Maven Matrix Exposed 02


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A review and discussion of the Maven Matrix Manifesto.

Essentially, this reviewed work tells you how to make yourself into a larger-than-life maven who dominates the chosen niche and attracts business hand-over-fist. And how to turn this traffic into a high-income product line.

Until I can get a slidecast made, the audio is at:

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Maven Matrix Exposed 02

  1. 1. The Maven Matrix Manifesto EXPOSED Part 2 of 5
  2. 2. Matrix Step #3: Develop Your Market Vision Work out where you are going, what you intend to accomplish - put that vision out in front of you
  3. 3. Fred Smith – Federal Express: “When it absolutely, positively has to be there overnight.” Tom Monaghan – Domino's Pizza: “Hot Pizza in 30 minutes or it's free.” Michael Dell – Dell Computers, Roy Kroc – McDonald's, Sam Walton – Wal- Mart, Bill Gates – Microsoft, etc.
  4. 4. “Unfortunately, many entrepreneurs don't focus on a Vision for their market but on their businesses. They fall in love with their own products. They fall in love with their service or they fail in love with being the fastest growing company in the field. “The key to rapid success as a Maven, however, is to fall in love with your customers, clients or prospects”
  5. 5. Matrix Step #4: Tell Your Creation Myth Tell the story of where you started from to get where you are today
  6. 6. “You have to tell the world why you're in the market you are in. You have to reveal your hopes and dreams, your current frustrations, your personal failures, what you've achieved so far and what you're still struggling to achieve. Do that - with honesty and passion - and you'll achieve success beyond anything you could ever expect.”
  7. 7. Horatio Alger, Charles Dickens, Star Wars, Robinson Crusoe, Moby Dick; Disney Classics: Pinocchio, Snow White, Lion King, Little Mermaid.
  8. 8. Matrix Step #5: Develop Predictable Behaviors Create, or expand, on trademark behavior patterns you already have – distinctive idiosyncrasies of yours.
  9. 9. Matrix Step #6: Become a Polarizing Figure Take a stand - to create controversy, discussion
  10. 10. “Successful Mavens often are polarizing: They announce to the World that customers should not tolerate certain low standards of service.. shoddy products... misleading advertising... and the people and businesses who practice them. “In other words: Successful Mavens usually have a strong point of view.”
  11. 11. These start conversations and discussions. This is the basis of all modern “news” - and all modern “art”. It isn't true or viable as a total operating basis – but you get people's attention, so the marketing conversation (conversion) can begin.
  12. 12. Find the underlying system...