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Mexico Usa Carly Goodwin Mexico Usa Carly Goodwin Presentation Transcript

  • Migration: Mexico to USA
    • Study these images……….
    • They will help you to understand:
            • what the landscape of the USA/Mexico border is like
            • why some Mexican people are so desperate to migrate to the USA.
            • What the journey over the border is like for emigrants
  • Images of Tijuana, Mexico...
  • …what adjectives would you use to describe this region??
  • Does this Tijuana neighbourhood look well planned??
    • Can you locate Tijuana on your map of the border?
    • Try to describe what you think the quality of life here is like, using the adjectives you thought of earlier.
  • Understanding reasons for migration to the USA
    • Having thought about life in Tijuana, you may have lots of ideas about why some Mexicans are desperate to migrate to the USA (push factors).
    • Now study these images of locations in the USA, just over the border from Mexico.
    • Can you locate these places on your map, and identify any of the USA’s pull factors?
  • San Diego, California USA ; beach, shopping centre
  • Grand Canyon, Arizona USA
  • Hoover Dam, Nevada USA
  • Lake Mead; created by the Hoover dam
  • Living Las Vegas...
    • How many ‘pull factors’ have you listed?
    • These images of Las Vegas should certainly help you to think of more…
    • These are ‘bright lights’ images of the ‘American Dream’.
  • Bright lights...
  • How does quality of life here differ from within Mexico?
  • Creative Writing...
    • You are now to begin a piece of creative writing about migration from Mexico to the USA.
    • Imagine that you are one of the many Mexicans desperate to get into the USA, bearing in mind the numerous push and pull factors that you are aware of….
    • You cannot cross the border legally; you must sneak across.
    • You are to produce a piece of writing telling the story of how you managed to cross the border (or not!!)
  • How to write creatively…
    • use the past tense
    • first person viewpoint (ie. “I”)
    • in chronological order (ie. Order of time)
    • opening paragraph: describe your situation, feelings and plans
    • 2nd paragraph: start of your journey, perhaps mentioning push factors
    • 3rd paragraph: journey over the border, still mentioning push but also pull factors
    • use adjectives to project the mood and describe your feelings
    • include lots of your feelings; how would you feel if you got caught??
  • Try to include:
    • Details of the push factors that are making you want to move; think about money, housing, crime, employment opportunities, natural hazards (earthquakes), transport systems
    • What was attracting you towards the USA (pull factors)?
    • How you travelled over the border?
    • Any danger you experienced along the way; did you meet the border patrols?
    • What you did if you managed to cross the border
    • To help you, use: - your map, information from the travel journal, and your interpretation of any images of the USA and Mexico