Maven Matrix Exposed 05


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5th in the series analyzing and explaining how the Maven Matrix works. You can become the de facto niche market leader, regardless of whether you are or not - simply by learning and following these simple steps...

A review and discussion of the Maven Matrix Manifesto.(Part 3 of 5)

Essentially, this reviewed work tells you how to make yourself into a larger-than-life maven who dominates the chosen niche and attracts business hand-over-fist. And how to turn this traffic into a high-income product line.

Until I can get the slidecast made, the audio for this slideshow is at:

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Maven Matrix Exposed 05

  1. 1. The Maven Matrix Manifesto EXPOSED Part 5 of 5
  2. 2. 4. Key point is creating and having a trusted conversation. That is the key reason advertising fails. That is why social media are replacing search engines (or building on top of them). That is why the Internet is replacing “news” and politics is changing – you have to be transparent and trustworthy consistently in order to succeed at anything.
  3. 3. 5. Your value and your worth is determined by the service you provide others. Your personal income right now was determined by your personal service to others yesterday and in the past. Improve your quality of service vastly – and income will follow by leaps and bounds.
  4. 4. Value = Income
  5. 5. 6. But you have to tell people you and your products exist – or they'll never find out how great their lives can be after you've helped them... That's all there is to promotion.
  6. 6. Is the Maven Matrix worth it? You betcha. But its only going to be worth what you invest – you get out what you put in, not just pay off your credit card... Do you have to do it to get the results? Probably easier, but – no. Invest yourself, study the basics, find your mentors – and you've got it.
  7. 7. Here's five resources for you from the Go Thunk Yourself Self Help Library: In one location, key books that describe nearly every facet of life and living - And they can be part of your own library...
  8. 8. An Online Millionaire Plan There are only about 8 distinct online marketing methods which Online Millionaires have been using since the Internet was created... You can know and use them all!
  9. 9. Creating the Web 2.0 Buzz: Beyond Search Engine Optimization Any “buzz” is created and can be re-created – if you know the tools of social media and viral marketing. From the files of An Online Millionaire Plan
  10. 10. Power of Creative Selling From one of the all-time top salesman – the how-to you've been waiting for. And... All the abilities you have can bring you cash!
  11. 11. Mystic Marketing For all the nut-and-bolts of marketing, there are very real and very powerful secrets that make all this work... Now disclosed in a single volume from sources unknown for decades...
  12. 12. Find the underlying system...