    The Andersons
    The Betty Jane Meyer Fund of the Columbus Foundation
    Central Ohio Fiction Writers
    Chemical Abstracts Service Golf League
    Friends Foundation of Worthington Libraries
    JC Penney Company Fund
    Village 17 Condo Association
    Wednesday Literary Club
    Worthington AM Rotary
  • 40. Library Board & Administration
    Dan Lacey, President
    James Hill, Vice President
    David Goldberger, Secretary
    Janet Brown
    John Butterfield
    Lynn Nadler
    Dawn Valasco
    Chuck Gibson, Director
    Monica Baughman, Deputy Director
    Margaret Doone, CFO/Business Manager
    Lisa Fuller, Director of Community Engagement
    Susan Allen, Director of Technology Services
    Phyllis Winfield, Human Resources Manager
    Pam Beretich, Executive Assistant
    Library Managers
    Amy Brown, Worthington Park Library Manager
    Jeff Regensburger, Northwest Library Manager
    Kara Reuter, Digital Library Manager
    Debbie Zimmerman, Old Worthington Library Manager
    Board of Trustees
    Administrative Staff