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Press Release: Farmer-Doctor Finds Secret to World Peace in Free Online Self Help Books

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Online World Peace Lecture

  1. 1. Just one what? Well, stay tuned... (And this title alone will probably get me in trouble with all the English professors out there – but, well, I'd rather reach those students and the rest of the world who are blissfully unaware of any “subjunctive” case.)
  2. 2. Ground Rules: Disagree with me; I encourage it. Your ability to believe or disagree - to make up your own mind - is paramount to your success. No one can tell you what to do, what to believe – only you have that right. “Whether you believe you can do a thing or not, you're right.” - Henry Ford 2 Disagree with me; I encourage it. Your ability to believe or disagree - to make up your own mind - is paramount to your success No one can tell you what to do, what to believe – only you have that right. “Whether you believe you can do a thing or not, you're right.” - Henry Ford ---- A recurring theme throughout is that your own personal freedom of thought – and your ability to exercise it – is what creates your own survival or disaster, your riches or poverty...
  3. 3. What if there was just one...? Lecture of Feb 6, 2008 by Dr. Robert C. Worstell brought to you by the “Go Thunk Yourself!” Personal Development Library 3 This book series was the result of an ongoing research study, which had taken 6 years by the time the first book was published and now 8 and continuing – with many more books written and published. “Go Thunk Yourself!”TM is available on and other fine online retailers. The rest of the series is available through – as well as a growing library of reference books which support and expand the original study base. “Go Thunk Yourself!” and the GTY logo are trademarks owned by Robert C. Worstell.
  4. 4. Just One... One idea that stumped Philosophers for eons past? A single fact that rocked Science on its virtual heels? One belief that shook Religion and dogma to its core? What if? 4 What if there were just one...? One idea that stumped Philosophy? One fact that rocked Science? One belief that shook Religion? What if? ---- I bring this to you as the latest in my ongoing research into humankind and his personal development. While this sums up my ongoing research, it is centered on my recent 8-year study. That started with self-help bestsellers and has uncovered the idea of a single basic system of thought which we all subscribe to – in all our religions, philosophies, and belief-systems. I invite you now along for the ride...
  5. 5. A Trip into the Mind ● “Mind” is present everywhere - unlimited ● Quantum Physics found the observer always found what they were looking for. ● “Miracle” and “Magic” both defined by the audience not knowing how to do this themselves 5 Mind is present everywhere – below our perception of matter is what we decide we are looking for. So that decision is before the results we are looking for. Quantum Physics also found the observer always found what they were looking for. Physicists such as John Haglin, Fred Alan Wolfe ● quot;The Secretquot; ● quot;What the (Bleep) Do We Know? Gregg Braden and others tell us that there are more possibilities when you start down this line: ● remote viewing, remote healing, extreme yogic abilities, miracles ● “miracle” and “magic” both defined by the audience not knowing how to do this themselves
  6. 6. Predict your observation □ What you set out to observe predicts what you will find. □ Different from observer bias □ Why is it this way? 6 What you set out to observe predicts what you will find. Whatever you are looking for will show up. Different from observer bias, where a researcher only cherry-picks his findings to match his bias. Why is it this way? Science can’t tell you – we have to look to the metaphysical, the spiritual for answers...
  7. 7. Quantum Physics lead Science around a new corner where they met God. 7 The story goes that all Science was out on a field trip one day, solving problems and inventing technology right an d left – having a great day. Then the Quantum Physicists took the lead and said, “Hey, there’s a corner – let’s go see what’s behind it!” And so they all trooped along, turned that corner, and then stopped dead in in their tracks... They looked up. And saw God looking back at them. This put them into complete consternation. If they went back, He’d know what they were up to. And he’d be able to meet them there again – you know, all-knowing and ever-present and all that. They’d met a force they’d been avoiding for a long time and now had to figure out what to do. But then, some reasoned, at least that’s why He wasn’t surprised when we arrived... (Please excuse the ethnic allusions here – everyone knows God really has no sex – he lets us have all the fun with that subject.)
  8. 8. Science only uses “Facts” ● Science has been only concerned with the Material World quot;Factsquot; from experiments which could be re-duplicated by anyone. ● When quantum physicists found that quot;mindquot; was the lowest common denominator to matter, it changed things. ● Like Pogo, quot;We have met the enemy and they is us.quot; 8 Science only concerned with the material world and its constructs. quot;Factsquot; from experiments which could be re-duplicated Because they had be able to be replicated. So they dropped out more than one area which was personal in nature and even the same person couldn't reproduce that result in the same area, given the same materials – just a dif- ferent day. While they through these out, they didn't explain them, either. The woman who rescues her husband by lifting a several ton car off him – yet can't budge that car the next day. Science threw out all miracles. They threw out all psychics. They threw out anything religious (not that Religion didn't help this earlier by throwing sev- eral Scientists into jail for “heresy”. Kind of soured that relationship some- what...) But what this did was to create two worlds – one of Science and Technology – and the other composed of “religious fanatics” and “quacks”. When quantum physicists found that quot;mindquot; was the lowest common de- nominator to matter, it changed things. Like Pogo, quot;We have met the enemy and they is us.quot;
  9. 9. “Go Thunk YourselfTM” ● I was looking to see if there were a common system of self-help they all used. ● Distilled a 14-point common system anyone could use. ● No single school of thought influenced all authors. ● Came from Thomas Troward’s study of earliest religions in their own languages. 9 I started out, with the first of my “Go Thunk Yourself!” Book Series by exam- ining self-help authors to find out if they were all operating from a single un- derlying system. I took the bestselling self-help books of this just-past centu- ry with dead authors (which eliminated the “charisma” effect) and simply took notes from all of them to see what they were about. Comparing that with modern books found only one with comparable sales statistics – Dr. Stephen Covey's “7 Habits of Effective People”. Wouldn't you know it – he studied the same books. Once I found out that they all agreed on certain points, I researched to see if they all came from a similar place. Napoleon Hill (“Think and Grow Rich”) studied over 500 successful businessmen, statesmen, and entrepreneurs - but stated in a letter he owed his success to one Charles F. Haanel (“Master Key System”). Haanel quotes a turn-of-the-century author Thomas Troward. And they all were involved or included under a branch of philosophy called New Thought – which is a very big tent (meaning they don't all agree on even the major points). Troward was an interesting fellow, since he studied all the major religions' texts in their own languages. And he was considered to be one of the main taproots of New Thought. All these books mostly traced down this route. Only about two authors didn't – but were contemporaries of these other authors and so we don't know what they read of each other.
  10. 10. A Common Higher Power □ A key point - All believed in a Higher Power, in one form or another □ All defined this Power the same, just using different names □ All differences due to errors in translation or errors in editing □ This planet has more in common than in disagreement 10 One of the common points in that “Go Thunk Yourself” book was that all these self-help authors had in common that there was a single Ultra- Power out there, although given many, many different names. Their descriptions and explanations, however, told the point that they were all actually talking about the same Entity in fact. Supposing instead of each religion having a different God or Supreme Being – it was all the same Power? OK, there are differences, but let's say that those differences were in Scripture only and that was possibly explained by human error or transcription problems. (While Christianity had the Council of Nicea, there were parallel major editorial changes in Judaism, Buddism, Islam and most other religions and philosophies, well after their authors and prophets were gone.) But even atheists can agree on this one. Even if you deny the complete idea of a “God”, the idea of a common repository of thought, or the community interactivity of thought could explain a few things. Mob riots, for one – perfectly decent people most of their lives and then getting riled up enough to lynch a person without a trial. And these numerous experiments where people are able to cause a measured drop in violence) – all by a large number of people purposely meditating or “praying” for a certain outcome or “feeling” in the Universe.
  11. 11. Two Laws Explained Two Laws you may be familiar with: □ Law of Attraction ◊ Known long before “The Secret” DVD ◊ Known to philosophers and scholars for centuries □ Golden Rule ◊ Present in every religion and philosophy ◊ □ Explained by Huna... 11 I'm here because for one reason or another, you've attracted this data into your life. At least that's how people who've been following “The Secret” say it goes. Rhonda Byrne and her crew filmed what became that DVD after she was inspired by Wattle's “Science of Getting Rich”. Wattles was one of those studied above. New Thought was rife with mention of this Law of Attraction during the '20's and '30's – and it actually is mentioned by Troward. When you study Christian, Jewish, and other Eastern religions, you find this men- tioned – just not by its modern commercial name. The Law of Attraction is much like the Golden Rule in that respect. Every major religion and philosophy have a version of the Golden Rule in their scriptures or basic texts, in one form or another. But it was Huna that gives us the clue as to why these Laws are so universal in concept.
  12. 12. Huna – ancient studies ● Huna, from quot;Huna Kahunaquot;, was suppressed until the '70's ● Studies show this to be the oldest-known philosophic tradition on this planet. ● Their 7 principles explain both Laws. 12 Huna has seven principles. The first three contain our explanation: ● The world is what you think it is. ● There are no limits. ● Energy flows where attention goes. What does that all mean? Let's take them in reverse order for the simplest explanation – the third one states that what you put your attention on is what you get. Second, essentially, we are all connected to each other. So when you punch someone else in the face you are hitting your own. OK so far? The first one is the most abused and misunderstood and is the simplest. Rephrased – The world is what you consider it to be. Earl Nightingale did a famous study of this, which is detailed in his Gold Recording “The Strangest Secret”. While he quoted many, many authors, his version was, “We Become What We Think About.” But Nightingale's point what that this same idea comes down through history – Shakespeare, Greek philosophers, even Jesus said it, and he studied under even older sages of his time. Your thoughts create the world around you – or at least mold it. But what you think also affects everyone around you – and comes back to you. And what you think about is what happens. Law of Attraction, Golden Rule, Strangest Secret, Secret of Secrets – all based on the same set of concepts.
  13. 13. Wider Applications 13 What if these concepts – you make your own attitude, you can improve your life, that there possibly is only one Supreme Being/Higher Intelligence to benefit us all, the Law of Attraction, the Golden Rule – what if these con- cepts were spread widely to people all over the planet? The laws of this universe – as they have been proved by countless through history all across this globe – are inexorable. Treat others and you will be treated that same way. Period. Hold a concept in your mind like freedom and you will attain it if you work at it for everyone concerned. Be petty, tyranni- cal, despotic – and watch your world crumble, your “riches” fade, your fami- ly destroyed. But work for peace and personal prosperity for everyone – without taking it away from someone else – and your own peaceful prosperity is guaranteed. What if people all over the planet selflessly worked to make everyone in their township educated to make the best decisions so that they can be as rich as they want to be? Then they and everyone around them would be rich – to their own exact specifications.
  14. 14. The Only Lasting Riches ● The only lasting prosperity you can achieve is because you worked to achieve it for others ● Most effective way to increase your own wealth, health, success = work for the increased wealth, health, and success of others 14 Money – real wealth comes from the amount of valuable service you provide to others. The most succinct phrasing I've seen of this comes from Earl Nightingale's “Strangest Secret”: “The only way to earn money is in providing people with services and products which are needed and useful. We exchange our time and our product or service for the others' money. Therefore the law is that our financial return will be in direct proportion to our service. Success is not the result of making money; making money is the result of success --- and success is in direct proportion to our service.” Power? In reality, there is only power over self – or self-discipline. When people cede you power over them, it is only because you are able to persuade them that giving their decision-rights over certain aspects of their lives will improve their ability to survive better, to raise and protect their family, and so on. Persuading by force – a very low-skilled form of persuasion – gets what? More force directed back at you. The history of slavers and dictators is pretty dismal. Most who take the office by a bloody coup are removed bloodi- ly – or quietly in the night. Work for peace and personal prosperity for everyone – without taking it away from someone else – and your own peaceful prosperity is guaranteed. Their wealth will be to the degree they can and will work selflessly to ensure others around them not just try to win lotteries, but are able to understand those basic laws that make lottery-winning child's-play – IF they are be- lieved and followed.
  15. 15. The Way to World Peace ● People interested in personal development will succeed by helping others. ● This area then expands as people find the quot;secret.quot; ● There is really no reason for war currently. ● Peace is built on personal freedom of choice. ● There is no good reason for any starvation or poverty on this planet. 15 This is actually the way to world peace. ● People interested in personal development will succeed by helping oth- ers – and passing it forward. ● This area then expands as people find the quot;secretquot; ● Geometric progression across the globe. There is really no good reason for war currently. War is dependent on seizing land and enforcing power of choice All prosperity and personal power really hinges on making people around you rich and powerful for themselves. Peace is built on personal freedom of choice There is no reason for starvation or poverty; Buckminster Fuller proved that we've been able to feed, clothe, and house this planet since World War II. You could see peace in your own lifetime. Get mutual agreement on one simple principle – like the Golden Rule, or the Law of Attraction, or the concept of a single God or mutual, beneficent Force which helps all people to the degree they ask and help those around them. Any single one of those concepts can raise an individual as high as one wants – without limits. Health, Wealth, Ability – the sky's the limit.
  16. 16. Inability to “thunk”... ● All world-views are sets of personal choices ● You get richer or stay poorer simply due to your choices ● Can educate a person into making better choices ● But only if they choose to. ● Overall lack of practice in thinking 16 Only thing keeping the planet down is the inability of people to think for themselves. All world-views are sets of personal choices, mental patterns and habits – chosen and maintained by you. These world-views predict your continuing success or failure You get richer or stay poor simply due to your choices. Any person can be educated into making better choices But only if they choose to. Any current ills or problems stem from an earlier lack of practice in thinking Good choices make you feel better And they're measured against the metric of results, just like Science
  17. 17. Cure is the Internet □ Social leveler ◊ Spreads ideas without bias ◊ Community evaluates ideas □ Puts everyone is in charge of their own world view □ Cults and dictatorships are failing due to widespread information 17 Social leveler ● Spreads ideas without bias ● Community evaluates data - Open Source programs widely held as the best, most secure ● Puts everyone is in charge of their own world view Cults and dictatorships are failing due to widespread information ● Chavez able to shut down all radio/TV stations - except the one broadcasting via Internet ● Failed in his election bid to take his democratic country to a socialist dictatorship ● Cults depend on limiting information and choice. Tell someone in a cult to “look it up on the Internet.” Easy cure. As you get people to do their own homework and research on what “ails” them, you can use the Internet to help them find their own “cures”. Sure, there's lots of blind alleys and mis-steps – but regular life has these in spades, so why should the Internet be any different. When you have some good news, some helpful tips – post them on the Internet. Someone, someday will find them useful.
  18. 18. 3 Conclusions... □ Ideas are the forces which walls cannot stop □ Pessimists kill themselves off; Optimists live longer □ Hope is more powerful than negativity 18 Ideas are the things which walls (and governments) cannot stop. This has been noted through the centuries and proved over and over. Governments which support more ideas than they suppress tend to be more successful (as they stay out of their peoples' way). Pessimists kill themselves off, Optimists live longer: ● People who are constantly critical of others are also critical of themselves and so attract destruction toward themselves and in themselves ● Live a supportive, constructive, creative life and you attract better health through less stress. Hope is more powerful than negativity. Just is. Test it out for yourself. When you feel optimistic and hopeful, do you have less stress in your life? And when you have a lot of stress, are you ill more often and unable to cope with change easily? People who can get more accomplished in their life are more successful. Less stress, less negativity = more personal success.
  19. 19. Summary and Advice □ Pushing personal development results in more freedom of thought and so more peace □ Remove criticism from your life - it's just killing you off. □ Work for understanding and open-handed help for those around you - and within yourself. □ An international epidemic of good feelings and is what we need. 19 All I say now is to try it for yourself. Do the Earl Nightingale 30-day test. Or attend a seminar and practice what they preach for awhile. I've got a 14-day program in my “Go Thunk Yourself!” book – and there are several free ver- sions of it floating around on the Internet if you want to search for it. Or try Haanel's “Master Key System” – it's also available for free on the Internet, complete with daily exercises. Same with Napoleon Hill's “Think and Grow Rich”, or Wallace Wattle's “Secret of Getting Rich”. If you want to really test this, find a book you like and buy several copies. Then give them away to people who will actually use them. But completely open-handedly. And that wealth will come back to you in an amazing way. The magic number seems to be 30 days. It comes up in “The Secret” several times, as well as Nightingale's tape. It also happens to be close to a number some psychologists say that it takes to change a chronic habit (theirs is 28 days). Go ahead, see if you can't change a mental habit or two. What if you could? The world would just be that much a better place.
  20. 20. Visit Go Thunk Yourself □ 20 “Go Thunk Yourself!” Personal Development Library: Dr. Worstell’s Lulu bookstore: Blogs: A Midwest Journal - A Modern View Online Law of Attraction Course